A Year of Books Part Two

I can’t believe how many books I have read this year!

The Girl who Broke the Rules Marine Riches having studied out in Amsterdam this book was an interesting read. I seemed to have fallen into the series mid way, I enjoyed this book at the time, and I am interested to read further stories in this series to learn more about the main character but I feel that jumping mid way into the series going backwards is probably not a good idea.

Dark Murder Helen Durrant I really enjoyed Helen’s book and was very keen to read the next one (which I did) the main character was very interesting and how he integrated with a new team along with his own personal issues. This series is definitely one of my favorite and though I haven’t read Helen’s other books about another detective partnership maybe I should as there is more to keep me happy. HURRY UP NEXT BOOK!

Play Dead as soon as Angela Marston released this I was very keen to read the next one after Lost Girls. I consumed this book very quickly and enjoyed it all the same, though I didn’t enjoy it as much as Lost Girls it might be due to how fast I read it! There was definitely a WOW factor about the book. As it also explorers Kim Stones’ relationship with other main characters in previous story that are not her detective.

The Accident by C L Taylor another rollercoster of a ride from Cally which has easily placed her in this years TOP AUTHORS. This book explorers why the daughter stepped out in front of a car to try and kill herself and her mothers need to find out why, while we learn more about the mothers past. As the Lie which is my favorite of her book this book doesn’t let you put it down and relax till the end. FIVE STAR recommendation!

Dark Houses Helen Durrant next outing I was keen to explore what happened next with this newly formed team after there past indevers (sp). Highly recommend as above and can not wait to see what comes next in this series.

13 Stollen Girls Gil Reavill I really struggled with this book, didn’t really enjoy it but kept going until the end…

The Silent Twin Caroline Mitchell having previous read one of Caroline’s other books, I sadly really struggled with this one. I think I kinda over analysed it too much as well instead of just enjoying the read.

Shallow Waters Rebecca Bradley wow a book that is written about Nottingham that I really enjoyed as well. I think towards the end I had started to work who has done it etc. But still a really good book that I really enjoyed and left me begging for the next installment. FIVE STARTS

Reconstructing Amellia, Kimberly McCreight this one was a difficult one the story switches  from Kate her mum a in the present nd Amellia right up to the time she killed herself so that past. This had been on my wish list for a while and was at the bottom so I decided to start working my way up. A good book though proviking and worth a read

Exclusion Zone J M Hewitt I enjoyed this book, it was not only a history lesson but an interesting though provoking story that I recommend you all read! This story is told in the past and in the present and events that happened surrounding the Chernobyl Nuclear Explosion! FIVE STARS!!!

Made to be Broken Rebecca Bradley not as good as Shallow Waters but all the same a good book and a good read! Plus her books are getting closer to where I live!!! But sure if I should be worried. Likeable characters and a brilliant read! my favorite Nottingham writer!! (Not like I know any others) FIVE STARS

The Missing C L Taylor, another good outing from Cally, not as good as her other books in my opinion but all the same a good read and if you have read her other two like Mark’s books you might as well read the rest. I didn’t see the end coming so a good read overall FIVE STARTS

Disclaimer Renee Knight I had the urge to read a proper book and as Disclaimer had been on my wish list, I snapped it up a good read very though provoking and explorers the relationship between man and wife! But part of me finds it hard to believe that a husband would be that unbelieving of his wife. I think I might of been disapointed though if it was all roses and it was nice to read a proper book with like pages and…

The Devils Work Mark Edwards I eagerly awaited the new release of this book having enjoyed his others, this book didn’t disappointed, but I felt disappointed and board in parts though I enjoyed it (anyone get what I mean?) Maybe I should start keeping a diary on my work colleagues 😛

What doesn’t show up on my amazon that I read in October was another one of Rebecca Bradley books Three Weeks Dead. I was very lucky to be sent an advance copy of this and I certainly enjoyed learning about some of the characters I had gotten to know in her previous books.

Carrion Betsy Reavley my first book by this author, though I did enjoy it I kinda felt that some of the characters could of done more, or not been so rubbish! But as mentioned further up if all the characters were great and did what they should would it be such an interesting read?

Someone to save you Paul Pinkington another good read and fast pace, though I felt like something was missing. The book portrayed a series of events that were all ted together and meant for a reason, maybe the message was everything happens for a reason, I did feel sorry for the main character lossing his BFF and his sister all at the same time.but a good read all the same.

