Friday Fictioners – Not just for fighting fires #flashfiction #FridayFictioners #FireService



Copyright Linda Young

I knew as soon as my pager went off it wouldn’t be good. I had just sat down with the family for lunch and the dreaded thing went off.

So rushing out of the door into my car almost forgetting my head if it hadn’t been screwed on.

We all arrive at the station in record time and rush to get ready to save the day, that’s until the boss turns in “No need to rush boys, I am surprised you didn’t notice it when you arrived”

Someone pressed the wrong peddle on their car again while reversing again!



When I saw this picture it immediately reminded me of an incident where I live,  The supermarket is situated opposite the fire station where my husband works. The picture below is from the supermarket to the fire station so you can tell the supermarket is higher and it’s not the first time someone hasn’t put there hand break on and rolled down the bank.



NB: The fire service probably wouldn’t have been called out for the above.

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29 thoughts on “Friday Fictioners – Not just for fighting fires #flashfiction #FridayFictioners #FireService

  1. Dear Claire,

    About a year ago I mindlessly left my car in neutral in the garage, As I was getting mail at the end of the driveway, car rolled by me and crashed into the neighbor’s fence. 😉 (I’ll never live it down, so I might as well capitalize on it. I related too well to your story.



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  2. Our Fire Dept (all volunteer) was right above the creek with a small cliff about 1-2 stories high. I remember one incident in which one of the fireguys came barreling into the lot, slammed the pickup truck into what he thought was park, jumped out and ran into the building…. seconds later, there was a gowd-awful scream as the firetruck whizzed over the bridge and he saw his truck roll over the edge. We harrassed the poor rookie for months…. until the next one went for a swim. Now, there’s a row of pine trees, bushes and a few oaks… they tend to catch things now. ROFLMAO!

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  3. We used to live near a steep embankment and this was always my fear, and once it very nearly happened. Well told story.


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