Moving House – Friday Fictioners

Moving Houses


© Dale Rogerson

There is enough stress as it is when you are moving house, never mind when it gets to the day and you are left waiting for hours, waiting for the money to transfer. You’ve been ready to go since seven!

Mother, always insisted on the house being spotlessly clean for the new owners, I never understood myself, as I scrubbed the working tops and the floor.

When the time came and it was all go, we had the keys and we could move stuff into our new home imagine my surprise to find these left on the table for us!


Written as part of Friday Fictioners, a 100 word flash fiction challenge, hosted by Rochelle.

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15 thoughts on “Moving House – Friday Fictioners

    1. I don’t know how different it is over where you are, but my sister in law always leaves bottles of wine and a welcome card. Even when the new owners don’t totally deserve it!


      1. We rarely would know who the next owners or tenants would be; we generally deal through a realtors (selling) or a building superintendent (renting).

        As to where I am in the world, we Sask folks have a cute story about our city:
        Back in the homesteading days two English immigrants, travelling by train across Canada, came to a prairie town. The one said, I’m going to find out where we are, so he gets off the train, goes into the station and asks the station agent, “What town is this?”
        The agent replies, “Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.”
        When the Englishman gets back on the train his friend says, “So where are we?”
        He says, “I don’t know. They don’t speak English here.” 🙂
        We live near Saskatoon, SK.


  1. That’s a lovely welcome. Where I live, tenants or new owners seldom deal with the previous tenants/owners directly. But it’s a really nice touch, I’d love that if I moved in somwhere. It’s also great how you show how the narrator learns why mum insisted on thorough cleaning.

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