Change, Change you life, Change it all


So this afternoon, I have spent the time feeling in the beginning bit of my greatness journal! And once I put the laptop down to sleep. I will begin my journey into the next 90 days. I have no clue how it will work out but who knows.

I wrote quite a bit last night, though thinking today I am wondering if my main character is being motherly enough, her children don’t really play a part in the story, though I guess they do get sent away to the MILs so only really by mention but if she loves being a mum shouldn’t there be more? How do I go about expressing how much she loves motherhood!?

I’ve had that little mix song in my head all day, i might you tube it shortly.

I am also looking at going to parkrun on Saturday morning, but need to get it past Andrew some how…

I want to write so much but right now between staring at the screen and looking at parkrun nothing seems to be following.

I’m on the edge with you…

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