MS Support!?

MS isn’t an easy illness to treat, unlike some people who suffer I don’t fail over (much) and I don’t have any visible signs that I am suffering. It is all for a better way of putting it all in my head. I ended up in such a mess at swimming today it just feels like something is miss firing in my brain and isn’t connecting properly. I end up with the feeling of what the fuck am I doing! I kinda feel that I am in “other world” along side the one that I am in.

I came home from work at lunch time on Wednesday because I was just sat at work more or less staring into space. If I could of guaranteed I could just be left alone all day I’d of stayed, but with the concerns of fellow colleagues whose support I couldn’t live without it wouldn’t of happened.

I was out with my 4 year old daughter when this happened today, so I couldn’t just fall apart on the spot! I had to carry on.

I am in the system and see my neruo about once a year, and I have the MS team, but as I am not in a disabling situation there is nothing they will do about “the head stuff” if they give me steroids there are known long term side effects so they just send me on my merry way.

This is where my GP comes into play, she does the ground work the hospital wont do, She sorts my drugs. When I am having problems and I go and see her she will sign me off work, and I know that makes me sound lazy but sometime I HAVE TO BE SIGNED OFF FOR MY OWN GOOD!

So today I ring up to find out she is leaving cause she has had enough! let that sink in a moment.

I can’t just rock up to any old GP and go hey I have MS and I need XYZ because they can’t just click there fingers because they don’t know me. They don’t know my situation! Where as my GP does and she is leaving because she has had enough!

How have things got this bad!? That we are losing the best in the medical profession! We sit at work worrying about losing the good people. Well we are losing the good people medically and yet there is nothing being done to keep them! Apart from making things worse!

I have tweeted the conservatives as that who is “in” in Erewash but I am not expecting a response!

MS needs support and treatment that doesn’t involve seeing the neuro for or can see but won’t do anything and of cause the hospital’s wont sign you off anymore.

I am failing apart right now and luckily for me it doesn’t happen often but! When I do I need the health service and my GPs support and soon there won’t be anybody who is the slightest bit good at there job and understands! Then what do I do!? Where do I go for support then!?



1st Re Write


So I went to an event on Saturday where four authors spoke about there work in crime fiction.

One of them Steven Dunne spoke about how his police officer is based out of a police station somewhere. (forgive me ignorance in not knowing where) As the stressing I have had is that Long Eaton fails under Derbyshire and it turns out Major Crimes is run from Nottingham (possibly opposite work). So that then got me thinking well my character might as well run out of Long Eaton police station so guess who is in for a re write at this early stage.

One thing they did say yesterday is not to get to caught upon police procedure in my writing as that is quite boring! So good news on both fronts really. So though I haven’t got to the end of my story and know where it is going I am off to start my 1st re write! Not sure how I feel about this….

Yesterday they also said alot of things that made me think, what are the faults in my characters, what can they overcome, I know my MC has up and left her family to investigate a murder but my DI seems worryingly normal…. hmmm

Anyways loads of love as always

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PS: I have facebook Steven Dunne, so we shall see if he replies… EDIT I got a reply 🙂


The Gardening Project – Flash Fiction


PHOTO PROMPT © Sarah Potter

The Gardening Project

It seemed like a good idea at the time to start my own gardening project, I had these big ideas of what I could grow from tomatoes and potatoes to flowers of all different colours to brighten up the place.

The local supermarket sold children sizes shovels and gloves, we could grow things as a family, and the kids could help me pull out all the weeds so I thought. They quickly lost interest in gardening as their swings and bikes seemed more fun.

And as for me other things started to get in the way of this grand project.

Based on a true story (haha)

Rochelle hosts the Friday Fictioners a 100 word Flash Fiction, where we write something based on a photo prompt, pop over to her blog and join in the fun. 🙂