By the Grace of God…

I’ve got that Katy Perry song in my head…

Yesterday was pretty much a write off, stupid MS I spent most of the day waiting to go back to bed and cuddle, sleep and eat chocolate. You see the problem is I only work Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So when I wake up on a work day and feel shit, I go to work because I know I’ve got the next day off. Well I left at 4pm, spent the day struggling through didn’t bring my wallet to work so no chocolate!!!! I was in a proper mood! I even forgot I was supposed to me lunching with my sister in law! FAIL! Got home had dinner and rushed the kids to bed so I could go to bed! That sounds bad doesn’t it! MS mum failures 101

Then this morning Andrew wouldn’t get out of bed, and didn’t until 8.20 which means shouting at the kids to get up and get dressed and move!?Why should it be me all the time who has to get them up on a day off!? So he was been in some what of a grump all day! I think he get seasonal adjustment disorder but then I look at him and this if you just got off your arse and did something… I’ve got bloody MS which I am pretty sure is worse and if I have to do shit then…I’ve not said this to him as I think it would cause a bigger huff! A bit like me asking him how we are going to pay for all these Christmas presents.. I hate Christmas!

On the writing front which is why we are all here! I am thinking about entering a sort of competition to get mentoring from Angela Clarke, I just wish I knew what to write for my statement AND my 1000 words piece! I was thinking of contacting my creative writing tutor and asking him for help. But Andrew can’t see how he could help! Alot of help he is (Andrew) I don’t even know where to start!

Maybe I should just keep plodding on with what I am writing, to which I have no idea where it is going… So yeah pretty much definitely need help 😛



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