Flash Fiction – Plucked from Obscurity


Image courtesy of Shaktiki Sharma

I never wanted to stand out in the crowd; I was always happy in my tropical home among friends and family then one day I was plucked out of obscurity and taken to a pet shop, I am no Sponge Bob or Nemo, I have no family coming to my rescue I am alone. I made a break and that’s why I am sat here now alone at least I am in the sun, being prodded and handled by the passers by who are intrigued by my appearance and shape. I just wish I could find my way home.


Plucked from Obscurity Was written for Friday Fictioneers. A weekly 100 word story challenge inspired by a photo prompt. Hop over to Rochelle’s blog for instructions on how to join in. 


21 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Plucked from Obscurity

      1. Well that’s true of course, but since it was “plucked” anyway with no avenue for returning home, the next best option might not be to run away into a totally foreign environment. There may not be anything for the poor thing to eat, and eventually, it will either get swatted or succumb to the elements.

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