Happy Insecure Writers Support Group Day!

One the first Wednesday of every month, writers come to together in order to support each other and their writing. More Information can be found HERE There is also a blog hop, so hop along and join in πŸ™‚ I am 168!

I got a bit frustrated last month, For some unknown reason I can’t comment on blogspots, and never have been able to. So as I always go to all the ones listed on Facebook, I sent those on blogspot a message saying happy IWSG day and I got marked as spam! FINE! I will take my effort else where!

As I continue to get my work critiqued on a website, I am learning more about my grammar or lack of it! This month I have been learning all about the use of commas. Though I know reading this now you will think otherwise, but maybe that is because I tend to write stuff and never read it through!

So questions of the month…

What are your pet peeves when reading/writing/editing?

I hate to say it, but rude, other people, oh and grammar (specifically mine) *sorry*

When it comes to editing? What is right to keep and what should be got rid of, who should I listen to and who should I ignore! What is right and what is wrong!

Also finding the time to write, edit and read!

Why was I never taught grammar properly at school!?

And why do people need to be so rude!

I am now up to day 4 on the my kinda 2nd draft of New Beginnings, and there is scarringly so much more to go!

I hope everyone had a sucessful IWSG twitter pitch, maybe I might be at that stage next year!

peace out!



2 thoughts on “IWSG Day!

  1. Funny enough, my blog post today is about commas. πŸ™‚

    About the commenting problem — trying switching your browser. I had problems with Chrome leaving blogspot comments for awhile. A different browser worked. I finally fixed the problem overall by changing my Chrome security settings to less secure. Not a good thing, but easier!

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