The Story About The Girl



I’m Claire and I am an Mother, An Administration Assistant, An Active Volunteer, An M.S suffer and an Aspiring author. (I also hate having my photo taken)

I have always wanted to write, I remember when I was at school I always used to write stories that used to go on and on and on…

I suffered from Depression, well I flirt with it more these days and during my worst period I started to write poetry, and also a story, I then wrote the follow on part instead of writing my dissertation at University. This was a story about a girl, who rescues her boyfriend after thinking he is dead, while teaming up with someone from her past. I knew all these people in real life and it was my way of getting back at them. The second story is centered on her and PTSD.

A husband and two children later I was brought a Kindle for my Birthday, Though I always used to read James Patterson’s Alex Cross stories and immediately spent my birthday money on his books. I was then recommended by a friend at work one of Mark Edward’s books and everything pretty much went from there. Buying books that were 99p for my kindle I then came across some amazing authors C L Taylor (The Lie) Rebecca Bradly¬† (all her books as they are written in Nottingham, getting dangerously close to where I live) Caroline Mitchell (The Twins) Angela Marsons (Kim Stone) J M Hewitt (The Exclusion Zone) David Jackson (Cry Baby) Angela Clark (Follow me) Helen Durrant (DI Greco) Stephanie Meyer (Twilight) I could go on and on and I am sure I have missed someone! This also means my Amazon wish list is ever-growing as I try to keep up with my favourite authors and explorer new ones.

I also love my music! My favourite bands are Jimmy Eat World, Our Lady Peace, LIT and probably others that I can’t think of right now! Music pays a very big part of my life and I often draw inspiration from many songs and lyrics. Thus the title of this blog “Story About A Girl” which is a track from Our Lady Peace’s “Gravity” album.

As well as being an Active volunteer for the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) and Scouting in my spare time I go to work! Having battled against my MS for years I gave in nearly a year ago and now only work three days a week thank to an amazing HR lady who opened a door and pushed me through it, though I didn’t want to but has been for the best. I have also taken up from insurance study through work and I am working towards a Certification in Insurance. So what do I do when I have other things to do find something else that is more interesting than study.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been debating if I should start a new story or re write an old one. I am still pretty much undecided so I thought I would start a blog and charter my way from Procrastination to published Novel (hopefully) with M.S and life in between.