Elevator P!tch


So I have attempted to write an Elevator P!tch and have no one to ask what they think…

DI Chris Jackson and his team find a dead body, as Jennifer Garner starts to receive strange gifts though the post. Two separate incidents that will change both their lives.



Welcome To The Family – Flash Fiction

Welcome To The Family?


Image courtesy of J Hardy Carroll

We were all fast asleep when his pager went off, they had told us when he qualified it would start off quietly, they lied!

Andrew dived out of bed to get changed and to the station, As I tried to settle my racing heart, Melanie then appeared asking what was going on, closely followed by her brother.

“Out of the way” Andrew shouted racing down the stairs and out the door, leaving the chaos behind, I guess I had better let the dog out for a wee and settle everyone back down again.

“Welcome to the family?”


This was written for Rochelle’s Friday Fictioners. Rochelle posts a picture prompt every Wednesday with the challenge to write something in 100 words, no more no less.

This weeks picture is very apt as my husband qualified as a Retainer Fire fighter about a week ago and we are awaiting his first call out. No doubt it will be like the story above.


Proud wife!


New Home Worries – Flash Fiction

New Home Worries


We were so excited about moving to our flat on the 55th, but then I stood and thought about all the things that could possibly go wrong living up so high up.

Would the cladding be fire proof and safe? We didn’t want to be trapped in a fire.

Are we in the flight path of any planes? Then again airport security was now said to be second to none.

How long would be have to wait for a lift, would there be one especially for tenants as I don’t want to stand next to business men with my cases.

Friday Fictioners is run by Rochelle, where we all come together to write a piece in 100 words of less.

The piece I have written could be extended… I’m not sure I am feeling it this week, having not taken part of a while, I thought I had better make an appearance. : )