Mistletoe Mistletoe and Mayhem at the Little Shopping Mall – Hannah Pearl

Did someone say it’s nearly Christmas? There are only 83 to go!!!!


Welcome back Hannah, I’m looking forward to catching up it feels like it was only days ago we were welcoming you as part of the Choc-lit family and now we’re here talking about all things Christmas and of course your new book.


han 4 (1) (1)Are you a lover or hater of Christmas Hannah?

I LOVE it!!!!!

What do you love about Christmas?

I love having time together when we’re lucky to all have a break from work/ school. I love seeing my children’s faces when they open their presents.

Do you have any Christmas traditions, if so what are they are they carried on from your childhood or have you created your own?

We’re not massively traditional so nothing much, apart from trying to get together. We did start doing an enormous family Secret Santa a few years ago for nearly thirty of us. I think that’ll be something my children will always remember, so hopefully we can pick that up again this year.


Do you think we’ll have a white Christmas this year?

I doubt it. It’s been so hot this year, far too hot for me to cope well! I know in a few weeks time that’ll seem like a distant memory but I can’t yet get my head around it actually feeling cold soon!

What is your earliest Christmas memory?

Playing together with all my cousins at my grandparents’ house. I’m really lucky to have a big family and it was always a special treat in the holidays to be able to get together. I’ve really missed that for the last few years and hope to see everyone more soon.

What was the best present you received as a child?

I can’t remember! Is that awful? We’re not hugely traditional really and so though we always got lovely gifts, it was always more about being together.

What is the one thing you always wanted but never got?

A Mr Frosty slushie maker. Actually, thinking back, I think we did get one in the end and it never worked well after all that waiting!


Favourite Christmas song pop or carol?

Slade. It doesn’t feel like Christmas until you’ve heard Noddy Holder telling you that it is Christmas 🙂

What would you buy your main characters in “Mistletoe Mistletoe and Mayhem at the Little Shopping Mall” as a Christmas present?

I’d get Caroline some nice chocolates. Actually, anything sweet or food related to save her from cooking!

doughnuts-1868573_640 And for Damian, something simple  but classy, a nice aftershave maybe. Or a hat that isn’t a Stetson 😉


If you were asked to guest DJ on a national radio station on Christmas day what would you play?


Slade of course, Wizzard (I Wish it could be Christmas Every Day), Mariah Carey and Wham , just in case anyone nearly made it through Whamageddon in one piece. Is that mean?  But surely it wouldn’t be Christmas without it!



Count down to Christmas with mistletoe, mayhem, meddling friends and mystery men …
There’s a saying about all work and no play – but there’s never a dull moment for Caroline working at Holly Walk Mall, especially at Christmas.

When she’s not dealing with orders from Ian, ‘the manager who can’t manage’ as her friend Rachel puts it, she’s overseeing the usual late-night shopping sessions, Santa’s grotto construction and, most importantly, the sampling of many delicious festive treats at the Italian café her friends Nina and Marco own.

But when a new jewellery shop moves in and brings ‘mysterious guy with the cute bottom’ to Holly Walk, Caro isn’t yet aware just how much mayhem she’s in for in the countdown to Christmas. With strategically placed mistletoe, revealing cowboy outfits and even a bit of sleuthing, could this festive season turn out to be the liveliest yet for both Caro and her beloved Mall?


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RUBY-LOGO-RD-NSFor all Hannah’s other books check out the Ruby Fiction Website


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A Day In The Life of: Helen Buckley

So this morning I got up, tried to get a child up, shouted at said child, husband went to work, shouted at child a bit more and broke the land speed record getting said child to school on time… Though I can’t help wondering what Helen’s day was like….

Signing contract photo further cropWhat do you imagine when you think of an author? Someone getting up late, perhaps sitting at a desk in their PJs with a large mug of coffee, spending the day typing away, or possibly staring out of the window, seeking inspiration?

Sadly, that’s not my experience!

My day usually starts around 5ish. I’m up to make my children’s breakfast and lunches. Then if I’m lucky, I get time to write before the kids wake up. I have two boys, one is nearly 3 years old, and the other is 15 months, so life is very full on.

My husband and I get the boys up and deliver them to their childcare places. Then I start work – my job is being the communications officer for a disability inclusion non-profit called Shaping Our Lives. Fortunately I work from home, so there’s no commute apart from the short drive to drop the boys off at the childminder and nursery.

I work 9-5pm and then the boys come back and chaos is unleashed till they are asleep.

Around 7 or 8pm, all being well, I might try to do a little writing, or update my blog/ social media.

Then I crash into bed at 10pm, exhausted!


So my life definitely doesn’t fit the relaxing image I conjured up in the first paragraph, although I do always have a cup of coffee or tea on the go. But I wouldn’t change things. I’m very lucky to have my two boys (both IVF-miracle babies), and I know one day I will have more time to write when they are a little bigger. Till then I grit my teeth and drag myself out of bed before it’s dawn, and hope to have another book completed soon!




