A Year of Books (part one)


Because I want to be “cool” I am about to blog about all the books I have read this year so “hold tight”

I started the year with Lost Girls by Angela Marston this was my first introduction to Kim Stone and I can safely say I am hooked. Sitting here now I can still see the control room that was in the house where one of  the girls lived. How much would you do to save your child? A really good book most certainly a 5 STAR!

Next came (according to Amazon) The Neon Lawer by Victor Methos this book is about a newly qualified lawer and his first job, I won’t tell you what happens in the end, but with being a fan of series such as Law and Order SVU I enjoyed this book and I don’t think I have found one I have enjoyed as much. I haven’t explored this author further but maybe I should add his book to my ever growing amazon wish list.

Sleep Tight by Rachel Abbot came next, as I read on this book was very much not as things seem when someone is looking in on the family. Though this book tied up lose ends for the main charcter there were still things to be learnt about the detective in the story. I was keen to read more by Rachel but with my ever growing wish list..

My sisters grave by Robert Dugoni I really enjoyed, the main character and the lawer in the book I could totally relate to! Robert was writing characters that I use in my stories! Strong female lead and a strong male lead! I was keep hooked as in who was the killer  Tracy’s sister and whats with the body!  This is definitely a 5 STAR book that I can not recommend enough.

Follow me Angela Clarke is another of my top reads from this year, why hadn’t anyone thought of using social media in  crime story! I could total imagine alot of the scenes in this book. But then again I’ve lived in “student accommodation!!!”. A brilliant and interesting story, very much looking forward to the next installment.

Anything for her Jack Jordan (how young does he look in his twitter photo) a story about when everything is failing apart, how to survive. A story about a relationship between mother and daughter and what a mother will do to protect her.  I enjoyed this book but it wasn’t a stand out for me this year.

Her last tomorrow Adam Croft another enjoyable book with being a mother of two children, books like this always grab me and pull me in as it’s a subject I can relate to

No where Girl Ruth Dugall I found this book very heavy going and I felt there was so many other complex issues that I would of liked to have learned more about kinda got swept over, as the story centered on one girl and her disappearance. But upon reflextion I feel like shouting what about this and this…

What you Wish for Mark Edwards already being a HUGE fan of Mark Edwards at this point in 2016 I was still working through his books from my “book hang overs” from his previous outings. This story was very different from other stories he had written, but having previously been warned by the author himself it let me enjoy it more! As I was expecting Magpies or What you Wish for. This book strongly focuses on beliefs and what people believe and will do got their beliefs. Having being brought up in organised religion and questions my own beliefs I really enjoyed this book.

Two Evils Mark Sennen I really enjoyed the character Charlotte Savage and I am keen to explorer more books with her being centre stage. she is a tough cookie that only wants what is right, while people but barriers in her way she charges through and knocks them down. This book is also about missing children that is always an interest to me!


The girl who broke the rules Marine Riches




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