Review: See No Evil @RebeccaJBradley



A brutal killer with a vicious calling card targets the older males in Nottingham. Are they connected or are the murders simply random attacks?

That is the question Detective Inspector Hannah Robbins and her team must investigate as they hunt down the monster on their streets.

But Hannah has just returned to work after a terrifying ordeal, and is still distressed as snapshots of the trauma plague her every waking moment.

Across town Amelia Vaughn, a senior Crown prosecutor, questions herself when a sensitive police file lands on her desk. However, things begin to look more sinister closer to home.

As the two professionals struggle to hold it together the murders become more frequent. The two women are on a collision course that no one could see coming. Can they each do what it takes to bring the killer to justice or will personal attachments result in another loss of life?

My Thoughts

Hold the front page! Hannah Robbins is back!

There are so many things that are going on in this story, which bring Hannah back into fore front of our minds!

Addiction, Nottingham, child abuse, murder, children’s home, secrets, family and friendships and that is to name just a few.

Rebecca uses her knowledge and experience to sensitively talk about shocking subjects that mirror real life experiences but still manages to tell a story and keep us griped for 269 pages.

Rebecca also manages to make you care about the character’s in the story and also in away!? understand why they are doing the things they are doing…

I am also really keen to know where Rebecca is going to take the Hannah’s story as she recovers from being kidnapped and her injuries old and new.

Now being seven books in these character’s are really beginning to feel like family!

Rebecca Bradley - photo


Check out my overview of the Hannah Robbins series and you can also get in touch with Rebecca Bradley via socail media or her website.








Link to all of Rebecca’s books

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