What do you do when your life becomes more dramatic than reality TV?

As the devoted carer for famous antique expert Harold Kershaw, Karrie Morgan was always happy to keep a professional distance from his four spoilt grown-up children, who rarely made time for their father. But then a surprise involving Harold’s Will means Karrie is flung headlong into a press scandal, and into the chaotic world of the surviving Kershaws.

With the support of her trusted childhood friend Andrew, mild-mannered Karrie must face down ruthless ice queen Portia, master manipulator Gabriel, Botox fanatic Arabella, and ladies’ man Rafe, star of reality TV show Raised in Richmond … although perhaps not as fake and flashy as he initially seems?

As vicious rumours circulate and Karrie’s past comes back to haunt her, she struggles to know who to trust. Can she keep up with the Kershaws’ schemes?


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Helen Buckley



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A Day In The Life Of – Berni Stevens

So not only does Berni write a-ma-zing books she is also a cover designer and has created all three of mine which I love. So how does she fit it all in!


I’m not sure there is a typical day to describe to be honest. Certainly not as a writer, because most of my writing is done in the evening and at weekends. That is, until the edits come in, which are often urgent and need attention as soon as possible.BERNI_newsmall

I used to go to the gym four times a week for Zumba classes (pre Covid), and teach my own Zumba class on Wednesday evenings. Post Covid, I’ve left the gym because all the Zumba instructors I liked have left – one has even gone back to Poland. But things change – it’s inevitable – and it means my days have changed too. The price for gym membership has also gone up of course, and I’d rather save the money!

As a Zumba Instructor I have access to all the choreography and music on the Instructors’ website, which is updated monthly. An early morning treat for me, is whizzing through the routines and music, making a note of the ones I like at first glance, with a view to learning and tweaking them for my class. (Remembering them is another matter!)

I do an hour’s Zumba every other day and I find it sets me up for work quite well. Who needs the gym? During the various lockdowns, there were a few virtual training sessions and ‘jam sessions’ at weekends, that I did via Zoom, which were all great fun, with people from all over the world joining in.

notepad-g79c0f266d_640The largest part of any day is my design work, and I tend to have several book covers on the go at once. Generally speaking, they’ll all be at different stages, which is a good thing; some have visuals out with the publisher or author, others have been approved and need high resolution artwork, whilst others need full cover artwork for print. I know most people keep notes on their Smartphones these days, but I tend to write actual notes in real notebooks and highlight projects as they’re finished. I suppose it’s the designer in me – but I do love notebooks and sketchbooks. In fact, the only things I miss about working in-house are the stationery cupboard (all those pens, notebooks and Post-it pads), and paid holidays! I certainly don’t miss the cover meetings that’s for sure! (And that’s a whole other discussion).

In better weather – should we ever have any – I might go for a walk at lunchtime. We’re lucky to have a Woodland Trust walk at the back of our house that the property developers can’t get their sticky mitts on. Although they’re building everywhere else it seems. I even once found someone taking photos of our front garden and making notes on a clipboard. I told her in no uncertain terms that our house is listed and therefore off limits. But for how long I wonder?  However, walking across the fields at the moment is almost a snorkel and flippers job – we’ve had so much rain, the fields are a quagmire. Here’s hoping we get some sunshine in the summer. (Note to self – get a new pair of wellies).

I love having a new book, in fact I look forward to the evenings when I can get back to writing. (Unless it’s playmobil-g605d110c2_640not going well and I’m stuck!) But when it is all going well, I can’t wait to rejoin the characters, and write more of their stories. Although there are times when their conversations keep me awake at night … this happens to a lot of writers I’m told.

In Izzy’s latest book for instance, I hadn’t planned on Jonno walking out on the tour, it just kind of happened. Minds of their own, some characters. : )   Losing myself in the characters  can be very therapeutic sometimes. When I wrote my first paranormal romance, I had great fun killing off characters if anyone upset me … although I’m not at all sure what that says about me. A friend of mine bought me a sign for my office which simply says, ‘Careful or you’ll end up in my novel.’


@Berni_Stevens1                      Facebook-Xperia Berni Stevens


indexBerni Stevens       foto www.bernistevenscoverdesign.com/



Is the rock and roll lifestyle all it’s cracked up to be?

Being the girlfriend of a rock star isn’t all glitz and glamour – at least that’s what Izzy Grant has found since she started dating Seth Roberts of Scarlet Gryphon fame; it’s actually a lot of waiting and wondering and worrying as Seth travels the world whilst she’s stuck in London. Can she ever rely on Mr Cool to settle down?

But rock gods get insecure too, and whilst Seth is jetting off to far-flung locations to perform sold-out shows, he worries that Izzy will find a “Joe Normal” and opt for a more ordinary life. Plus, he could do with some support when a certain entitled rock star girlfriend gets too big for her Jimmy Choos and threatens to break up the band.

