Meet Me at Fir Tree Lodge – Rachel Dove

Did someone say it’s nearly Christmas? There are only 65 days to go!!!!

Rachel Dove

I caught up with Rachel during the release of “The Fire House on Honeysuckle Street” so with her new book “Meet Me at Fir Tree Lodge” hitting the shelves and Christmas just around the corner I knew we were due for another catch up.

Are you a lover or hater of Christmas Rachel?

I wasn’t always! I had a fair few difficult Christmases growing up, and I used to work for most  of them to avoid it, but since I had children, it’s taken on a new meaning so it’s really nice to enjoy being together.

This year will be a difficult one of course, but our little family under           our roof will be making the best of it. My husband cooks the dinner, and I do the rest, so it works out well. 

What are your likes and dislikes about Christmas?

I hate the commercial overtones, and the assumption that everyone has an easy time in the festive period and has someone to spend it with. It’s a difficult time for many, and that makes me sad.

What I love about Christmas is the family time, the suspension of the            normality and the cheer that people seem to have around the season. I’ve seen a lot of lovely things done for others, and that gives me hope that it’s not all bad. 

Do you have any Christmas traditions, if so what are they are they carried on from your childhood or have you created your own?

I always buy my children new PJs for Christmas, well all of us actually!

plate-for-santa-4772837_640 We put a carrot out for Rudolph and a mince pie and a drink for Santa, and I lay flowers for my late cousin, who’s  birthday is Boxing Day. I light a candle for those who can’t be here, and I give to charity in whatever way I can.

My husband and I always wanted to have a really normal family Christmas for our boys, so we have done that since they were born. Oh, we always watch Home Alone too, and I adore Jingle all the Way and of course, The Holiday.

Do you think we’ll have a white Christmas this year?

Well, it’s 2020, so I wouldn’t count it out!

What is your earliest Christmas memory?

Being with my mother and younger brother, opening presents round the tree. My mum’s face watching us open gifts that she’d worked hard to buy for us. We cherished every gift, and still do.

What was the best present you received as a child?

Books, hands down. I still want books for Christmas and I am nearly 40!

What was the one present you always wanted but never got?book-1966235_640

I can’t recall anything. We were lucky that way I guess, and I never really wanted anything much but PJs and books.

What is your favourite Christmas carol and Pop Song?

Well, everyone loves Mariah Carey, but it’s The Pogues for me.

If you were asked to guest DJ on a national radio station on Christmas day what would you play?

I would do a happy songs set, without Christmas music on at all! Some people need a pick me up that day without the fat red suited man being mentioned, so yes, I would do a happy song set for people to bop to.

What would you buy the main characters in Meet me at Fir Tree Lodge for Christmas?

Ooooh, that’s a good one! Definitely something to bake with for Rebecca, who loves to have a dabble with trying new things.


Luke I would buy a filo-fax or a desk with shelves built in, as he is a bit of a disorganised dork!



Fir Tree Lodge coverMeet me At Fir Tree Lodge

Escape to Fir Tree Lodge, where new beginnings come with a fresh blanket of snow…

Rebecca Atkins has everything she could hope for – the perfect fiancé, fabulous friends and a career as a professional skier. But when an accident on the slopes brings her crashing down in the snow with a catastrophic thud, everything changes. Her career is over, and her fiancé turns out to be, well, not so perfect.

With the chance to start afresh, Rebecca does what anyone else in her position would do… She turns to baking and manages the Alpine Bites café, nestled in the French Alps.

But when handsome stranger Luke Sommersby becomes Rebecca’s unexpected lodger, her plan to completely forget about love is thrown into jeopardy. Guarding her heart since the accident, Fir Tree Lodge is strictly a man-free-zone.

Luke is kind, caring and gorgeous, but the emotional scars from her fall still run deep, and she fights to keep the sparks catching her heart at bay.

Will Rebecca be able to find a second chance in the snow and step into a bright new future with Luke by her side?

Fans of Jenny Colgan, Emma Davies and Debbie Johnson will love Rachel Dove!


Order Here

Rachel tells us about herself below:

I am a writer and teacher, living in West Yorkshire with my husband, our two sons, and our furry pets.

In July 2015, I won the Prima magazine and Mills & Boon Flirty Fiction Competition, with my entry, The Chic Boutique on Baker Street, out now in ebook and paperback. The Flower Shop on Foxley Street followed this in 2017 and both books hit the Amazon top 200. Chic Boutique got to #2 in the rural life humour chart and is regularly in the top 100 of that chart. The Wedding Shop on Wexley Street came out in ebook on 10th August and the paperback 1st November 2018.

I am the winner of the Writers Bureau Writer of the Year Award in 2016 and I have had work published in the UK and overseas in various magazines.

I love to write romantic fiction, both rom-com and harder hitting women’s fiction.

I am also a teacher and have an MA in Creative Writing from Teesside University. 

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Writer Dove

Want to find out more about Rachel’s books, check out her Amazon author page.

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