My Top Ten Books of 2022

I’ve managed to read 23 books and a half this year. Thanks to my daughter’s new found interested in football…And one Audiobook. I was going to write this long post about all the books I’ve read this year and that was in December. So change of plan these are my favorite reads of 2022.

The Whole Truth & Hope to Die Cara Hunter

41Ye-iZGV2S._SY346_ I kinda of feel that this is cheating but the fact I’ve gone back to Cara after finishing The Whole Truth says it all. 41KyFaQcJFL The Whole Truth ties up alot of the loose ends and the plot arch that the books before hand had left. So, I was glad to see the end of that storyline, but then releaved that she continues to use the same characters and style in subsequent books. Having previously listened to the first books on audio I can hear the narrators from the books in Cara’s writing. Which to me tells that the two are perfect for each other. I hope there is more to come from Adam Fawley and the team, as I need to know more!

Broken Bones & Dying Truth Angela Marsons

51+78d63UrL._SY346_After many years of missing out reading books from Angela, I’m glad I managed not one but two this year! Angela has always been more of my MOST FAVOUTIE AUTHORS and every year I miss reading one of her books. I was glad I managed to get two in this year. Though the fact I’m on book seven and there are 9 / 10 a head of me tells you how far behind I am. Broken Bones reveals more of Kim Stones’ background and growing up in care homes, and like of all of Angela’s books I found this one a little more heart breaking than the last as it deals with exploration of workers and as well as prostitution. 51grpxXw2qL._SY346_ Then on top of that there’s a young girls who is befriended by someone over the internet who understands her frustrations with her mum, her parents and her life overall. Does she really know what she is getting herself into? Dying Truth deals with a private school and an apparent suicide of a student that Kim doesn’t believe to be true and as in all Angela’s books things are never what they seem! Though there is a sad ending to this book as fan cried out THAT ENDING! and I’m only just finding out why! So I really don’t know what to expect from the next book and how the team will cope!

The Burning Men Will Shindler

51d82Mb1JpL._SY346_I started to become aware of Will after listening to his podcast “The Writer’s Workshop” and when I found out there was a crime book involving Fire Fighters (I’m married to one) I had to find out more. Moreover I’ve given this book to someone who is a Fire Fighters so we can discuss it afterwards (when he gets round to reading it) Very cleverly written, someone going around killing the Fire Fighters who were all at a certain fire call but something else is going on in the background that the Fire Fighter’s inadvertently walk into. I loved the new partnership between the lead character’s and can tell there is so much more to come in future books.

Killer in the Crowd Phil Johnson

This was Phil’s debut novel and since my review we’ve kept in touch since. 41cuzcmXi8L._SY346_ I loved this book, it’s got all the elements of a romance read thrown in with my favoutie genre Crime, with of course some mystery on the side. Plus I found this book to be something “different” I loved this story so much the peak behind the curtain of a rock and roll lifestyle and I’m a sucker for stories when two lonely people end up together (Even though I tend to read crime and thrillers!) I felt a real connection to these character’s who were all betrayed as real people I could relate to, and not “rich people” who were better than me. As I said in my original review I’d give this book a million stars

Demon Matt Wesolowski

41CdDLBJ2fL._SY346_What I love about Matt’s books is that he’s started taking “famous” cases and putting a different spin on it, showing us a different angle of what could have gone on and “Demon” is the same. I love the Podcast format, I love the alternative views of what went on I love Matt’s writing in fact I probably love Matt too! I will read what ever he writes and look forward to the next installment. I am so glad that he has found a new angle to use for his novels and can’t wait to learn which case he explores next.

Shiver Allie Reynolds

This is hand down my favoutie book of 2022, I could not stop turning the pages. I couldn’t find enough time in the day to read 41oUV8ewSHS._SY346_what was going to happen next and I really did find a wow factor with this book. Based on a ski slope, in the snow, in isolation made this an extra haunting read this all these character’s are keeping something from each other STANDARD. Plus they are being haunted by someone they all thought was dead. There is a scene in this book that I especially love, where two of the main character’s get caught in a game where neither of them wants to say stop and of course it ends up sexual. I really could feel the tenseness and the sexual tension as it crackles through the scenes.

Inside Job: Treating Murderers and Sex Offenders Rebecca Myers

41Ud3sThuUL._SY346_I picked this book up through Net galley, which I have a love hate relationship with, especially when it comes to login. This book offered a look behind the scenes of treating sex offenders in prison. Though a lot of the treatment is now out dated and has changed due to budget cuts. But I found it really interesting about how these people are treated and though there isn’t a magic cured what is done to help them. This book was especially heart breaking as alot of the character’s had a tough upbringing, which I can’t help but believe contributed to the crimes they went on to commit. And here’s to 2023’s reading.. XXX

Meet The Family – Juliet Archer

Unbeknown to a lot of people Juliet has been a choc-lit author for quite sometime…. Though she has been lurking in the background she is back with a new book in time for CHRISTMAS and I kinda feel like I should be asking a different set of questions to a Choc-lit pro

Welcome to my blog “A Story About A Girl” Juliet

What inspired you to write “Hope, Mistletoe and a Christmas Promise

Hong Kong itself. For me, it embodies the ultimate East-West culture clash – an idea that inspired the first meeting between Ryan Hawke and Pip Smith, the hero and heroine of my book. Juliet Archer

I’ve wanted to set a story in Hong Kong for a long time. My husband spent the first part of his life in Kowloon, and I felt as though I knew the place – or his version of it! – long before we went there in 2018 and 2019.