There is a solution, but are either of them willing to take the plunge?



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I recently spoke to Berni as part of my Meet The Family Series, which can be found HERE


Strictly Christmas Spirt – Helen Buckley

Did someone say it’s nearly Christmas? There are only 58 to go!!!!

Signing contract photo further crop


Welcome back Helen, I’m looking forward to catching up with you after an incredible year you’ve had on the book front and talking about all things Christmas and of course your new book


Are you a lover or hater of Christmas Helen?

I LOVE it!!!!!

What do you love about Christmas?

It’s such a fun time of year. I love the food, the lights, the presents, and as a Christian it means a huge amount to me spiritually. I find the whole season deeply moving and deeply joyful

Do you have any Christmas traditions, if so what are they are they carried on from your childhood or have you created your own?

Only one – watching the Muppet Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve. It’s my favourite Christmas film. My boys are really little so they don’t really understand Christmas yet, but I hope they will soon and then we can make our own traditions.


Do you think we’ll have a white Christmas this year?

Hmmm…. Probably not. Maybe a slightly soggy one?

What is your earliest Christmas memory?

I do remember waking up one night, groggy and full of sleep, and seeing someone putting something in the stocking at the end of my bed. Of course it was one of my parents but I just went back to sleep!

What was the best present you received as a child?

I got given a Sylvanian Family house once and I was so happy!

What is the one thing you always wanted but never got?

A horse (lol)


Favourite Christmas song pop or carol?

I really like Shakin’ Stevens Merry Christmas Everyone, and I always cry when I hear Cliff Richard’s Mistletoe and Wine.

What would you buy your main characters in “Strictly Christmas Spirit” as a Christmas present?

I’d buy Emily an organiser – she’s quite scatty and gets stressed out so I think it would help her.


I’d buy Blake a puppy. I feel like it would bring out a new nurturing side in him!


If you were asked to guest DJ on a national radio station on Christmas day what would you play?

All the Christmas tunes again and again and again.





From disco balls to Christmas baubles …

Ex-dancer Emily Williams turned her back on the sparkle of popular dancing show Strictly Dancing with Celebs to help those in need. Now the only dancing she does is teaching lonely pensioners to waltz, and the closest she gets to disco balls is making baubles with the homeless people in her Christmas crafts class.

She’s certainly not star-struck when Hollywood heart-throb Blake Harris is sent to her at short notice for community service, and has no desire to babysit the arrogant actor with his bad boy antics and selfish ways. Christmas might be a time for miracles, but Blake seems to be a lost cause.

But Emily’s reasons for abandoning her dancing passion means she understands the Hollywood wild child more than she’d like to admit. Could their time together, coupled with a dash of Christmas spirit, lead to a miracle change of heart for them both?




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Helen Buckley



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Christmas At The Little Beach Cafe – Morton S Gray

Christmas At The Little Beach Cafe – Morton S Gray

Did someone say it’s nearly Christmas? There are only 29 days to go!!!!



Welcome back Morton, I’m looking forward to catching up and talking about all things Christmas and of course your new book


Are you a lover or hater of Christmas Morton?

I hate the frenetic quality of the build up to Christmas, those times when you can’t park because the carparks are so full and everyone seems to lose basic civility. I hate the pressure of trying to get Christmas presents and the Christmas food.

However, I love sending Christmas cards. I love Christmas decorations, Christmas trees and lights. I love spending time in a relaxed way with my family. So on balance, I love Christmas.

Do you have any Christmas traditions, if so what are they are they carried on from your childhood or have you created your own?

We tend to have a quiet time really, maybe do a couple of jigsaws together and watch films. My husband is brilliant at cooking Christmas lunch thankfully, because meals with so many elements like that tend to get me very flustered – I’m more a one pot type of cook.restaurant-690975_640 On Christmas day, we fetch my mother in time for lunch and share our meal with my two sons and the eldest’s girlfriend. In the afternoon, my sister and her family join us and they take mom home.

Do you think we’ll have a white Christmas this year?

No! I can’t actually ever remember a snowy Christmas. It’s more likely to be cold and sunny, or misty and moist.

What is your earliest Christmas memory?

Difficult one. I was an only child until I was seven. I enjoyed Christmas much more once I had a sister. I used to like watching her open her presents first. I remember one confusing Christmas when Santa left presents all over my parents’ bedroom instead of in the usual pillow cases at the end of our beds! They weren’t even in piles for my sister and I. I realise now that my mom and dad must have overslept, but as children, we wondered what was going on. Mom retrieved the situation by getting us to guess who each item was for, so it turned out as great fun in the end.

What was the best present you received as a child?

