Love Me Like You Do…

I have tried so hard today to be positive and also while I have been home this evening, not shout at the little people.

So this morning, I did 15 minutes of meditating, though I did wonder if I just fell back asleep? The I got up and wrote in my greatness journal, then showered and work.

I said thank you to everyone who answered my questions on email, especially in regards to my bus pass.

I went and spoke to a colleague whose partner has MS, recently diagnosed and she is in a really bad way 😦 and I just wish there was something I could do. I am so lucky that I don’t have it that badly… It really is heart breaking. I wrote them a letter and apparently it is still sitting on their mantel piece, part of me wonders if I should send her another one. But what would I say!? As we all know I can ramble on for hours…

I also managed to do some planning for my writing czfkqdewqaaowab-jpg-largewhich I was going to do some more of tonight but I think time might be against me! As I need to do some relaxation before Andrew gets home and then sleep!

I filled in my journal after dinner, so I guess day one has been pretty easy, it’s been hard not to shout at the kids,

I also saw a 10 day cruise with p&o and it’s a really good price, till you discover your husband can’t get the time off work, as he has used all his holidays and doesn’t get anymore till May.. nevermind the small matter of the school holidays and taking the kids out in term time. So I guess that won’t be happening. But I am trying to stay positive.

I paid for the work Christmas social so I can be more social

I emailed my mum and asked if she could have the kids so Andrew and I could spend some time together and whether she wanted to fo to parkrun with me on Saturday.

I can’t do anything about the mentoring thing, until my creative writing teacher comes back.

I also made good progress in the book I am reading, got past the 50% Mark which is definitely progress 😀

Also would I still like that song if it wasn’t attached to a said book / movie that I haven’t seen or read.

Anyways all is well, 🙂


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