Creative Writing Class


So I did some work in Creative Writing class for once and here it is.

Write a short story in just Four paragraphs. And, each paragraph can only be Three sentences long

Write a first paragraph in which the main character is going somewhere

Melanie brushed her long golden hair she was getting ready to visit her mum and dad who she hadn’t seen since last Christmas.

As she rushed to get ready she heard a car pull up outside and blasted their horn.

She had promised herself just one she would be late.

Write a second paragraph in which the main character overhears something at grabs their interest or seems important

As she made herself comfortable in the back of the shiny black cab, she began to listen to the drivers conversation for little did they know she understood some Arabic.

Something about Nottingham Arena and its layout and where was a good hiding place that would have maximum effect.

Heart began to race and the ringing in arrears surfaced was she hearing the plans of the terrorist attack?

Write a third paragraph in which the main character reacts to, thinks about, or reflects upon what he/she has heard

What should she do sat in the back of this? It wasn’t like she could just ring 999 from where she was sat?

She watched the streets pass by, willing the taxi drivers dry faster getting to her destination so she can act.

Her hands felt clammy and she knew her pale complexion was beginning to redden as the driver asked you write love? Do you need me to stop?

Write a fourth paragraph in which the main character has a change of direction or plan

She died out of the taxi and into mother’s loving arms and sobbed, mum I need to phone the police or something, as I think something bad is about to happen at Alex’s work.

Her mum listen carefully brushing the clammy hair away from her daughter’s face don’t be silly maybe you got it wrong you know your grasp of Arabic isn’t that strong.

Maybe you miss heard something and they were planning a surprise for a friend in Nottingham before heading off to see their favorite band.


Might make some adjustments, read this out next week…



So I am back at creative writing, and I wouldn’t say I was struggling these last couple of weeks but we have been working on characters, but I already have my characters! So why do I need to invent new ones?

Then I am like, but my bad guy I don’t know who he is yet, and I am still struggling with where do I go with this? What does a terrorist look like? Or could it be a female terrorist, but females aren’t seen in that role in their society, But then it got me thinking about the IRA they were blowing stuff up for other reasons and so I remember being told they would give advance warning of doing this. But then maybe I should forget the terrorist route and go down the drugs route… would that be more plausible? Because why would a terrorist kill a said person, wouldn’t they be more interested in a LARGE impact and not killing one person!? I have been googling terrorism and pulled a varity of web pages off about female terrorists. I wish I had someones brain to pick at.

I did manage to do some writing from a picture out of the avon book of a guy though I was abit lost to start with something sort of happened. But if I work on this am I not getting distracted on the bigger picture.

We also talking about show and tell in class today which had me worried about my whole story in general! John our teacher acted out a good thing which got us all thinking. These past two weeks in class I think they have confused the matter more than relit my fire. Maybe I should of done some more study and then got into my story from class.

Then I keep looking at dictation software, is it worth buying something 2nd hand off ebay to give it ago..?

My ankle is still generally fucked! No work for the rest of the week and I have found that wearing soaks and shoes today has made a big difference. I am really struggling with my daily journal, Yes I have a list of things to be greetful for, but I feel so shity since the “accident” that I can’t be doing with it, as I have had to stop running for 2-3 weeks so there goes that goal! so much for positivity I might climb on the stall or send my child to reach my chocolate again!

It’s all a bit shit really, and all because I came off that ride at the weekend and fucked my foot and ankle!!!

I Think I Might Have a Book Problem

Previously I had never been a fan of reading, my parents used to go to bed at night and read but I never found the time, didn’t have the attention span or traveling on the bus made me sick reading then my husband brought me a kindle and I think in 2016 I some how read 30 plus books.

Now I think I might have developed a problem, like everyone else I have a HUGE wish list on amazon books and a while back I decided that I wanted to read a proper book so instead of buying one lonely book I ended up buy 3!!! That were on my wish list! I read one of them and past it on to a friend like you do!

Then today I went into town with Melanie to get Angela Clarke’s new book because in Tesco it was two for £7 I was like I might as well buy another one so I did! I now have 6 books on my cupboard! Three that I won, the two I haven’t read from Amazon and the second one from today!! Also the book I was supposed to be reading to Alex and Melanie at bed time before they got board!



Then I want to read The Theseus Paradox by David Videcette and The Girl Next Door by Mel Sherratt plus Anglea Marson’s new one that by the time I get to it, she’ll have another one! Plus Caroline Mitchell’s new ones, no doubt Mark Edwards might also have a new one by then! Then there are the ones I keep downloading on my kindle cause they are free!


The Hunger

The Hunger WithinThe Hunger Within by J.M. Hewitt

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


If you are after a History lesson and a really well written story you have come to the right author. Like Exclusion Zone before hand J M Hewitt tells us an amazing compelling story that will leave you researching what you just read to find out more.

When I thought about the book I wondered if the story was all over the place reading between characters but when I read the story I soon forgot this and couldn’t wait to find out what would happen to the said character next.

Though this story includes sex and violence it is written in away that doesn’t go into all the details and the mechanics of the situation but you know and realise what has just taken place.

Each scene in this book is imaginable and believable. Though this is my first book at 2017 J M Hewitt continues to earn her place as one of my favorite authors!

A must read, whether you are after a history lesson or just along for the ride!

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Writing Woes


Acquired from

I am so tired today.

I am not sure if my main character is motherly enough, has she just given it all up and left home to go back to MI5 a bit to easy? When she is supposed to love her children so much? and to have them was the reason she left in the first place!

I am not sure if my writing is good enough, is it following all the “rules” I have no clue about

Why can’t I find a writing group that is at the right time, full of the right people and I’m young enough to attend

Parkrun tomorrow!

I can go to bed when this movie finishes the kids are watching

Insecure Writer’s Support Group

insecure-writers-support-group-badgeHappy First Wednesday of the month (I have no idea if I am doing this right!?)

What writing rule do you wish you’d never heard?

There are rules to this writing business, no one told me about these? Aren’t we supposed to break all the rules anyway?

cheating and looking at other people’s answers, the whole show and not tell thing worries me slightly because how much is the right amount, how much speech can you not include in order to show and not tell?

This editing business also worries me, I read somewhere that some people write the whole thing again! Hang on I’ve just poured my heart and soul into writing it the first time, why would I put myself through that again? Isn’t it good enough the first time?

As you can probably tell, I think I suffer with the confidence issue, is what I am writing any good? Or should I just give up and study insurance like I’m supposed to be doing!? I think I just need to feel that someone believe in me!? possibly!? and able to get support from someone who know what they are talking about, which is why I applied for this WoMentoring project

Anyway enough rambling for now, insurance or not to learn insurance



Ledston Luck – Andrew Barrett

Ledston Luck (Eddie Collins #4)Ledston Luck by Andrew Barrett

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was my first introduction to Andrew Barrett’s writing and his character Eddie Collins.

I am a fan of the CSI franchise, so by reading this book it gave a different view on how things are done without the glitz and glamour of TV. Once you work out the formula to these programmes they become less enjoyable. So this book was a refreshing and different angle to the “CSI” I am accustom to

Several times while reading this book I got lost and confused, the book switches between time frames and also characters which is where I think I got lost.

The story it’s self is a good idea, the interaction between Eddie and his father was spot on, and provided some light relief during a story which in parts was very heavy going at times. I also got confused about the character Sid, but maybe if I had read some of Andrew’s other books I might of had a better understanding of the characters that I was presented with.

A good book but heavy going at times, but sprinkled with some light relief here and there.

I would like to thank Andrew for an advance copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

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