As part of our Christmas stockings we always used to have huge boxes of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolates – I don’t even see boxes that big for sale any more. But, I think my favourite single item would be my talking doll. She was about two feet tall and had a string to pull in her back. Her conversation was limited to a few sentences, of course – “I am Little Poppet” was her first phrase. My mother was brilliant with the sewing machine and had made her a full wardrobe of clothes. Now I think about it that must have taken her so many nights of sewing when I was asleep or at school. That memory made me a little teary as my mother now has Alzheimer’s and dementia.


What is your favourite Christmas film?

I adore Love Actually and The Holiday and have watched them numerous times, but never tire of the stories or sound tracks.

What would you buy the main characters in Christmas at Moonshine Hollow for Christmas?

Silvie would be easy. She loves Christmas, so anything sparkly, probably a nice jumper to wear and a necklace. Justin is more difficult, because anything to do with Christmas propels him back into horrid Christmas memories. He loves drumming, so I guess a drum of some kind would always be welcome.




Run away to the little beach café this Christmas …

Five years ago at Christmas, solicitor Justin Sadler made the decision to leave his comfortable existence behind and move to the coast. Since then, he’s tried his best to ignore the festive season and, as he sits in the little beach café and reflects on that fateful night when his life was turned upside down, he expects his fifth Christmas alone to be no different to any of the others since he made his escape.

But when he encounters a mystery woman on the beach, he soon realises he may have found a fellow runaway and kindred spirit. Could Justin finally be ready to move on and let Christmas into his life again?



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Morton lives with her husband, two sons and Lily, the tiny white dog, in Worcestershire, U.K. She has been reading and writing fiction for as long as she can remember, penning her first attempt at a novel aged fourteen. She is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and The Society of Authors.

Her debut novel The Girl on the Beach was published after she won the Choc Lit Publishing Search for a Star competition. This story follows a woman with a troubled past as she tries to unravel the mystery surrounding her son’s new headteacher, Harry Dixon. The book is available as a paperback and e-book.

Morton’s second book for Choc Lit The Truth Lies Buried is another romantic suspense novel, The book tells the story of Jenny Simpson and Carver Rodgers as they uncover secrets from their past. This book is available as an e-book, paperback and audiobook.

Christmas at Borteen Bay was Morton’s first Christmas novella. It is set in her fictional seaside town of Borteen and follows the story of Pippa Freeman, who runs the Rose Court Guesthouse with her mother, and local policeman Ethan Gibson, as they unravel a family secret as Christmas approaches.

Bestselling Sunny Days on the Beach, is her fourth novel for Choc Lit. Again set in Borteen, this book is the story of what happens when craft shop owner, Mandy Vanes takes in an abandoned teenager, Nick Crossten and the repercussions when Graham Frankley, a gin distiller, arrives in town to say he has received a letter telling him he is Nick’s father.

Morton previously worked in the electricity industry in committee services, staff development and training. She has a Business Studies degree and is a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master. She also has diplomas in Tuina acupressure massage and energy field therapy. She enjoys crafts, history and loves tracing family trees. Having a hunger for learning new things is a bonus for the research behind her books.

If you’d like to find out more of what Angela gets up to (Advance warning: this may include references to wine, dark chocolate, Poldark and the hunky Aidan Turner)

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Dr Alex Ripley – M Sean Coleman

Better late than never, this month I am going to look back over a series by M Sean Coleman staring Dr Alex RIPLEY.

M Sean Coleman recently published the last in the series and the last book is just as good as the first.

The Cuckoo Wood


Samantha Jaynes took her life in the cold lake. Now Rosie Trimble has done the same. Both claimed they had seen an angel. And they’re not the only ones.

A spate of teenage suicides rattles the rural community of Kirkdale, in England’s Lake District. Before they died, each of the girls talked about seeing an angel. Is this collective hallucination, or is something more sinister leading these young girls to their deaths?

That’s a question for Dr Alex Ripley, the so-called Miracle Detective. Brought in to help the police, she finds a community rooted in fear and suspicion, bound by their strange faith, unwilling to help, unable to forgive.

Because the people of Kirkdale have buried their dark past once, and they’re not about to let Ripley dig it up again.

My Thoughts

The Cuckoo Wood is the first book in the Alex Ripley series and I can’t wait to read more!

The story starts on Midsummer’s eve when Samantha Jaynes lays dying in a cold and dark lake, until the Kirkdale Angel comes to her rescue but it’s to late. In the next chapter Rosie is drawn to the same lake with a group of her friends and is seemingly drawn into the lake where she later drowns, there are people are out looking for Rosie but they are late. We are then introduced to Dr Alex Ripley “The Miracle Detective” as she prepares to take part in a television show to promote her new book “A Leap of Faith.”

A Friend on the police force asked Dr Ripley to investigate the apparent suicides of both Samantha and Rosie, as she believes that something else is afoot. But the town is try desperately to hide something that happened at that same lake many years previously ao it won’t be easy.

