I Think I Might Have a Book Problem

Previously I had never been a fan of reading, my parents used to go to bed at night and read but I never found the time, didn’t have the attention span or traveling on the bus made me sick reading then my husband brought me a kindle and I think in 2016 I some how read 30 plus books.

Now I think I might have developed a problem, like everyone else I have a HUGE wish list on amazon books and a while back I decided that I wanted to read a proper book so instead of buying one lonely book I ended up buy 3!!! That were on my wish list! I read one of them and past it on to a friend like you do!

Then today I went into town with Melanie to get Angela Clarke’s new book because in Tesco it was two for £7 I was like I might as well buy another one so I did! I now have 6 books on my cupboard! Three that I won, the two I haven’t read from Amazon and the second one from today!! Also the book I was supposed to be reading to Alex and Melanie at bed time before they got board!



Then I want to read The Theseus Paradox by David Videcette and The Girl Next Door by Mel Sherratt plus Anglea Marson’s new one that by the time I get to it, she’ll have another one! Plus Caroline Mitchell’s new ones, no doubt Mark Edwards might also have a new one by then! Then there are the ones I keep downloading on my kindle cause they are free!


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