If you could go back to when you first started writing what one piece advice would you give yourself?

I’d say to myself: ‘Obviously, you care what happens to your characters – just make sure your readers do too!’
What I mean is, I can get so invested in my story that I forget to stand back and get inside the mind of a reader – e.g. ask myself what would make a reader care (or not) about a particular character, or what a particular scene is delivering in terms of their development.

I find it a challenge to be objective and that’s why, at the editing stage, the feedback from Choc Lit/Ruby Fiction’s Tasting Panel is invaluable.

What would you say to someone who wants to write?

‘Go for it!’

Writing is one of the best forms of self-expression I know. However, it is worth thinking about who you’re writing for. Is it yourself, your friends and family – or do you want to reach a wider audience?

9780062720467-ukIf you want to reach a wider audience, then you need to do your research about how best to do that. It’s as much about what you write – that is, what is likely to sell – as it is about the marketing of the finished product. Writing for yourself, or friends and family, brings greater flexibility. And who knows? You might also reach a wider audience with something that you wrote just for you.

Finally, I’d recommend Self-editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Browne and Dave King. Over the years, I’ve found this an excellent source of wisdom.


If you weren’t writing what would you be doing?

My day job is full-on, which means that my non-working hours are precious and tend to get filled with family and friends. So, as with many authors, writing is very much fitted around other things – I just wish there were more hours in the day!

But writing is ‘me’ time and I love it. If I wasn’t doing it, I’d go to the gym more. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)

How did you deal with rejections when you started out?

It wasn’t easy, but I just kept working at improving my writing – and my ‘sales pitch’.

And these days there’s so much information out there about different people’s experiences – you know you’re not alone!

What made you decide to submit with ChocLit?

I was Choc Lit’s first author!

My first book, The Importance of Being Emma, was their debut title. It was lucky enough to be shortlisted for the 2009 Melissa Nathan for Comedy Romance, and to win the Big Red Read Book of the Year 2011 Fiction Award.

Since then Choc Lit and Ruby Fiction have gone from strength to strength. They have a wonderful team – it was a no-brainer to send them Hope, Mistletoe and a Christmas Promise!

Which authors inspired you to write?

First and foremost, Jane Austen. She was the inspiration behind my first two books, The Importance of Being Emma and Persuade Me, which are updates of two of her novels. I love her witty insights into the human heart.

Another inspiration is Lee Child. Even though he’s writing a different genre, his books are real page-turners with impressive plotting.

The stories I wrote as a child were usually inspired by Enid Blyton, Lorna Hill and Elinor M. Brent-Dyer (Chalet School series) – and are best forgotten!

Who would you want to play the main characters in your book if your novel was optioned for tv / film?

Ooh, lovely question! I’m going with an American to play Ryan and a Brit to play Pip – even though these days many actors can put on either accent.

Matthew McConaughey – at least the younger version! – has the same ‘look’ as Ryan, images


I’d go for Vanessa Kirby or  to play Pip. They both have the right height and build – Vanessa would just need to dye her hair, like she did for her Princess Margaret role in The Crown.


As for Jack, Pip’s brother and hero of my first book about the Smith family, One Summer Weekend, the only possible choice is Richard Armitage. Preferably at the age he was when he played John Thornton in the BBC’s North & South, as that was my inspiration for One Summer Weekend!



Do you have any writing routines or rituals, if so what are they?

I get up very early, and that’s often my writing time – although I need endless cups of tea to keep me going! If I’m writing later in the day, a glass of wine (or two) has been known to help.

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t get as much time as I’d like for writing. When I do, I’m sure I’ll develop lots of routines and rituals!

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

Shorter gaps between books, as I wind down the day job?!

My next book will be my third about the Smith family, the long-promised sequel to One Summer Weekend. This time the focus will be on Jack …


More About Juliet Archer

Juliet Archer writes award-winning romantic comedy for Choc Lit and Ruby Fiction. She has been known to spend many happy hours matching irresistible heroes with their equally irresistible chocolate counterparts – watch out for the dark nutty ones!

Her debut novel, The Importance of Being Emma, won the Big Red Read Book of the Year 2011 Fiction Award and was shortlisted for the 2009 Melissa Nathan Award for Comedy Romance. Her second novel, Persuade Me, was shortlisted for the 2011 Festival of Romance Best Romantic Read Award.

She has written two books about the Smith family: One Summer Weekend and Hope, Mistletoe & a Christmas Promise. You can also read her short stories: Incense & Insensibility in the Love Match anthology, and Love Rules in the Kisses & Cupcakes anthology (both Choc Lit).

Juliet was born and bred in North-East England, and now lives in Hertfordshire with her husband and temperamental cat. She has two grown-up children, one in London and one in the USA, and has recently discovered the joys of grandchildren. Her non-writing career has spanned IT, company acquisitions, marketing and project management.

