Writing, refereeing & sniffing

Hope everyone had a good Christmas, I did. Christmas isn’t my favorite time of the year. Too much hassle, stress and drama and half the time I just want to sleep. As every year I think in the morning OMG I am going to cry as I am so tired!!! But thanks to the NHS and drugs I think I made it through the day. I wanted to come home and hide several times but no such luck! The highlight of the day  was Alex failing in the canal on our way to Auntie Georgina’s god only knows why but he cycled straight into the canal!!!

I did #parkrun on Christmas eve, I walked all the way round and Alex walked most of the way with me. I think I am going to download the NHS couch to 5k and start doing that at #parkrun. So when I am in town tomorrow I am going to buy a sport bra and we shall see what happens from there 🙂

I have set my PB at 58mins so I can only get better haha

Harder, Faster, Stronger…

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