Christmas at Moonshine Hollow – Angela Britnell

Did someone say it’s nearly Christmas? There are only 45 days to go!!!!



Welcome back Angela, I’m looking forward to catching up and talking about all things Christmas and of course your new book



Are you a lover or hater of Christmas Angela?

Can I please be a little bit of both because I suspect that’s the way most people are?

What are your likes and dislikes about Christmas?

Love – the true meaning behind the season and spending time with family especially seeing the excitement in my grandchildren’s eyes.


Hate – the overly commercial event it’s become and sappy Christmas songs and films. If anyone wanted to torture information out of me just lock me in a room and play ‘White Christmas’ or make me watch ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and I’ll tell you anything!

Do you have any Christmas traditions, if so what are they are they carried on from your childhood or have you created your own?

When I married my American husband our festive traditions were very different but we’ve adapted many of them along with making ones of our own in the best tradition of trans-Atlantic romance. That’s why we always have crackers on the table and eat roast potatoes and sprouts with our roast turkey along with southern dressing and sweet potato casserole!

Do you think we’ll have a white Christmas this year?

I don’t remember having a white Christmas growing up in Cornwall and it’s doubtful we’ll have one here in Nashville it’s more likely to be mild and damp.

What is your earliest Christmas memory?

Being excited about finding the silver sixpence in the Christmas pudding and it was only years later that I realised that I always found it thanks to my indulgent parents!


What was the best present you received as a child?

My aunt hand sewed a shoe box full of clothes for my Sindy doll and they were so unique and special – my only regret is that I didn’t hold onto them.

What was the one present you always wanted but never got?

I can’t remember anything in particular which some people might say was because I was a spoiled only child!

What is your favourite Christmas carol and Pop Song?

I love traditional carols and although it’s hard to choose I’ll plump for ‘Oh Come all ye Faithful’ preferably sung in a packed church with an organ and a couple of trumpets thrown in for good measure. church-1235849_640

If you were asked to guest DJ on a national radio station on Christmas day what would you play?

I think I might go out on a limb and not play anything related to Christmas – there are plenty of places people can listen to Christmas music so maybe my listeners would prefer some summery Beach Boys songs along with some rousing Queen and Abba hits for good measure.

What would you buy the main characters in Christmas at Moonshine Hollow for Christmas?

Cole gives Jenna a very special present in my book but I can’t spoil things and tell you what it is.

If I was buying them something I’d choose something related to the history of moonshine for Cole – a friend of mine has a small antique still she uses as a fireplace decoration that would be perfect for Cole’s house.

I think Jenna would appreciate a gift card to visit all the beautiful Tennessee state parks when spring comes around.



CAMH Cover


Christmas at Moonshine Hollow

Mistletoe and moonshine: a Christmas match made in heaven?

Moonshine Hollow’s famous ‘Lightning Flash’ might be an acquired taste, although the same could be said for moonshine distillery owner Cole Landon, what with his workaholic habits and ‘Scrooge’ tendencies when it comes to all things Christmassy.

But when Jenna Pendean from Cornwall pays a visit to Cole’s family-run distillery in Tennessee during the holiday season, will Cole’s cynicism about the existence of Christmas miracles be put to the test?


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Angela grew up in Cornwall, England and returns frequently from her new home in Nashville, Tennessee to visit family and friends, drink tea and eat far too many Cornish pasties!

A lifelong love of reading turned into a passion for writing contemporary romance and her novels are usually set in the many places she’s visited or lived on her extensive travels. Thanks to over three decades of marriage to her wonderful American husband she’s a huge fan of transatlantic romance and always makes sure her characters get their own happy-ever-after.

She is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association, the Romance Writers of America and the Music City Romance Writers. Her first novel ‘Truth and Consequence’ was published in 2006 and she’s now had over 30 novels published internationally and several short stories in women’s magazines.

If you’d like to find out more of what Angela gets up to (Advance warning: this may include references to wine, dark chocolate, Poldark and the hunky Aidan Turner)

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