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Hope Mistletoe and a Christmas Promise by Juliet ArcherWhen a Christmas promise becomes hard to keep …

Pip Smith knows she owes it to her family to hold on to the festive traditions that have been a comfort since the year everything changed – but this Christmas she’s going to need a miracle to keep everyone in her life happy.

After she’s dumped by her fiancé, an invitation to visit a friend in Hong Kong in the run-up to the festive season seems to offer Pip the perfect escape – and she’ll be home for Christmas, of course. Except her escape ends up becoming far more complex than she intended, when she becomes involved with arrogant American Ryan Hawke and his niece, Shelby – a little girl whose most heartfelt Christmas wish is for a proper family.

Will Pip keep her Christmas promise – or will it be more of a compromise, with the help of a little hope and mistletoe?

Linked to One Summer Weekend but can be read as a standalone story. This is Pip’s story.



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ChocLit-logo-WebJuliet other books can be found HERE

AudioBook Review: Smokeheads

AudioBook Review: Smokeheads



My Thoughts

This audiobook has all the signature hallmarks of a Doug Johnstone books. Having read a lot of Doug’s previous books and also listened to a few via the Library I was keen to be part of this tour.

Adam and his group of Whisky loving friends take a trip to the island of Islay famous for it’s single malts, Adam wants to start producing his own Whisky so this is the ideal location to pitch his idea to his friends. The first sign of trouble comes when they are pulled over by a police officer fresh off the ferry from the mainland but as per all of Doug’s novels this police officer is about to become central to the plot.

The narrator was also familiar to myself with being a regular narrator of some of Doug’s other books so I felt right at home listening to his smooth voice that carries me into all of Doug’s stories immersing me into the atmosphere of the island and the story.

Bad weather, islanders protecting their own, single track roads, cocaine and faltering loyalties Doug’s writing makes sure whether you are reading this book or listening to it, you won’t miss out which ever media you chose.


Doug Johnstone


Doug Johnstone is the author of fourteen novels, most recently Black Hearts (2022). The Big Chill (2020), was longlisted for the Theakston’s Crime Novel of the Year. Several of his books have been bestsellers and three, A Dark Matter (2020), Breakers (2019) and The Jump (2015), were shortlisted for the McIlvanney Prize for Scottish Crime Novel of the Year. He’s taught creative writing and been writer in residence at various institutions over the last two decades including festivals, libraries, universities, schools, prisons and a funeral directors.

Doug is a Royal Literary Fund Consultant Fellow and works as a mentor and manuscript assessor for many organisations, including The Literary Consultancy, Scottish Book Trust and New Writing North. He’s been an arts journalist for over twenty years and has also written many short stories and screenplays. He is a songwriter and musician with six albums and three EPs released, and plays drums for the Fun Lovin’ Crime Writers, a band of crime writers. He’s also co-founder of the Scotland Writers Football Club.


Angus King


Angus King is a Scottish actor based in London & Glasgow. He trained at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and works regularly on televisionMotion Capture and the West End and his voice can be heard in audiobookspolitical campaignsradio dramacorporate videoscomputer games, ADR and much more.



You can pre order Smokeheads on audio from







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Quick Fire Questions with Angela Britnell

Decided to catch up with my fellow author on the other side of the Atlantic, for some quick fire questions….

Vodka and Coke or Malibu and Coke?

Neither! I hate Coke and Malibu is too sweet for my taste. Is it all right if I please have a nice, cold glass of white wine, a G&T or a margarita (on the rocks with no salt) instead?

Novella or novel?

It depends what I’m in the mood for – sometimes a shorter story hits the spot and on other occasions I want to dive into something longer.

Series or stand alone?

I read a lot of mysteries and am working my way through two different several detective series at the moment – Kate Ellis and her DI Wesley Peterson series, and Elly Griffiths with the Ruth Galloway stories. I’m also perfectly happy with stand alone books by either new or favourite authors.

Nestle or Cadburys?

It has to be Cadburys – I’m a big fan of Crunchy bars their Fruit and Nut. Also I could eat Galaxy Minstrels by the ton!


A friend once told me to heat Minstrels over a bowl of warm water and it makes their inside go all running CS

Rock music or pop music?

Generally speaking I’m more of pop music fan – Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Lewis Capaldi are all on my playlists.

Reality TV or Documentary?

I do watch some reality shows, but I’ve never seen the Kardashians, the Bachelor or any shows along those lines. I don’t think you have the show in the UK but I love The Amazing Race, mainly for the travel aspect. I do enjoy programmes that you could maybe call light documentaries – like Tony Robinson’s walks around the UK, so ones that show what life was like in say a medieval village or Victorian farm.

Christmas or Easter?

That’s a tricky one but I think I’ll go for Easter because the weather is usually better, it involves plenty of chocolate and there’s less cooking and decorating the house involved!

Snow or Rain?

Snow is pretty to look out at but I’m not a fan of actually having to go out in it! Rain I’m far more used to, growing up in Cornwall we rarely saw much of the white stuff but there was never a shortage of rain.

Summer or autumn?

Here in Tennessee it has to be autumn. The colour of the changing leaves and usually perfect temperatures make it hard to beat. On the other hand the long, hot and humid summer weather turns me practically into a hermit!road-gbb742b226_640

Staycation or abroad?

