Flash Fiction – Gran



Photo Prompt thanks to © Karuna

Mum had tried to get Gran to start going through her things and get rid of what she no longer needed.

Mum knew that if she didn’t at least make a start her brother and her would be left with the lot to sort when she had gone.

Gran hadn’t been very corporative with the idea of a sort. Then the fire happened and almost everything was lost,

She said that Grandad had asked her to leave the fire on for when he came home from work, but he never came, he never would he had already past on.

Big thanks to Rochelle as always for hosting this weekly event.

I’ve not been around alot recently with so much other stuff going on, Insurance Study, Bank Holidays, Attempting to write my novel, the Manchester stuff. Hopefully I can get back on track now, with this and the upcoming IWSG Blog hop,

I hope everyone is okay 🙂


C x


18 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Gran

  1. Dear Claire,

    It sounds like Gran needs to be sent to a safe place. This is very close to what a friend of mine experienced with her mother who nearly set fire to the house in her dementia. Good one.



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  2. My Dad died recently, and my brother and I had to go through all of his things. He was a pack rat and kept everything he had ever owned. It was quite a chore. Thankfully, Mom doesn’t hang onto so much.


  3. Downsizing is very liberating; if it is what you really want to do. I’d rather make the choices myself than have a fire do the honors… 🙂 Great story!


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