This book beautiful Atmospheric will have you feeling like you are right there in the story. As Dr Ripley searches for the answers to what is really going on in this deeply religious town.

The description in this book is so intense, I really believed in what Dr Ripley experienced when she was “tripping” and her husband was actually there with her.

I felt drawn to Dr Ripley and hoped she would end up a relationship with the towns PC Daniel Cotter. Though Dr Ripley has her doubts there are parts of this story which she can’t explain and we are left wondering if she saw a ghosts.

Having received a copy of the Author’s next book “A Hollow Sky.” I am really looking forward to learning more about Dr Ripley and who knows maybe PC Cotter will return.

This book is now THE BOOK I am recommending to all my friends!


Jane Hewitt had been miraculously healed—cured of a terminal cancer that had been eating away at her body for months. After one meeting with an incredible young woman, Jane rose from her wheelchair and walked out, believing that her lifetime of devoted faith had been rewarded.

The next day, Jane died in her husband’s arms, devastated that her God had deserted her. Her husband, Ian, blames her hastened death on the faith healer she visited. But that faith healer is a teenage girl called Megan, who has been in a coma for five years, and has no say over how her gift is used.

When Ian is arrested after being accused of breaking in to Megan’s house and trying to tamper with her life support, he turns to the only person he knows can help clear his name, and stop this family deceiving any other victims—Dr Alex Ripley, the so called Miracle Detective.

Fascinated by Megan’s case, and needing a distraction, Ripley finds herself on Holy Island, off the coast of North Wales, caught up in an investigation that will prove more sinister and dangerous than she could have imagined. Ian is not the first person to complain about Megan and her supporters, but he seems to be the only one left alive. For now.

My Thoughts

M Sean Coleman is one of my new favourite authors, hot off the release of The Cuckoo Tree comes The Hollow Sky. Another thrilling ride with Dr Alex Ripley investigating a young girl who is in a coma but she is said to possess the power of heeling sick people.

Dr Ripley is contacted by someone she recently met filming a television interview to promote her new book “Leap of Faith.” Ian’s wife Jane visited Megan and got up from her wheel chair and walked away from the house cued only to die days later in Ian’s arms, understandably Ian wants answers and is later arrested for tampering with Megan’s life support machines.

There is so much more to this story, As part of this same blog tour I read something by the author in regards to the small town mentality and this novel is no different as the town comes together to protect Megan and her gift. Though the deeper Alex looks into it the more she finds out that everything is all but what it seems with Megan and the people who are really behind what is going on.

I am loving how the author manages to get all the characters from a small town exactly right, the local police officer/s, The pub landlord, the town busy body, the church community and the town’s leaders. All these personalities make for exciting character’s going forward.

Though Alex is going from almost one case to another, I am glad to see we are slowly learning about Alex’s past and her missing husband who may have phoned her and appeared in a hallucination.

This book is beautifully written and I can’t understand why the author hasn’t been picked up by one of the big publishers or agents.

Both of these books were in my top ten book of 2018


A spate of brutal killings in the Lake District town of Penrith sees Dr Alex Ripley – the Miracle Detective – reunited with friend and Forensic Investigator Emma Drysdale to face a killer with a very sinister message.

Once again, Ripley is called in to help the police when they discover that all of the victims all have some kind of religious connection. What Ripley discovers is that the killer’s message is far more personal than any of them thought.

But what do these lost gospels, doom paintings, gods and demons have to do with the murders of three innocent people? And why is Ripley so important to the killer?

My Thoughts

I was excited to read the new Ripley book! After consuming the first two quickly to be left waiting for the next to arrive for two!? years and it did not disappoint.

This book seems to have taken Ripley full circle and at points I was left wondering why this book didn’t come after Cuckoo Wood as many of the characters and the things that had happened in Cuckoo Wood were referred to a lot in “On Stoney Ground” whereas not much was said about the happenings in A Hollow Sky.

This book seems to have ended almost where Cuckoo Wood had started back all those years ago, but saying that I loved to see Dan Cotler back in the mix and now a detective whose knowledge and experience of small town mentality really give something extra to the story and progression of the investigation.

I think I would have liked things to have ended differently with some of the other character’s in the book but would this have been different with the author had been planning to continue the series?

One extra gold star does go to the author for his handling of a subject of religion that has been argued so much about over the years, he has handled the subject sensitivity but still managing to and his own twist in the stories he has told over the series.

Overall I loved this book just as much as the first two and I am pretty guttered to see the end of a series I have enjoyed so much.

I guess I’m off to cry into my cuppa tea….



EXCLUSIVE: All three of these books are available from Amazon priced 99p each… Clickty click


NB: There has also been some cover changes in this serise, so my blog post may not match the books as they are known now.