There are plenty of interesting places in the US I’ve yet to see, but I’m not sure I’d call it a staycation as many are as far away, or further, than anyone living in the UK would go when travelling ‘abroad’. We usually come to Cornwall twice a year and have just booked our next trip for the spring.

Sunset or sunrise?


Fly or drive (on holiday)?

I’m not a fan of long car trips, although I’ve learned to tolerate them as the distances you need to travel here to see new places are often a lot further than they would be in the UK. Flying isn’t much fun these days but at least most of the time it gets you there faster.

Brown paper or shiny wrapping paper?

Shiny wrapping paper every time! I might not be as good for the planet but it’s so much prettier.

Early morning or late at night?

I’m a complete morning person and getting more so with age! My days of staying up late and partying are long gone 😊

Neighbours or Home and Away?

I’ve never watched either show. I grew up watching Coronation Street, my mum was a devoted follower and never missed an episode.

A Little Christmas Panto cover

Can a little Cornish village panto convince a troubled Hollywood heart throb to act again?

Oh no it won’t! At least that’s what Zach Broussard initially thinks when the eccentric Anna Teague tries to railroad him into helping out with her community pantomime production in the run-up to Christmas. Zach has his reasons for leaving Hollywood behind, and his retreat to the remote village of Polcarne in Cornwall signals the start of a new acting free life for him.

But when Zach meets Anna’s daughter, Rosey – an ex concert pianist who has swapped Mozart for panto tunes – he starts to wonder whether he could change his mind, and not just about acting.

If nothing else, will the residents of Polcarne ensure Zach has a Christmas he never forgets?

Oh yes they will!




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Angela Britnell’s other books can be found here.

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Quick Fire Questions with Kirsty Ferry

This girl is on fire as the song goes… She has an amazing back catalogue of books with Choc-Lit so I decided to shake things up abit and do some quick fire questions…

Vodka and Coke or Malibu and Coke

Vodka and coke – malibu is for summer and pina coladas!

Novella or novel

I like writing them both – sometimes my novellas increase into novels after edits. I’ll read either, so long as it’s a good story.

Ruby Lit or Choc-lit

Ha ha! Both! Choc Lit is the home of my timeslips and most of my other series, but Ruby is the home of my Padcock series. I’ve really enjoyed writing the Padcock books. They’re a little bit different from my Choc Lit books and I can have fun with first person point of view by really getting into the main characters of Cerys, Edie and now Flora.

Series or stand alone

Again, I love both. I like picking up a book and really enjoying it, then realising there are other books in the series. Sometimes a book has to be stand alone, though, and I think it spoils it if they do a follow on. I particularly hate where the author spends a novel getting a couple together then splits them up in a sequel. It’s almost like it’s been a waste of a book. This happened to one I was really looking forward to reading last Christmas and when I found out what had happened from my mum who’d read it first, I didn’t bother. It was as if the author didn’t have a way of continuing the story happily and had to completely rejig the spirit of the first one. If I write a series, all my couples will stay together, and I’ll just concentrate on getting another couple together instead.

Nestle or Cadbury’s cadbury_dairy_milk_giant_buttons_chocolate_bag_240g_70421_T596

Hard one – anything chocolatey will find its way into my tummy. I’d maybe have to plump for Cadbury’s if I was pushed, as I love Dairy Milk and I especially love giant chocolate buttons.


Aldi or Lidl

Probably Aldi. We have both nearby but Aldi sometimes has great craft supplies in like fat quarters or lovely art sets so I’d probably gravitate there. One a few miles down the road has a lovely artisan coffee shop next to it so that’s another good reason to shop there.

Rock music or pop music

I do like rock music – some poppy stuff is fine too, but I grew up in the 80s when Stock, Aitken and Waterman flooded the market and it all got a bit samey so I preferred the power ballads that were around then and I still love singing along to them!

Reality TV or Documentary

Of the two I prefer documentaries, unless it’s Strictly or The Real Dirty Dancing which was great. I hate the celebrity culture that goes along with people in things like TOWIE and Big Brother and I do make a couple of references to non-entity celebs in the Padcock books. They just irritate me so much.

Christmas or Easter

I love Christmas, but I also love Easter – lots of chocolate to be had and the nights are getting lighter, and I need sunshine, chocolate and light to thrive! Christmas is lovely and Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are so special – plus they are after the December solstice, so I can kid myself the darkest days of winter are over by then.

Snow or Rain

Probably rain. Rain doesn’t necessarily stop me from driving or doing anything unless it’s really ridiculous, and although snow looks pretty it can be awful to drive in and makes my anxiety hit the roof. It’s nice if I don’t have to go anywhere. The perfect thing would be snow at teatime on Christmas Eve, and it melting by lunchtime on 25th. My birthday is in February and in 2021 in the middle of lockdown I had a big birthday. It was blizzarding all day, but so many of my friends made me part of their essential travel and stood shivering in my porch to see me on my birthday, and it was so special.

Summer or autumn

Summer. I can tolerate autumn until around Halloween but then no thank you, forget it. I don’t like the months from November until March or thereabouts (except of course Christmas and my birthday!)

