Rage and Retribution



Can two wrongs ever make a right?

A man is found by the side of a canal, comatose and brutally attacked.

It quickly becomes clear that someone is abducting men and subjecting them to horrific acts of torture. After three days they’re released, fighting for their lives and refusing to speak.

A councillor is accused of fraud.

Montague Mason is an upstanding member of the community. That is until he’s publicly accused of stealing the youth centre’s funds – an accusation that threatens to rip through the very heart of the community and expose his best-kept secret. But how far would he go to protect himself?

Two cases. One deadly answer.

As the two cases collide, D.I. Paolo Sterling finds he has more questions than answers. And, when torture escalates to murder, he suddenly finds himself in a race against time to find the killer and put an end to the depravity – once and for all.


My Thoughts:

It was great to catch up with DI Sterling and Co since I last read a book in this series.

It took me sometimes to remember where I had left the team when I read Injections of Insanity last year. The more of this book I read I noticed changes in the character’s behaviour and how they had grown and changed since I last caught up with them.

What I like about Lorraine’s books is the DI Sterling is investigating more than one case, though the case that is the central story is kept at the forefront of our minds we also see him deal with other cases that no doubt keep an normal DI busy. While this is all going on the DI also has to deal with issues within his team such as work place bullying and when what one officer sees as a joke another might not.

There also plenty of humour in this book, and at times made me laugh out loud.

My only grumble is the use of WPC when referring to a female officer.

Though I had figured out who did it early on in the novel I was shocked by the ending and was left with my mouth hanging open as I read the final pages.


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Children in Chains - Lorraine Mace


When not working on her D.I. Sterling Series, Lorraine Mace is engaged in many writing-related activities. She is a columnist for both Writing Magazine and Writers’ Forum and is head judge for Writers’ Forum monthly fiction competitions. A tutor for Writers Bureau, she also runs her own private critique and author mentoring service. She is co-author, with Maureen Vincent-Northam, of THE WRITER’S ABC CHECKLIST (Accent Press). Other books include children’s novel VLAD THE INHALER – HERO IN THE MAKING, and NOTES FROM THE MARGIN, a compilation of her Writing Magazine humour column.

You can read my Q&A with Lorraine Mace Here

My review of her previous book Injections of Insanity

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