MS – When Sleeping Becomes More Important!

Bad day yesterday!


I got up showered, drank hot chocolate, made it to the bus and I was almost in Nottingham and I was like I feel like shit! I need to go back to bed.

Making it into work, I did the “morning” thing, got to my desk to be asked how my heath was and I was like I’m undecided. To cut a long story short I then ended up coming home and an hour after I arrived back at work I slept! urg! More or less spending most of yesterday in bed asleep! Which means this morning I had to get out of bed as I don’t think I an possibly sleep much more. Though I am sat here now thinking I could go back..

I’ve done the hot chocolate thing this morning and about to take my tablets! I was going to do some of my story but staring at it like i’m not interested! I’ve got a course to go on at midday in Nottingham about twitter and in the silence of the ticking of the clock I want to sleep again.

So once again my stupid heath is against me and all I want to do is sleep!

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