Santa-Claus-DRAWING-–-STEP-10Santa or the Easter Bunny

I love Santa – the whole thing is magical. We still put a mince pie and a carrot out for him and Rudolph, and a drink of choice. Sometimes, he likes prosecco. However, the Easter Bunny is extremely cute and I love to think of him hopping around delivering eggs.

Six weeks holiday or end of term holidays

End of term. My son is almost 22 so we don’t have to think about the six weeks holiday, and it’s great as he doesn’t need looking after or amusing any more! I go to work and leave him in bed, and he can get up and make his own breakfast and jump in his car and do stuff without us, rather than me stressing about getting him up and ready and getting him to my parents to be looked after. He still gets Easter and Christmas hols from Uni, but he can stay away and be with his friends if he has plans, rather than the accommodation closing and them all scattering over summer. He does like to be home at Christmas, though.

Staycation or abroad

Staycation I think. There are so many lovely places to holiday in the UK that there is loads for us to still explore. I would like to go back to Amsterdam and do Prague and the Greek Islands amongst other places, so maybe one day we’ll go to somewhere like that.

Sunset or sunrise

Sunrise I think. I made sure I got up and watched the summer solstice at 4am in June from a deckchair in my back garden, but you can get some beautiful sunsets too and I can often be found dashing outside with my camera to try and capture them!

Fly or drive (on holiday)

Drive as we tend not to go abroad and can please ourselves if we have the car. If we go somewhere like Glasgow, though, we’ll get the train. I’d like to fly to Exeter and rent a car to travel around down there as it’s a long way to the south west coast and it’s an area I love and want to visit again and I don’t have a lot of patience with holiday traffic on the motorways!

Brown paper or shiny wrapping paper

I know brown paper is more ecologically sound, but I do love pretty wrapping paper. However, the danger is that super-shiny stuff doesn’t stick with Sellotape and all my Christmas gifts sprung open the other year after I’d wrapped them which made me cross!

Early morning or late at night

Once I’m up and had my first coffee of the day I’m usually ok in a morning. Late nights depend on why I’m late. If I’ve been out at the theatre or been to a friend’s it’s nice to come home after enjoying myself and flop straight into bed. I don’t like lying in bed and staring at the clock until it’s really late if I can’t sleep, though, and have been known to wander downstairs at 2am and either do edits or finish my homework from art class.

Freeview or cable channels

Probably cable. I don’t know how to work Freeview on my TV, but from what I understand, a lot of the channels are the same anyway.

Neighbours or Home and Away

Neither I’m afraid. I don’t like soap operas of any description, and have never watched these beyond the first episode of Home and Away which I remember watching at my aunt and uncles house while we were visiting one day!




Flora coverIt was meant to be a romantic Christmas getaway …
Except Flora’s boyfriend Paul is more interested in whether there’s WiFi in their holiday cottage than he is in the pretty village of Padcock where it’s located. It seems he’s incapable of taking time out from his work for gossip mag darling Maxine Marling – or Maxine Marmoset as Flora not so secretly calls her (well, she does look like a marmoset!) – to spend time with his actual girlfriend.

But as Flora discovers the friendly and festive community of Padcock with its eccentric but lovable locals – including dreamy musician Geraint Davies – she begins to question her London life and lots more besides. Especially as a certain marmoset becomes ever more present on her Christmas break for two …

But luckily Padcock is a village where fresh starts happen – and maybe Flora is in line for her own Christmas of new beginnings.


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Mistletoe Mistletoe and Mayhem at the Little Shopping Mall – Hannah Pearl

Did someone say it’s nearly Christmas? There are only 83 to go!!!!


Welcome back Hannah, I’m looking forward to catching up it feels like it was only days ago we were welcoming you as part of the Choc-lit family and now we’re here talking about all things Christmas and of course your new book.


han 4 (1) (1)Are you a lover or hater of Christmas Hannah?

I LOVE it!!!!!

What do you love about Christmas?

I love having time together when we’re lucky to all have a break from work/ school. I love seeing my children’s faces when they open their presents.

Do you have any Christmas traditions, if so what are they are they carried on from your childhood or have you created your own?

We’re not massively traditional so nothing much, apart from trying to get together. We did start doing an enormous family Secret Santa a few years ago for nearly thirty of us. I think that’ll be something my children will always remember, so hopefully we can pick that up again this year.


Do you think we’ll have a white Christmas this year?

I doubt it. It’s been so hot this year, far too hot for me to cope well! I know in a few weeks time that’ll seem like a distant memory but I can’t yet get my head around it actually feeling cold soon!

What is your earliest Christmas memory?

Playing together with all my cousins at my grandparents’ house. I’m really lucky to have a big family and it was always a special treat in the holidays to be able to get together. I’ve really missed that for the last few years and hope to see everyone more soon.

What was the best present you received as a child?

I can’t remember! Is that awful? We’re not hugely traditional really and so though we always got lovely gifts, it was always more about being together.

What is the one thing you always wanted but never got?

A Mr Frosty slushie maker. Actually, thinking back, I think we did get one in the end and it never worked well after all that waiting!


Favourite Christmas song pop or carol?

