Friday Fictioner’s “You should of heard them!”


Photo Prompt ©Jennifer Pendergast

You Should of Heard Them!

” I told the kids to leave the wheel alone! They knew the builder had unattached it from its base while they worked. But no! They thought it would be fun until off it went rolling down the hill till it stopped! You should have heard the kids shouting as it went.

The builders aren’t impressed, they told us that they aren’t moving it back up the hill due to health and safety and we should have kept the kids away!!!

I can’t wait to watch the kids struggle! As they roll it back up the hill serves them right!!! ”


My favorite time of the week! I seem to end up doing less work on Wednesday afternoon, as I am trying to write something!!!

A shout out to the amazing Rochelle at She organises the photo prompts and links for the Friday Fictioneers. 

Authors write a piece of 100 word fiction, prose or poetry based on a photo prompt and exchange comments on each other’s work.  If you are a writer of short fiction, join in and let your imagination feed us with your stories. 


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