When DI Joe Burton and DS Sally Fielding are called to investigate a suspicious death in a care home, it is just the start of their problems.

As further bodies are discovered, with playing cards placed beside their bodies, the Manchester police realise they have their work cut out.

With the press closing in on the case, a criminal profiler is called in to help work out what the killer’s motive is.

With the clock ticking and more victims uncovered, Fielding and Burton must race to track down a twisted killer before it’s too late.

But could the killer be closer to home than anyone ever imagined?

Below Pamela tells us all about herself and her novel Murderland.


I am from the North East of England and have spent most of my life living in Boldon, a semi-rural village mid-way between Newcastle, Sunderland, and the coastal town of South Shields. The first time I saw my name on a book was when I was 11, but this was not from me being published at such a young age. Everyone moving on from Junior School was presented with a book, and upon opening it there was a label inside which had our name written on it.  I remember being thrilled to see my name in print, as it were.

I began writing in my teens, when my school friend and I used to write stories for one another. The writing continued on and off over the years, but was only reignited within the last decade when the same school friend introduced me to the local writers group she was in.

I had intended to enter journalism after leaving school but found myself going to work in a public library instead, so there’s always been more than a passing interest in books, writing, and literature.

Prior to writing my first novel, Murderland, I hadn’t really written anything for 4 years. In 2014 I  submitted a children’s story as an entry into a Scottish publisher’s annual writing competition.  I loved the story but, sadly, it wasn’t shortlisted and I think this put me off writing for some time.  However, I was tempted to try and write again last year after being made aware of a short story competition run by my local library.  The person who informed me of this was, like myself, a former member of South Shields Writers’ Circle and fellow Bloodhound Books author, AM Peacock.  I was surprised yet delighted to find that I could write again after such a long time away from it, but when finished I found that I had an idea in my head for a crime novel.  By the end of October 2018 I began Murder land, completing it by the end of December.  I’d had an idea for a prequel, so when Murderland was accepted for publication I’d already started work on that.  Bloodline, my second novel, comes out in September, 2019, and I am currently working on a third.  Although each are standalone, they do form part of what has become a DI Joe Burton and DS Sally Fielding trilogy.

When I get an idea for a story I do write the basics of it down, but I mostly start off writing and see where it goes from there.  I think sometimes that I must write the way a person reads a story, not knowing what’s coming next as it’s often a surprise even to me how way the story turns out!  By doing it this way, it seems to add to the excitement of it all.  I also write in a visual way, in that I picture in my mind the action taking place as to get a feel for it and to try to describe what I see as it happens.  I don’t base characters on anyone I know, but as the writing has continued I think that there’s a lot of myself in Sally Fielding.

When not writing, I am passionate about Cinema as I love to be taken on a visual journey and to become completely immersed in a story.  My favourite type of genre is Science Fiction/Fantasy, especially anything that is paradoxical or to do with time travel – thank you HG Wells for “The Time Machine”.  For the same reason I love to listen to audiobooks – or perhaps I simply like the effortlessness of someone reading me a story or showing me moving pictures on a large screen as all I have to do is listen or watch!

I am also passionate about my three beautiful grandchildren, and spend as much time with them as possible.

I have also appeared on TV as a Supporting Artiste in two episodes of the hit crime series “Vera”, and can confirm that the making of a television programme is definitely not as glamorous as people think, but it’s certainly interesting on many levels!

My favourite authors are Kathy Reichs and Ellery Queen, and I think that I must have read every book they’ve ever written – and then re-read them!

Thank you Pamela, I look forward to reading more from you.

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