Which Books… Angela Britnell

Angela has a new book coming out TOMORROW! So I sat down with her for a chat about her favorite books

So here we go…

Which book do you wish you’d writtenIMG_20200226_070347_179

I suppose it’s a bit of a cliché to say Pride & Prejudice but it’s true – to me it’s close to perfect.

Which book cover have you looked at and gone that’s amazing.

There are so many it’s hard to choose but I’ll go for Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen – you’ve probably never heard of it but it’s a wonderful read and I think the cover fits the story so well. 

Which book character/s would you protect from the world.

At the beginning of my new book ‘Spring on Rendezvous Lane’ Chip, the young son of my heroine is quite vulnerable – he often doesn’t “get” how the world and other people work and where his place is in it all – making me and his family and friends want to protect him. As the story progresses he begins to blossom but you’ll have to read the book to find out his full story.

Which was the last book that broke your heart.

Perhaps I shouldn’t admit this but for a romance writer I’m not an overly emotional person – occasionally something I read might give me a lump in my throat but to say it broke my heart would be exaggerating.

Which book would you make children read.

I don’t think you can or should make anybody read anything – I spent many happy hours reading to my three boys and encouraged them to read widely when they were able to do so but after that it was up to them.

Which book would you rewrite in a different genre.

I would rewrite Bluebell’s Christmas Magic as a historical gothic novel, give the ghostly grey friar a central part in the story and make Belthorn Manor a much creepier and scarier place!

If you could write any genre which one would it be.

I’m going to be cheeky and pass on this one because I honestly can’t think of one!

If you could redesign any book cover which one would you choose.

Definitely my first book ‘Truth and Consequence’ which looked as though it was designed by a five-year-old playing with Photoshop.

Which book taught you the largest lesson about life.

That’s a challenging question but I’m going off on a tangent to say it must be the first book I ever read for myself – don’t ask me what it was because it’s lost in the mists of time but that set me on the path to being a voracious reader and later on a writer. To my mind literacy is the most crucial skill because if you can’t or don’t get the opportunity to master it so much else in life is out of reach.

Which three books would you take on holiday in 2021.

Holiday? Is that wishful thinking? The first trips we’ll take when it’s safe to travel probably won’t allow much time for reading but I’ll optimistically pick the new Harlan Coben – Win, Australian author Jane Harper – The Survivors and Phillipa Ashley – An Endless Cornish Summer.


SORL Cover


Can even the most seasoned traveller find a home on Rendezvous Lane?

‘Community spirit’ is not a phrase in travel junkie Taran Rossi’s vocabulary. As a former ‘third culture kid’ and now spicy street food connoisseur and social media influencer, he’s never really stayed in one place long enough to feel part of a community. And that’s just the way he likes it.

But a springtime stint house sitting for his grandmother on Rendezvous Lane in East Nashville could lead to a long overdue wake-up call. With the help of single mum Sandy Warner and her young son Chip, can Taran come to understand that sometimes it’s not about the place – it’s about the people?





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