Slade. It doesn’t feel like Christmas until you’ve heard Noddy Holder telling you that it is Christmas 🙂

What would you buy your main characters in “Mistletoe Mistletoe and Mayhem at the Little Shopping Mall” as a Christmas present?

I’d get Caroline some nice chocolates. Actually, anything sweet or food related to save her from cooking!

doughnuts-1868573_640 And for Damian, something simple  but classy, a nice aftershave maybe. Or a hat that isn’t a Stetson 😉


If you were asked to guest DJ on a national radio station on Christmas day what would you play?


Slade of course, Wizzard (I Wish it could be Christmas Every Day), Mariah Carey and Wham , just in case anyone nearly made it through Whamageddon in one piece. Is that mean?  But surely it wouldn’t be Christmas without it!



Count down to Christmas with mistletoe, mayhem, meddling friends and mystery men …
There’s a saying about all work and no play – but there’s never a dull moment for Caroline working at Holly Walk Mall, especially at Christmas.

When she’s not dealing with orders from Ian, ‘the manager who can’t manage’ as her friend Rachel puts it, she’s overseeing the usual late-night shopping sessions, Santa’s grotto construction and, most importantly, the sampling of many delicious festive treats at the Italian café her friends Nina and Marco own.

But when a new jewellery shop moves in and brings ‘mysterious guy with the cute bottom’ to Holly Walk, Caro isn’t yet aware just how much mayhem she’s in for in the countdown to Christmas. With strategically placed mistletoe, revealing cowboy outfits and even a bit of sleuthing, could this festive season turn out to be the liveliest yet for both Caro and her beloved Mall?


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Book Review – Inside Job Treating Murders and Sex Offenders. The Life of A Prison Psychologist – Dr Rebecca Myers


And here I am. Totally alone in a cell with a convicted sex offender who is free to do what he wants. There is no officer. No handcuffs. No radio. Only the man across the desk and me. He looks more petrified than I do.

HMP Graymoor. One of the UK’s most notorious prisons. Home to nearly 800 murderers, rapists and child molesters.

Reporting for her first shift inside is Rebecca: twenty-two, newly graduated – and about to sit down with some of the country’s most dangerous criminals.

In this gripping, hard-hitting memoir, forensic psychologist Dr Rebecca Myers revisits her time in the ‘Hot Seat’ with Graymoor’s infamous inmates – who might not be as different to us as we think.

This is as close as we can get to knowing what really goes on inside the damaged minds behinds bars.

My Review

I was busy procrastinating and found myself on Net galley and thought oh this looks good and requested it and to my surprise I was accepted : ) so I finished my current read and pushed this to the top of my TBR pile and I wasn’t disappointed.

The book starts as Rebecca starts her first day as a prison Psychologist at the infamous Graymoor prison full of murder’s and sex offenders. We are introduce to a range of characters from prisioners Wayne, Jeremy who sets Rebecca’s Imposter Syndrome on full alert, Sid and  Nigel who are all in Graymoor for sex offenses and sometimes also murder along with a cast of prison officers Len, Daniel and Kenny who sit in these sessions with Rebecca as she tries to teach the inmates ways to stop them offending in the future and also ways to understand why they did what they did. Wayne’s story is on I found especally heart breaking but all of these men who have done some of the most terrible things grew on me and at times I just wanted to give them a hug. (probably not one of my better ideas)

What I also loved about this book is the author’s internal monologue and how she sees some of the journeys these men have been through to get to where they are echoed in her own past and she doesn’t take the view of “well i’ve been through that and i’ve turned out okay?” She is noting but understanding and compassionate. These are the real men behind the headlines and how they’ve got to where they are today and some of the coping mechanisms they can use in the future.

Some of the things these men did are heart breaking and at times very dark and I found worrying having small children myself but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel somewhere.

With reading this book on kindle at times i found myself confused with the acronyms SOP? CB? and could have done with noting down these means at the start of the book so I could easily remember them.

I also didn’t realise till I got to the end of this book that all this was going on in the early 90s and how the work Rebecca did was only the ground work for how prisoners are being treated today. With all the trauma in this book I’m glad that at least half of the men Rebecca treated might just be back in our society hopefully doing okay and that Rebecca herself has kids and a hubby and is also doing just fine.

Thank you to net galley and Harper Collins for giving me the chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review. I’m glad that I took the chance on this book and you gave me a voice to talk about this book which I will be for how a while….

Book Review: She Knew Her Killer

51BBErbsnJLFive old school friends reunited for a weekend in Sheffield. A drunken game of truth or dare. One won’t survive.

The young woman is found murdered in a swanky hotel room. Detective Claudia Nunn gets the text just as she leaves her therapist’s office.

The victim’s friends all say the same thing: she had been distracted and kept disappearing all weekend. And on the Saturday, someone had screamed abuse in her face.

Did she know her killer?

As Claudia closes in on the murderer, the top-brass start closing down the investigation. And the team become the target of violent attacks.

Someone will do anything to stop the truth getting out.


My Thoughts

Followers of my blog will know how much of a MASSIVE fan of Rebecca Bradley I am! Having followed her Hannah Robbins series since the beginning and also being lucky enough to be on her book launch team I have had the privilege to read her other books too!!!

