Friday Fictioners – Finding the Right Fit

Finding the Right Fit


PHOTO PROMPT © Björn Rudberg

How difficult can it be to pick which hat you want?

We have wondered around the markets and the shops looking for one you like the best.

You don’t want a multi colour one, or one with a bobble on top, so what kind do you want?

I never imagined how tiring this would be, being dragged around town by my ten year old, trying to find the best fit.

If one isn’t chosen from here, I worry that you will want to return to all the others you liked before to make sure you didn’t miss the one.


Big thanks to Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioners! Where we all come together and write a piece of writing inspired by the picture provided in only 100 words.

I am so busy trying to edit my novel at the moment, I don’t think it’s good enough to send to my mentor Rachel, but I kinda sick of reading it! Especially the beginning! I have this huge thing in side me that wants to go out and buy who to books. Will it ever be good enough to send to her, I doubt it!



19 thoughts on “Friday Fictioners – Finding the Right Fit

  1. Dear Claire,

    You’ll always find something in your novel that ‘needs’ to be rewritten. Time to walk away from it for while. 😉 Your story puts me in mind of when I was 12 and drove my mother nuts trying to find just the right black turtleneck sweater. It had to be like the one Paul McCartney wore.
    Nicely done.



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  2. When she got old enough and was in high school and working parttime my daughter used to go to the mall or second-hand store with a friend and buy her own clothes. She was happy and I was happy. Good writing, Claire. Happy Holidays! 🙂 — Suzanne

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