Flash Fiction – Sandwiches with Love

Sandwiches with Love

Making the sandwiches before I go to bed is a tedious job, the hubby wants egg while the children want Jam, but they had Jam yesterday!

I really want to go to bed, I want snuggle up and sleep, not be stood here making sandwiches!

Pulling the slices out I remember to open them like a book, so they fit together! Why does it matter if their sandwiches aren’t symmetrical? Who checks their sandwiches? Other than hubby of course!

“Who made a bloody whole in the bread” I snap!

Until I notice the silent thank you and sign of love.


Photo courtesy of Kelvin M. Knight


It’s Friday fictioner’s time again, though this is written from my POV I often wonder what my hubby things about in an evening when he makes our packing ups! Especially now he has to make three sets and not two!

This was written as part of Friday Ficioners a weekly 100 word flash fiction challenge. That is hosted by Rochelle, so make sure you check out the other blogs.



24 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Sandwiches with Love

  1. That one just makes me smile. Brings back the memory of the first day of school every year when our police chief (sometimes foster dad) would pass me a simple brown bag out of the cruiser. Always and ever, it contained a sandwich… sausage with a scrambled egg and just a hint of mayo. When I got married, the morning of my wedding, he woke me up with a siren outside my window. I came out to see what he wanted, he handed me a simple brown bag with…whadda ya know… a sausage sandwich. Damn, but I miss those. No one makes them quite the same.

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  2. A lovely interpretation of the prompt. And the end of day exhaustion and frustration comes across really well, as does the smile when the heart appeared. Well done.

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