Winter Dark


A girl with wide brown eyes looks into the camera. Below her picture, a clock ticks down. Cold traces the back of my neck, pricks my hairline. I will find you, I whisper.

It has been ten years since Winter – a headstrong loner with a broken past – was pulled off a mountain by special forces with the aim of turning her into the Secret Service’s most effective field agent. Now, she has just two weeks to bring down the head of a formidable criminal organisation, Alek Konstantin, before an innocent girl is murdered by a twisted killer in front of an online audience of millions.

Going deep undercover disguised as a paid assassin – alias Snow White – Winter’s aim is to infiltrate Konstantin’s inner circle. Calculating, charismatic and totally in control, he holds the girl’s fate in his hands. But every time Winter gets close to him, he melts away. He’s like a shadow, and yet he knows things about Winter – dark secrets she’s never told anyone. Who is he, and how can she reach him in time to save the girl?

Then Winter finds the body of a man from her past, stuffed in a dumpster with a bullet through his forehead, and things begin to fall into place. But with the girl’s death growing closer with every tick of the clock, and Winter’s protective shell starting to crack, does she have what it takes to bring down Konstantin before the clock hits zero?

Impossible to put down, Winter Dark is an action-packed and twisty read with a heroine you won’t forget. Perfect for fans of Lee Child, Sandra Brown and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed reading this book and as it says in the “Letter from Alex” section she wanted to write a female Bond and she most certainly has. Alex has written an action packed thriller that is right on par with today’s surveillance age and the world we live in.

One thing I did enjoy about this book is that Winter isn’t bullet proof, she makes mistakes and gets hurt. She is also born to be out in the field and not locked up in a secure location watching footage and trying to hack into someone else’s mainframe. She is a new kind of agent who is tech savvy but also can handle herself when she needs to.

The author has also crafted some great character’s around Winter that though she thinks she is invincible and she doesn’t need anyone they have her back.

Alex has also crafted a likeable criminal mastermind Alek Konstantin, and only Winter knows who he is and what he looks like thanks to her photographic memory. But will be Winter be able to kill him if it came down to it?

I really enjoyed the rocky ride and this book undoubtedly provided and look forward to reading future novels from Alex. There is a new secret agent on the scene but this one is female and will quite happily kick your arse.


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