A Hollow Sky MSeanColeman_AuthorPhoto_HiResBorn in the UK and raised in South Africa, M. Sean Coleman developed a love for reading and writing novels in his early teens, thanks to two incredibly passionate English teachers who infected him with their love of words and stories. Over the intervening years, he has written film and television drama, cross-platform series, an interactive children’s storybook and a graphic novel series.

He finally found his niche as a thriller writer when he was asked to write a novel as part of the cross-platform project, Netwars. His first book, The Code, was published six months later, with the sequel, Down Time, hot on its heels. There was no going back.

He is obsessed with crime, mystery and thriller stories, especially those with a fresh or surprising angle. He writes novels from his home in The Cotswolds, where he lives with his husband and their three red dogs.

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DI Hannah Robbins series @RebeccaJBradley #NottinghamCrime

Rebecca’s Nottingham police procedural has been a huge inspiration for my writing and my novels like hers are set in and around Nottingham. So I wanted to go back and look over her Six Hannah Collins books!

When catching a killer isn’t enough…

The dumped body of a girl is found in an alleyway, forcing Detective Inspector Hannah Robbins into the darker side of Nottingham. The scene is brutal, demanding Hannah bring closure to the girl’s media-hungry mother.

When Hannah arrests the killer it becomes clear that all is not what it seems. This was not a single act of violence. There is a long shadow being cast and a larger problem. And someone wants to stop Hannah from finding out the truth.

All the while a member of her team is hiding a life-changing secret that could have serious repercussions for the investigation. But Hannah is too distracted by the case to pick up the cues.

Things take a disturbing turn when Hannah finds evidence that indicates a killer is only a hairs-breath away from claiming his next victim.

Just how far is she willing to go to save the next girl?

“Wow a book that is written about Nottingham that I really enjoyed and left me begging for the next instalment” I wrote in my review of the books I had read in 2016, though I had heard Rebbeca talk and began to follow her on twitter I loved her first outing.

A rising death toll. A city in panic.

When a previously healthy woman is found dead in her home, Detective Inspector Hannah Robbins finds herself set against a father driven by his anger and whose grief knows no bounds.

Six months after their last big case, Hannah is still haunted by the events of that night. As her team struggle, Hannah’s leadership skills are questioned.

With the body count climbing and the city of Nottingham in social meltdown, the team finds themselves in a deadly race against a serial killer determined to prove a point.

And Hannah finds herself targeting an individual with whom she has more in common than she could possibly know.

“Likeable characters and a brilliant read! my favourite Nottingham writer!!” there is a medical aspect to this novel, that I found increasingly interesting and the “bad guys” reasoning to why he was doing what he was doing. Oh and the close proximity of this novel setting to where I live!

51vVfeRtPRLWhere do you turn when you can’t trust the police?

Detective Inspector Hannah Robbins is called out to the murder of Simon Talbot. Local gang leader who only the day before was released from court a free man, found not guilty of the murder of police officer, Ken Blake.

Now, he has a bullet in his head and witness details on his person.

Hannah is up against the clock to find Talbot’s killer, and locate the bystander before it’s too late.

But as Hannah delves deeper into the past, she begins to question the integrity of the whole operation.

Could the killer be closer to home than anyone would like?

I reviewed this for my blog back in 2018 “This isn’t just a procedural crime story; Rebecca adds depth and emotion to the story as Hannah and her team struggle to adjust to their new team members, the new DCI whose ideas differ from his predecessor, the officer from professional standards department and Pasha.”


A social media shaming. A killer with a message. A deadly combination.

When the body of a man is left in the city centre set up as a realistic police crime scene, DI Hannah Robbins is forced to enter a world that can break a person, a case and a reputation.

Social media platforms light up and Hannah is pitted against the raging online monster and a killer who has already lost everything.

Can she catch the killer and put him behind bars or will she become part of his sadistic game?

I sadly missed my chance to review this Hannah Robbins novel, but looking at the Amazon reviews…

“Oh my goodness gracious me, The Twisted Web is one hell of a well written read. The author grabs your attention from the start and the story starts in such a way that will stick in my memory for a long time to come – Ginger Book Geek”

“I think this was my favourite so far. The plot is fast-moving and exciting, ruthless and satisfying. Linda K”

Maybe I should push this up my TBR.


A deadly game. An unstoppable killer. The perfect alibi.

Lucy Anderson is late collecting her daughter from nursery. A mistake that could prove fatal. 
Her daughter is gone and there is only one way Lucy can get her back. The ransom is simple, she has to kill someone…

And this is just the beginning. A deadly game with a domino effect has started as the real killer forces others to do his bidding.

Can detective inspector Hannah Robbins find the killer’s next puppet before they’re forced to strike or will this be the case where her opponent has found the perfect way to kill?

Pick up Kill For Me for impossible choices and moral dilemmas and see where you would fall.

Finally sorting myself out, I read this book for Rebecca’s book tour with Damp Pebbles.

