So it’s that time of the month again, where we all come around to support each other in our writing journey.


This was the brain child of Alex Cavanaugh and along with his co-hosts, on the first Wednesday of the month we all come together to take part in a blog hop.

So my journey into publication is continuing, I am yet to have the magic yes answer, but I sent my novel out to some friends, work colleagues and acquaintances and I’ve had some positive feedback which made my day!

I am still pretty much torn of which version of the book I should be sending out! The prologue and finding the body from the beginning OR going straight into finding the body!  So life on that front is a bit difficult of knowing what to do best!

I have now submitted to 35 publishers / agency had 10 rejections so 28% rejection rate!

I’ve started two novels now, one that is part 2 of “New Beginnings” and something completely new, new characters but still get in Long Eaton and SPOILER ALERT no MI5.

As this new one is set in Long Eaton where I live, it has lead to some interesting questions as Alex declares in the middle of the park, I wonder if this is where mummy leaves the body. He wasn’t quite about it either! Alex is full of ideas for this novel so maybe my kids are suddenly interested in what I am doing… Has my attempt to become and author now dragged the whole family in!

So the question of the month…

What’s harder for you to come up with, book titles or character names?

I think they are equally as hard, with this being my first attempt at a novel, the majority of the people I work with made an appearance. Then there are the names I always use Jen, James, Chris I couldn’t use Melanie as she was the daughter in the story and my daughter in real life. So names are becoming increasingly difficult especially now I know how many characters you need in a novel!

As for titles, I have no idea where New Beginnings came from, the follow up is “Summer Promises” but then doesn’t that sound like a romance novel and not a crime thriller.

The one I am writing at the moment I don’t know, at this moment in time.


Don’t suppose anyone know anything about next months twitter pitch! Worth it?

9 thoughts on “IWSG Day! @TheIWSG

  1. Good for you! Sounds like you’re working diligently at getting your novel out there. I have a set of names I always use too, though it’s Jensen rather than Jen. 🙂

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  2. Way to go on getting your novel out! Here’s hoping you get some good news.
    I’ve noticed several people mention a name’s list, and I believe I’m going to give that a try.

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  3. Congrats on submitting to 35 publishers. That’s perseverance. 🙂

    The Twitter pitch is a great opportunity to get your ms in front of potential publishers/agents. Our January 18 #IWSGPit was amazing!
    We had about 5100 tweets and became a trending topic on Twitter.
    You can visit the IWSG website for more info on the July 19 #IWSGPit.

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  4. Hi Claire, congratulations on making so much progress with all these books, and the positive feedback you are receiving about your first one. If that’s not a novel, then what is your first finished manuscript? I keep my fingers crossed for you, that a publisher snags you soon.

    I feel that the closer we get to finishing a book, the harder it is to pick the version we want to keep. I changed a couple of scenes in two chapters around recently, and now I wonder whether the first version wasn’t more compelling…

    “Summer Promises” does sound like it has romance in it. You can always run it – and other title potential ideas – by others…


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