Scare Me Richard J Parker a good read, but another book that the ending let it down. I also note that it’s being opted for TV so maybe in a years time I can say the book is much better than the TV programme. I did like that it explored other races as a side line story  of the boy character but it would of been good to learn about what happened to him.

The Rules of Restraint David Wilson this isn’t my usual type of book but I was asked to review it and couldn’t say no. It is a prison related story with all the dead bodies piling up in and outside the prison. It lost my interest at points but then re gained it when the action picked up.

My final book of the year, again is one I was asked to review and that it Ledstone Luck by Andrew Barret which I finished yesterday and I am still pretty much processing the adventure.

Somewhere among all this I also read Her Final Breath by Robert Dugoni to which as his other book earlier on in all of this I really enjoyed! and totally looking forwards to reading further on in Tracey’s adventures (please make sure the lawyer guy stays in it)

Wow I didn’t imagine when I started writing this I would of read 30 books!!! roll on 2017’s reading






A Year of Books (part one)


Because I want to be “cool” I am about to blog about all the books I have read this year so “hold tight”

I started the year with Lost Girls by Angela Marston this was my first introduction to Kim Stone and I can safely say I am hooked. Sitting here now I can still see the control room that was in the house where one of  the girls lived. How much would you do to save your child? A really good book most certainly a 5 STAR!

Next came (according to Amazon) The Neon Lawer by Victor Methos this book is about a newly qualified lawer and his first job, I won’t tell you what happens in the end, but with being a fan of series such as Law and Order SVU I enjoyed this book and I don’t think I have found one I have enjoyed as much. I haven’t explored this author further but maybe I should add his book to my ever growing amazon wish list.

Sleep Tight by Rachel Abbot came next, as I read on this book was very much not as things seem when someone is looking in on the family. Though this book tied up lose ends for the main charcter there were still things to be learnt about the detective in the story. I was keen to read more by Rachel but with my ever growing wish list..

My sisters grave by Robert Dugoni I really enjoyed, the main character and the lawer in the book I could totally relate to! Robert was writing characters that I use in my stories! Strong female lead and a strong male lead! I was keep hooked as in who was the killer  Tracy’s sister and whats with the body!  This is definitely a 5 STAR book that I can not recommend enough.

Follow me Angela Clarke is another of my top reads from this year, why hadn’t anyone thought of using social media in  crime story! I could total imagine alot of the scenes in this book. But then again I’ve lived in “student accommodation!!!”. A brilliant and interesting story, very much looking forward to the next installment.

Anything for her Jack Jordan (how young does he look in his twitter photo) a story about when everything is failing apart, how to survive. A story about a relationship between mother and daughter and what a mother will do to protect her.  I enjoyed this book but it wasn’t a stand out for me this year.

Her last tomorrow Adam Croft another enjoyable book with being a mother of two children, books like this always grab me and pull me in as it’s a subject I can relate to

No where Girl Ruth Dugall I found this book very heavy going and I felt there was so many other complex issues that I would of liked to have learned more about kinda got swept over, as the story centered on one girl and her disappearance. But upon reflextion I feel like shouting what about this and this…

What you Wish for Mark Edwards already being a HUGE fan of Mark Edwards at this point in 2016 I was still working through his books from my “book hang overs” from his previous outings. This story was very different from other stories he had written, but having previously been warned by the author himself it let me enjoy it more! As I was expecting Magpies or What you Wish for. This book strongly focuses on beliefs and what people believe and will do got their beliefs. Having being brought up in organised religion and questions my own beliefs I really enjoyed this book.

Two Evils Mark Sennen I really enjoyed the character Charlotte Savage and I am keen to explorer more books with her being centre stage. she is a tough cookie that only wants what is right, while people but barriers in her way she charges through and knocks them down. This book is also about missing children that is always an interest to me!


The girl who broke the rules Marine Riches




Writing, refereeing & sniffing

Hope everyone had a good Christmas, I did. Christmas isn’t my favorite time of the year. Too much hassle, stress and drama and half the time I just want to sleep. As every year I think in the morning OMG I am going to cry as I am so tired!!! But thanks to the NHS and drugs I think I made it through the day. I wanted to come home and hide several times but no such luck! The highlight of the day  was Alex failing in the canal on our way to Auntie Georgina’s god only knows why but he cycled straight into the canal!!!

