Where It All Began…

I signed up for some Creative Writing Classes thorough Derbyshire Adult Education in Long Eaton where I live.

Week One

We were presented with a Pepper Mint cream and we looked at using our senses. We split a piece of A4 paper into parts representing Touch, Feel, Hear, See and finally taste. We then had to write something and I wrote the following

The Pepper Mint Cream

She sees Green and Purple wrapper and the temptation I hold.

She knows what I am and where I am from, but she spots the Thistle and her friends surname so she knows I must taste good.

I feel her pick me up in her warm clammy hands I feel her touch as she runs her fingers over the hard shell, searching for defects in my texture, she runs her fingers along my straight lines and scrunchy sides.

I know she wants to open me, but how long will she be able to resist my temptation for as she raises me to sniff my aromas…


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