Rebecca has managed to land herself a publishing deal with Joffe books and I have been super keen to read her new stuff, so when She Knew Her Killer came out and I had time to review it I was straight on it. It’s just a shame it’s taken me for ever to right an actual review….

What has interested me most about this series is the dynamics between Claudia Nunn and her dad Dominic. Though I am starting this series on book three I have missed the beginning of the arc between the two characters and though this is bubbling under the surface of the novel it didn’t matter I was still able to enjoy this book.

Harlow Cunningham has organised to meet up with all her school friends as a guise to learning about her past. As Claudia and her team try and figure out why Harlow was murdered one of her friends eventually reveals that Harlow admitted in a drunken game she was a Foundling (a child who was abandoned after birth)

The story runs along two-story lines Harlow learning about where she came from and who her parents were and the why she was abandoned and the police investigation. We learn early on her parents must have some power as the police investigation keeps being stalled and someone is taking unprecedented steps to stop it completely.

Though at times this story seemed to be dragging along at a slow pace and a lot of the information being repeated several times. I enjoyed this different style in Rebecca’s writing that differed from the Hannah Robbins books I have previously devoured and will certainly going back to the beginning of this series to learn more about the dynamics between Claudia and her dad.

Rebecca Bradley - photo

Rebecca Bradley is a retired police detective. She lives in the UK with her family and her two cockapoo’s Alfie and Lola, who keep her company while she writes. Rebecca needs to drink copious amounts of tea to function throughout the day and if she could, she would survive on a diet of tea and cake while committing murder on a regular basis, in her writing of course.

She writes the DI Hannah Robbins police procedural series, the DI Claudia Nunn series and has also released two standalone novels, Dead Blind, about a cop who acquires prosopagnosia, also known as face blindness and Perfect Murder about a crime writer who wonders if she could commit the perfect murder so sets out to see.

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Horses with Annie Rose

Annie has a new book out Recipe for Mr Super! As part of her Recipes of Life Serise so I caught up with Annie to talk Horses????


All my books so far have had dogs in, but in Recipe for Mr Super, I’ve been allowed to indulge my love ofauthor horses. A quick disclaimer – all horses in this book are based on horses I’ve known, but, except for Charlie Brown, the Shetland Pony – that was his real name, names have been changed to protect the innocent!

The names weren’t the only thing I made up, okay, I’ll admit I never evented. I have acted as groom, helped at cross country events, been a dressage writer for many, many dressage tests including some major competitions over a long period of time, but I just couldn’t face competing. So, it’s fair to say the eventing world in Recipe for Mr Super is entirely imaginary, except that one event is held at Tweseldown – a real place, and my absolute favourite eventing venue. A place I have spent happy hours, helping, or watching, some talented riders compete. I’ve even gone cross country schooling there on my own horse several times and loved the experience, but never had any desire to compete at any level.

IMG_6811People always tell me that the adrenalin high you get from doing well in competition is the ultimate thrill and worth the anxiety of getting ready to compete. I never agreed. Even the clear-round competition at the local show would have me hyperventilating.

I can’t remember when my love affair with horses started. I was very young. I’d ride anything whenever I had the opportunity, but the only person we knew back then with a horse was my godmother.

My first book was Black Beauty. I still have that copy, the colour plates in it are amazing and it would be my desert island choice. I’ve had it so long; I can’t imagine ever being without it. Photos 2 on 8 Jul 2022 at 20_28_28I was 11 years old, when a lady, my mother worked with, who had a pony, which was a bit of a handful, asked her if I’d like to ride it. Her own daughter had outgrown it, so they’d bought her a horse and needed someone to exercise the pony. I’ve always assumed my mother didn’t understand what a bit of a handful meant at the time, rather than she thought she could afford to lose her eldest daughter. The pony was a rig, with a mind of his own – initially I spend a lot of time on the floor, but it was a great learning curve and I loved him to pieces, spending all my free time at the stables. Eventually, I outgrew him too, but was offered the ride on another horse at the same stables, a lot steadier, and a true gentleman, until a permanent home could be found for him.

I’d been married less than six months, when I finally had the opportunity to buy a horse. I’d been having Beziqueriding lessons and hacking out at a local stable for some time, but it wasn’t a considered decision. I didn’t go out that day having decided to buy a horse, but I was told during a lesson that the horse I was riding, would be going to go back to the dealers and not available for lessons the following week. She wasn’t popular with clients other than me, being a head shaker and very green about everything. The deal I struck with my husband was that if I gave up smoking for a month, I could buy her. I never smoked again, I couldn’t, because although I didn’t tell him, I’d already paid for her.

We went on to develop a really special relationship, (both horse and husband). She taught me so much about unconditional love and trust. I like to think I taught her to jump. She’d only ever been driven, until shortly before she came into the riding school, and responded well to simple voice commands like, “left” or “right” and you had to tell her to “jump” if you wanted her to go over, rather than through or round any obstacle!

My biggest problem with her was that she hated being tied up and could untie herself from just about anything and sometimes her mates! She was a real Houdini, but having done it, she wouldn’t move further than the nearest hay net or patch of grass. She just didn’t like to be attached to anything.