“I love how she has found away to give her novels a new theme’s with Martin’s Asperger’s diagnoses. It has given the character more depth and something different to your every day police officer. This novel seems to also focus on how people can miss understand the signs of the illness as laziness or lack of interest at the task in hand. As Martin starts to have issues with a senior officer who is miss understanding the signs.”


How do you fight someone you can’t see?

Detective Inspector Hannah Robbins finds herself on the most perilous case of her career when a young man darts in front of her car. He’s covered in someone else’s blood and has no memory of how he got there.

Digging up the man’s past puts Hannah on a collision course with a dangerous stranger who wants history to remain hidden and who will stop at nothing to keep his secret.

Hannah finds herself in the biggest fight of her life.

Is this finally a case too far?

I reviewed this book on my blog recently.

“This is a DI Hannah Robins novel it’s a little different, Hannah herself has been kidnapped and her team are tasked in finding her, this story gives the other members of her team a chance to shine.”

“This novel concentrates a lot on family, the family we have and the family that we choose. We a closer look at Hannah’s family dynamics that I know has been touched on in previous novels it feels more personal in this novel.”

Rebecca also recently revealed the title, cover and blurb for her SEVENTH Hannah Collins books, I can only day dream of having that many….

see no evil

A brutal killer with a vicious calling card targets the older males in Nottingham. Are they connected or are the murders simply random attacks?

That is the question Detective Inspector Hannah Robbins and her team must investigate as they hunt down the monster on their streets.

But Hannah has just returned to work after a terrifying ordeal and is still distressed as snapshots of the trauma plague her every waking moment.  

Across town Amelia Vaughn, a senior Crown prosecutor, questions herself when a sensitive police file lands on her desk. However, things begin to look more sinister closer to home. 

As the two professionals struggle to hold it together, the murders become more frequent. The two women are on a collision course that no one could see coming. Can they each do what it takes to bring the killer to justice or will personal attachments result in another loss of life?

I personally can’t wait for this!

Rebecca Bradley has also written a couple of standalone novels Dead blind and Perfect Murder along with a novella which is set prior to the first book Shallow Waters called Three Weeks Dead.

Rebecca surprisingly is a self published author who has already achieved so much and as they say things can only get better!






Link to all of Rebecca’s books

Six Stories Series – @ConcreteKraken @OrendaBooks #Podcasts #Wow

This is a new feature I am going to attempt to do on my blog, where I talk about a book series I have really enjoyed! It wouldn’t be far for me to not start off with this!

I have read all four books in this series and I feel that I haven’t given these as much attention as they deserve! I will try and keep this short but I love these books.

413vrfWeTuLOne body, Six stories, Which one is true?

1997. Scarclaw Fell. The body of teenager Tom Jeffries is found at an outward bound centre. Verdict? Misadventure. But not everyone is convinced. And the truth of what happened in the beautiful but eerie fell is locked in the memories of the tight-knit group of friends who embarked on that fateful trip, and the flimsy testimony of those living nearby.

2017. Enter elusive investigative journalist Scott King, whose podcast examinations of complicated cases have rivalled the success of Serial, with his concealed identity making him a cult internet figure. In a series of six interviews, King attempts to work out how the dynamics of a group of idle teenagers conspired with the sinister legends surrounding the fell to result in Jeffries’ mysterious death. And who’s to blame…

As every interview unveils a new revelation, you’ll be forced to work out for yourself how Tom Jeffries died, and who is telling the truth.

I would have loved to have heard this one on audio, but I guess having it signed is the second best thing. This book was in my top ten read of 2019! And I think his other books which I have read since will also follow.

This series is like nothing I have read before, as each book is a true crime podcast series where the journalist Scott King examines a case that has never been solved. I loved all the different character’s in this book each one is as complex as the other and they all have secrets to hide from what really happened on that night in 1997. A theme that does run though Matt’s book is the “could there be something paranormal happening” and it’s all ghosts and evil spirts.

I got to listen to the next book in the series on audible

41rfOuIeYpLA family massacre, A deluded murderess, Five witnesses, Six stories, Which one is true?

One cold November night in 2014, in a small town in the north west of England, 21-year-old Arla Macleod bludgeoned her mother, father and younger sister to death with a hammer, in an unprovoked attack known as the Macleod Massacre.

Now incarcerated at a medium-security mental-health institution, Arla will speak to no one but Scott King, an investigative journalist, whose Six Stories podcasts have become an internet sensation.

King finds himself immersed in an increasingly complex case, interviewing five witnesses and Arla herself, as he questions whether Arla’s responsibility for the massacre was a diminished as her legal team made out.

As he unpicks the stories, he finds himself thrust into a world of deadly forbidden ‘games’, online trolls, and the mysterious black-eyed kids, whose presence seems to extend far beyond the delusions of a murderess…

Have read the first book I was contently looking for clues as to why Arla killed her family and I wasn’t left disappointed, this book also touches on a lot of mental health issues that the younger generation are suffering more and more with today.

