Friday Fictioners – The Big Screen #flashfiction #100words


PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

It felt like we had been searching forever.

The coloured wires seemed to travel below the ground as we followed them, they seemed to stretch on for miles. Why on earth did the stadium display scene have such long cables and who the F*** unplug it in the first place?

Then outside of the stadium like a scene out of Tremors we found them. Some idiot had left them poking out of the earth. No wonder the screen didn’t work when we had tried it!

Mum helped me untangle the wires and we finally returned them to the sockets.


Tremors is an 1990’s film and there were many more spin offs afterwards. There was a scene very famillar to our photo prompt this week when the Tremors broke free from the ground.

Friday Fictioners is organised by the amazing Rochelle A 100 word challenge, where we write something based on a prompt. Why not join in one week.

17 thoughts on “Friday Fictioners – The Big Screen #flashfiction #100words

    1. stadium fact of the day, they have to leave the screens on 24/7 I am sure it’s got something to do with turning them back on again or something. I remember it was something I was told several years or more ago at leeds unitied

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