Happy Insecure Writer’s Day @TheIWSG #IWSG


Hey Guys,

Sorry I missed last months, these things seem to creep up on me and then I miss them!

So writing is kind of at a stand still even though I’ve got things to “look forward” to.

I am off to see Red Door Publishing later this month, my aunty has said she will re read my 2nd draft when it’s finished. So yeah.

My journey into publishing doesn’t seemed to have been as easy as I’d hoped or originally thought it might be.

I have printed my novel out so I have been reading through it with my trusty pen and making notes on it! There is so much that has been missed I am almost embarrassed!

There is also the small matter of an insurance exam I need to study for.

I have started reading the #writertable twitter tag and commenting on some of the posts. So who knows…

This months question: How do major life events affect your writing? Has writing ever helped you through something?

I think when I was younger writing helped me through things, but I am yet taken to murdering my work colleagues, oh yeah that’s book 3!

sorry things seem a bit disjointed this month!

ISWG is kindly run and organized by Alex Cavanaugh and his super team make sure we are all sticking to the rules and keeping IWSG going! Why don’t you pop along and join the blog hop!

3 thoughts on “Happy Insecure Writer’s Day @TheIWSG #IWSG

  1. As long as murdering your colleagues only happens in your book, it’s fine (and will be lots of fun to write). Printing out your MS is definitely a good step during editing — it’s like your brain spots all the errors missed on the screen. Happy IWSG day!

    Ronel visiting on Insecure Writer’s Support Group day: Course Correction

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