Sadly, she was fatally injured in a road traffic accident, which left such a huge hole in my life that I was finally persuaded to look for another horse and found a huge tri-coloured mare. The picture IMG_7917is by the very talented equestrian artist Lydia Kiernan. I’m not aware that she ever met my horse, but this is just the most picture, it hangs on my wall. It has her facial markings spot on and has really captured her expression. This horse and I clicked, and I just knew I’d found somebody special. There were all sorts of alarm bells that should have rung. She had sarcoids, a cracked hoof, an irregular heartbeat, a dust allergy – I could go on, but the vet took one look at her and asked me what I thought I wanted.

I told him, I needed a horse, no bigger than 16 ½ hands to take care of me, to rebuild my trust in riding. A horse I could hack on my own, and maybe occasionally jump.  

The vet turned and said, ‘Then she’s perfect for you. I’m not going to vet her, because she’ll fail. Just one thing, promise me you will give yourself a year with her to build a relationship. There will be times during that year when you’ll struggle – wonder what you’ve done and wish you’d never bought her. You’ll get her home, think she’s perfect, but give it three weeks and she’ll go through that difficult toddler stage. She’ll start testing boundaries. Don’t let her get away with anything. Always be kind, but firm and soldier on. It will be worth it. If after a year, and I really don’t think this will happen, but if you haven’t bonded then you owe it to both of you, to find her another home.’ He issued a passport for her, and in it said she was 16 ½ hands – years later my then vet said, you do know she’s a lot bigger than that – don’t you?

We did bond and had sixteen amazing years together. She put a broken person back together and we both learned to trust each other. She overcame her fears about walking through water and I learned to accept that if something was really frightening, in horse terms, it was better to walk, or trot past it backwards!

I have just started having lessons again and recently met a lovely horse – a real black beauty!IMG_6999




Recipe for Mr Super by Anni Rose

Where’s a hero when you need him?
In Autumn Rigden’s case, enjoying semi-celebrity status on the other side of the world. Although Nick Flynn is no superman – talented horse rider and Super Sportstar of the Year he might be, but he has a habit of leaving Autumn in the lurch when she needs him most.

Anyway, Autumn is too busy with her new career to care about Nick. Okay, so she’s had to give up her OIympic dressage dream, her childhood home and beloved Shetland pony – and all to the benefit of Gordon, Nick’s money-grabbing father. But Autumn’s new ambition is to become an heir hunter extraordinaire, and with a promising commission and only a few weirdos demanding she prove they’re related to royalty, she’s all set.

But when Mr Super returns, will Autumn find that forgetting about horses and the Flynns is harder than she could have ever imagined?


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Doing the Research… Chris Penhall

As Summer starts to arrive in the UK, so do the Summer choc-lit books and where best to start? By talking to Chris Penhall, about the research that goes into her books especially her newest The House on the Hill – A Summer in the Algarve.



The books I have written are all set in places I know very well, and I feel the locations are characters in the stories. So, when I frivolously say I research my books when I’m on holiday, I sort of mean it and I sort of don’t.

The landscapes, sounds and smells of Portugal and the south Wales coast are so imprinted on my mind that I call on them when I want to for a particular scene. In my new novel, The House on the Hill – Lagos, where its set,  is very much a part of the action. I feel it’s my second home, and as with all of the places I write about, because I only visit for short periods of time, my experiences when I’m there are always intense and very vivid.

There is a lot of yoga, meditation, Zumba and a bit of dancing in this particular book too, and although not an expert in any of them, I do all of them regularly. So, once again, I have used my own knowledge of participating in classes, although I have never taught any kind of sport, exercise or dance. I’m just there to enjoy myself…

There is also one small scene set in a radio station. I cannot reveal what it’s about, but suffice to say that most of my working life has been involved in working in radio in some way or another, so something was bound to seep into one of my books at some stage. This particular bit is entirely fictional, but, honestly, it really could happen.



When I’m writing – and I’m sure this is true of many authors – things that are going on around me can also find their way into the story. For instance, I did sunset beach yoga for the first time in October 2021 in Lagos, and after experiencing the real joy of watching the sunset on Porto Do Mos Beach, with only the sound of the gentle rolling of the sea next to me, It fed into the book somehow. Not in a big way, really, but that’s often what happens – these things often add extra layers to the story.

I think what I’m trying to say is that I subconsciously gather images and ideas wherever I go, and when I allow my imagination to run free, some of those memories find their way onto the page. So, I have been accidentally researching my novels for a very long time, and I never even knew it.




Layla is calm, in control and is definitely not about to lose her serenity for the man next door!
Surely it can’t be hard to stay peaceful at one of the oldest yoga and mindfulness retreats in the Algarve, surrounded by sea, sun and serenity? Mostly, owner Layla Garcia manages it – with the help of meditation and plenty of camomile tea, of course.

But keeping her grandparents’ legacy alive is stressful, and Layla has become so shackled to the work that, for her, The House on the Hill is fast becoming ‘The Fortress on the Hill’.

Then writer Luke Mackie moves to the villa next door, bringing with him a healthy dose of chaos to disrupt Layla’s plans, plus a painful reminder of a time when she was less-than-serene. But could his influence be just what Layla needs to ‘dance like no-one’s watching’ and have the fun she’s been missing?




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