I did #parkrun on Christmas eve, I walked all the way round and Alex walked most of the way with me. I think I am going to download the NHS couch to 5k and start doing that at #parkrun. So when I am in town tomorrow I am going to buy a sport bra and we shall see what happens from there 🙂

I have set my PB at 58mins so I can only get better haha

Harder, Faster, Stronger…


I was talking to an author yesterday and she asked me what I write so I told her

“An MI5 agent who leaves the service to have a family etc, then a body appears in her new home town of Long Eaton and her past comes back knocking on her door”

You heard it here first…

Goals and Aspirations

So this weekends goal is to get my application for The WoMentoring Project submitted! I asked my creative writing tutor to help me well check over a piece of work for me and I haven’t heard anything since! So I moved on to my husband who “has to be in the mood” and says he will look at it later! When I make my first million I will share it with him later 😛 so as always I am having to wait on the edge of glory.

I am yet to make it to #parkrun how do people get up on a Saturday morning after working all week!? Then do it again on a Sunday? I’m usually exhausted by Saturday. So I am struggling with that 90 day goal! Though we are yet to make it to renewals! So maybe there is hope yet and I need to make a start on insurance revision which is due to start on January 1st…


I’ve got to make dinner shortly and sleep sounds like a plan, but after junior #parkrun I did spend the rest of the morning plus in bed!!!

If anyone wants me I might possibly be asleep, cooking or on the edge of glory!


I Won’t Give Up On You

So world,

I decided when ever it was to give up chocolate, and it is more or less killing me 😦 anyone would think it was crack or nicotine. I boxed all my chocolate up, I haven’t been eating my chocolate bar at work. But i’ve ended up having accidental chocolate like today in Tesco I had two after eight mints! But on the good side I won a £10.00 Tesco voucher. So that was good.

I have been doing my daily greatness journal, I don’t know if it helps Here anyone is interested! But one thing I am already failing on is parkrun. I printed my barcode off and everything but it is such a struggle to get out of bed at a weekend. I know it sounds like I am making an excuse but..


img_10831I don’t understand, maybe it is because it is the only day I get a lie in with Andrew? I woke up at 8.40 this morning, failing to set an alarm so I don’t think I would have made it. It is so crap! I just don’t know, if my alarm had gone off would it of been any different?

I was sssssssssssssssooooooooooooooo tired by the end of it last night, but how can I managed my health that makes me SUPER tired sometimes and all the stuff I want to achieve. Without breaking myself further than I am already.

Love Me Like You Do…

I have tried so hard today to be positive and also while I have been home this evening, not shout at the little people.

So this morning, I did 15 minutes of meditating, though I did wonder if I just fell back asleep? The I got up and wrote in my greatness journal, then showered and work.

I said thank you to everyone who answered my questions on email, especially in regards to my bus pass.

I went and spoke to a colleague whose partner has MS, recently diagnosed and she is in a really bad way 😦 and I just wish there was something I could do. I am so lucky that I don’t have it that badly… It really is heart breaking. I wrote them a letter and apparently it is still sitting on their mantel piece, part of me wonders if I should send her another one. But what would I say!? As we all know I can ramble on for hours…

I also managed to do some planning for my writing czfkqdewqaaowab-jpg-largewhich I was going to do some more of tonight but I think time might be against me! As I need to do some relaxation before Andrew gets home and then sleep!

I filled in my journal after dinner, so I guess day one has been pretty easy, it’s been hard not to shout at the kids,

I also saw a 10 day cruise with p&o and it’s a really good price, till you discover your husband can’t get the time off work, as he has used all his holidays and doesn’t get anymore till May.. nevermind the small matter of the school holidays and taking the kids out in term time. So I guess that won’t be happening. But I am trying to stay positive.

I paid for the work Christmas social so I can be more social

I emailed my mum and asked if she could have the kids so Andrew and I could spend some time together and whether she wanted to fo to parkrun with me on Saturday.

I can’t do anything about the mentoring thing, until my creative writing teacher comes back.

I also made good progress in the book I am reading, got past the 50% Mark which is definitely progress 😀

Also would I still like that song if it wasn’t attached to a said book / movie that I haven’t seen or read.

Anyways all is well, 🙂