Flash Fiction -Nature’s fighting back. #fridayfictioners

Nature’s Fighting Back



I always wondered how and why the car had been dumped where it now sat. It must have belonged to someone once.

Left to pollute the woodlands with its leaking oil tank.

But as the seasons changed the car started to become part of the woodlands as nature fought back, camouflaging itself into the background. While the woodland creatures made it there new home. Places to hide there bounty in all the cuby holes.

I’m glad that nature found away of reclaiming what had been left behind to have a chance to fight and make use of man made pollution.


Written as part of Friday Fictioners which is hosted by Rochelle, we all come together a write a piece of fiction based on a photo prompt. Why don’t you join us?

So I have re started the submission slog! I saw my most favourite band last night and my body knows it. Hope everyone is well



14 thoughts on “Flash Fiction -Nature’s fighting back. #fridayfictioners

  1. Reminded me of the “Life After People” Docu-series. It talked about how the earth reclaims itself when people leave the picture. Loved your story.

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  2. It’s a law of something–physics, maybe? –that nature abhors a vacuum. It (nature) will fill up an empty space, given enough time. Well done here with the car being the void that nature is filling up 🙂


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