1st Blogged book review!

CarrionCarrion by Betsy Reavley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

For a free kindle book I really enjoyed it, at first I wasn’t sure what to think but as I progressed past the midway point things began to pick up.

The book is written from three point of views Monica, her mum (Ingrid) and Simon.

I enjoyed that Monica starts to feel hope but then it’s cruelly snatched away from her and we believe that everything is going to be okay, but alas the book still has many pages to go before we learn the “truth”. But alas this is a story and we all know nothing ever stays perfect forever!

Maybe if we had known what had gone before we would have felt that Monica was doing the wrong thing, but as far as we knew at the beginning of the story she wasn’t she was laying the child to rest with it’s father. Could her mum have done more? Been more supportive of her daughter? I don’t know. I think I would like to read more stories by “Betsy” to see how her other characters in her book are portrayed.

I enjoyed this book and I made an effort to finish it sooner rather than later, for keeping me busy and entertained I gave this book 5 stars! But I know I will be lying here tonight thinking about it.

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