Friday Fictioners – Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Wedding Anniversary Gift


PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

A rose for every year that we are married he promised and I laughed, the novelty would soon wear off or he’d forget.

I never expected what would appear for our first anniversary a single red nine-carrot gold rose. At least it would be easier for me to save and wouldn’t need drying out first.

He still continues to buy me a rose every year, they continue to sit on my sideboard as focal of the room. I’ve never questioned them or asked wouldn’t it be cheaper to go to the florist. I just continue to admire them.



Thank you to Rochelle for hosting as always! Why don’t you join in! We write a piece of fiction based on a photo prompt, but your piece can be no longer than 100 words! Try it out and join us!

I have begun the submission slog again!!!!

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