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Hey fellow worriers

I think this month’s topic is very apt as I continue to try and write a book with no one to ask for answers (no one I dare ask)

What is the weirdest/coolest thing you ever had to research for your story?

I wouldn’t say it’s cool but I have spent endless hours researching Murder, and ID of dead bodies and my current favorite missing persons, though a programme on the BBC recently helped with that, when I typed in the right word hey presto and where I had previously been stopped because I am not a member of the police force it appears if you google the right thing then you don’t need to be.

I am also an avid readers of Rebecca Bradley’s blog on police procedure and when I started writing an interview scene I went back to check it was right..

Someone once said just write the damn story and go back and check that it is right afterwards.. and where as what I have written procedure is right at the moment who knows if it will be when I get to the dreaded editing stage!

I was told that if you ask Siri where can I hide a dead body it’s responses are slightly amusing (small things)

The thing I am musing about most at the moment other than damn story lines and plot holes is why are competitions so expensive to enter? £15!!! one the other day.

it’s like if you don’t have loads of money, you can go to writing events / courses as some of them cost an arm and a leg! And you can’t enter competitions for the same reason. I guess I am just a struggling writer going no where fast.



9 thoughts on “IWSG – Research

  1. For my debut novel, a mystery set against the horse world, my antagonist had his own rules but tried to stick to procedure. I tended to use the internet to check things but at one point I emailed a police force in Norfolk and got a useful reply back. Most UK forces have some sort of PR person. When I lived in North Wales, I started work on a series of mysteries featuring a Goth biker detective so needed to check a lot of things – their website did have a few useful things on appearance rules, like no visible tattoos or piercings. But their PR department never answered. Fortunately, a friend knew a policewoman and an ex-assistant commissioner so they have been answering questions. But now I’m in the US so going to be harder and need to ensure I ask the right person to avoid arrest.

    I can’t afford courses either, although I did enter a free short story competition that had a fee for the judge’s feedback. Otherwise, I just stick to blogs and books.

    For the UK police recommend 218 Facts A writer needs to know about the Police by Kevin N Robinson. He also edited the British Police and Crime Directory for Writers and Researchers and that has some good contacts.

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  2. Did you end up asking Siri? What did she say? Maybe I should try it later today. 🙂

    I hear you about the expensive fees for events and competitions to be able to set your foot in the door as a writer. I don’t have the budget for it, so I plot along on my own as well. Maybe in the future, I’ll figure out how to deal with promotion. I am way too early in the writing process to worry about it now. 🙂 I do think there are free contests as well, though, if you can find them.


  3. Competitions are indeed expensive. Luckily, there are other, less expensive options. Submissions to magazines or journals are usually free, or much less expensive. Also, I asked Siri where to hide the dead body, and she replied “what, again?” Cheeky.

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  4. It’s probably good advice to write first, fact check later. But I get so many ideas from the research–ideas I’d never thought of before. Fun!

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