Without wanting to give to much away Scott finds himself in new tertiary with this book having just been a podcast that had a couple of listens and not the thousands he now has since book one. Matt also shows us how this sudden fame is effecting Scott and how he deals with it and is pretty much ready to throw in the towel.

I am going to skip Changelling for now as that is the book I have most recently read. When The Beast came up as on sale through ebook having enjoyed the first two so much I went and purchased it!

41GYV44L2ELA frozen girl, A haunted town, A deadly challenge
Six Stories, Which one is true?

In the wake of the ‘Beast from the East’ cold snap that ravaged the UK in 2018, a grisly discovery was made in a ruin on the Northumbrian coast. Twenty-four-year-old Vlogger, Elizabeth Barton, had been barricaded inside what locals refer to as ‘The Vampire Tower’, where she was later found frozen to death.

Three young men, part of an alleged ‘cult’, were convicted of this terrible crime, which they described as a ‘prank gone wrong’. However, in the small town of Ergarth, questions have been raised about the nature of Elizabeth Barton’s death and whether the three convicted youths were even responsible.

Elusive online journalist Scott King speaks to six witnesses – people who knew both the victim and the three killers – to peer beneath the surface of the case. He uncovers whispers of a shocking online craze that held the young of Ergarth in its thrall and drove them to escalate a series of pranks in the name of internet fame. He hears of an abattoir on the edge of town, which held more than simple slaughter behind its walls, the tragic and chilling legend of the ‘Ergarth Vampire…

Again this book is something different to the last. Matt only has one centre character that needs to be carried over onto the next book unlike others (me!) who had a multitude of them all baying for there five minutes of book fame.

In Matt’s books he also deal with a lot of topics that are at the fore front of peoples minds, this one deals with the price of fame and the YouTube generation which is no doubt going to get worse now Tik-Tok has come along.

All the way through this book there is alot of questioning about vampires and evil spirts could real human beings be so cruel?

Now there is a massive clue in this book about what happens in Changeling when one of the character’s says to Scott that what happened in the last podcast was “heavy” I think the word was and I will tell you now what comes in Changeling I wasn’t prepared for.

41FH6Ext3JLA missing child, A family in denial, Six witnesses, Six stories, Which one is true?

On Christmas Eve in 1988, seven-year-old Alfie Marsden vanished in the dark Wentshire Forest Pass, when his father, Sorrel, stopped the car to investigate a mysterious knocking sound. No trace of the child, nor his remains, have ever been found. Alfie Marsden was declared officially dead in 1995.

Elusive online journalist, Scott King, whose ‘Six Stories’ podcasts have become an internet sensation, investigates the disappearance, interviewing six witnesses, including Sorrel and his ex-partner, to try to find out what really happened that fateful night. Journeying through the trees of the Wentshire Forest – a place synonymous with strange sightings, and tales of hidden folk who dwell there, he talks to a company that tried and failed to build a development in the forest, and a psychic who claims to know what happened to the little boy…

The people I spoke to while reading this said this one was the best but trust me I was not prepared for this and you know me, I SOBBED for a good hour reading this, through the authors note at the end and into the acknowledgments.  HOLY F*****G SHIT and last book I cried this much to was “I let you go” by Claire Mackintosh if I Changeling in paper back it would be hidden away with I let you go for it’s own safety!

This book like the rest of the series manages to deals with an issue that is very much going on in society and I think this one touched me more than the others. What happened to the boy and where is he now? Because everything that people are saying don’t add up unless ghost and witches are real! Then we are all screwed!

The end of the book explains it all, be but prepared as it isn’t what you will be expecting!!!

From following Matt on twitter I have learned that there is a fifth book due at the end of the year..

41dl2FySOGLA shamed pop star, A devastating fire, Six witnesses, Six stories, Which one is true?

When pop megastar Zach Crystal dies in a fire at his remote mansion, his mysterious demise rips open the bitter divide between those who adored his music and his endless charity work, and those who viewed him as a despicable predator, who manipulated and abused young and vulnerable girls.

Online journalist, Scott King, whose ‘Six Stories’ podcasts have become an internet sensation, investigates the accusations of sexual abuse and murder that were levelled at Crystal before he died. But as Scott begins to ask questions and rakes over old graves, some startling inconsistencies emerge: Was the fire at Crystal’s remote home really an accident? Whose remains – still unidentified – were found in the ashes? Why was he never officially charged?

Dark, chillingly topical and deeply thought-provoking, Deity is both an explosive thriller and a startling look at how heroes can fall from grace and why we turn a blind eye to even the most heinous of crimes…

I am in no doubt this will be just as good as the others…

It can be pre ordered from all online retailers but I am going to drop the amazon link as I can find that one easily!


Pre Order                  Series order page