Creative Writing Class


So I did some work in Creative Writing class for once and here it is.

Write a short story in just Four paragraphs. And, each paragraph can only be Three sentences long

Write a first paragraph in which the main character is going somewhere

Melanie brushed her long golden hair she was getting ready to visit her mum and dad who she hadn’t seen since last Christmas.

As she rushed to get ready she heard a car pull up outside and blasted their horn.

She had promised herself just one she would be late.

Write a second paragraph in which the main character overhears something at grabs their interest or seems important

As she made herself comfortable in the back of the shiny black cab, she began to listen to the drivers conversation for little did they know she understood some Arabic.

Something about Nottingham Arena and its layout and where was a good hiding place that would have maximum effect.

Heart began to race and the ringing in arrears surfaced was she hearing the plans of the terrorist attack?

Write a third paragraph in which the main character reacts to, thinks about, or reflects upon what he/she has heard

What should she do sat in the back of this? It wasn’t like she could just ring 999 from where she was sat?

She watched the streets pass by, willing the taxi drivers dry faster getting to her destination so she can act.

Her hands felt clammy and she knew her pale complexion was beginning to redden as the driver asked you write love? Do you need me to stop?

Write a fourth paragraph in which the main character has a change of direction or plan

She died out of the taxi and into mother’s loving arms and sobbed, mum I need to phone the police or something, as I think something bad is about to happen at Alex’s work.

Her mum listen carefully brushing the clammy hair away from her daughter’s face don’t be silly maybe you got it wrong you know your grasp of Arabic isn’t that strong.

Maybe you miss heard something and they were planning a surprise for a friend in Nottingham before heading off to see their favorite band.


Might make some adjustments, read this out next week…

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