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insecure-writers-support-group-badge The Insecure Writers Group monthly blog hop hosted by Alex Cavanaugh, this group of amazing people offer authors like myself support and reassurance.

This months question is…

What is one valuable lesson you’ve learned since you started writing?


which I have none of at the best of times!

I joined a critique group, as recommended by an author, but what I have discovered is there is a HUGE queue of work waiting to be Critiqued so having my work read by others takes time…. A LONG TIME! I have been told to use the time to network and critique other peoples work. Which is fine but… I need to find someone who will work and support me quicker, but god knows where I will find someone…

I have applied for Womentoring again, as my first choice didn’t want me : ( so here we are again needing to be patient! Not my strong point!

I am sure more things will follow on this bumpy journey! and I’ve not even got a finished product!

I have kinda fell behind on the Friday Fictioners as well 😦 never mind my insurance study! haha

Anyways before I start to ramble HAPPY INSECURE WRITERS DAY!



Why is Writing so Damn Expensive!?

So my wondering into the writing market isn’t going well! You’d of thought that when all you need is your laptop and your imagination you are on a roll, but no.

I joined a critique site after advice from someone and after the initial excitement and then again when people look at it again my 2nd draft has now faded as I attempt to post my third piece to be told, that unless I join and pay to be a member that’s it unless I delate something. Paying to join this site won’t get my work read any quicker and that seems to take at least 4 days to make it to the top of the queue. So thats $65 a year (£50 ish)

Then there are the writing courses, the current one I am attending is going to cost £70 per six week block. The Derby book festival I went to cost me £21.00 to see the three people I was most interested in seeing and the East Midlands writing thing cost me £50. While I write this I am a bit like I hope my hubby doesn’t read this 😛

Then it’s like being at uni there are a whole host of books people recommend you buy… But which one is the best so we will add about £10.00 onto here at least.

so thats £191 at least so far… Nevermind my the software I brought (Scrivner) the dictation package I’ve not really got on with cause my brain doesn’t work fast enough..

Sometimes I sit here and look at these £200 plus retreats and thing would this be a quicker and cheaper way to get success. Or do I just need to keep in my case paying out in hope I might get somewhere….

Then as we are always told at work time cost money! It also costs my heath and my children’s attention when I want to write, or upload something to a website in order to get feedback. But first I need to critique other people’s work… Then there is the networking, for me at the moment mine is all social media related. But then what happens when I need to go wider?

So thats travel and cars don’t run on fresh air.

Then I dread to think about the added cost that comes with trying to get published! I listen to other authors talk and I don’t have the confidence anymore to just go up to people and start talking to them. I need people to be aware of my existence first.

As you can tell I am a bit rumpy this morning well frustrated, having just had two weeks (three weeks) off sic which I could of spent writing the sun is out again and likely to zap. my energy as soon as I walk out the house. Plus the cat was moaning early this morning prior to six, but by the time I got up to sort her it was after and I concluded having to get up at 7, I am going to fell worse if I try and go back to sleep than I am if I get up! PLUS, I wouldn’t have slept properly anyway with knowing I had to get up in 45 minutes!

Anyway enough from me, time to get the little people up and go to work!!!! Hope everyone has a fun day!

But why is writing so expensive!?




MS Support!?

MS isn’t an easy illness to treat, unlike some people who suffer I don’t fail over (much) and I don’t have any visible signs that I am suffering. It is all for a better way of putting it all in my head. I ended up in such a mess at swimming today it just feels like something is miss firing in my brain and isn’t connecting properly. I end up with the feeling of what the fuck am I doing! I kinda feel that I am in “other world” along side the one that I am in.

I came home from work at lunch time on Wednesday because I was just sat at work more or less staring into space. If I could of guaranteed I could just be left alone all day I’d of stayed, but with the concerns of fellow colleagues whose support I couldn’t live without it wouldn’t of happened.

I was out with my 4 year old daughter when this happened today, so I couldn’t just fall apart on the spot! I had to carry on.

I am in the system and see my neruo about once a year, and I have the MS team, but as I am not in a disabling situation there is nothing they will do about “the head stuff” if they give me steroids there are known long term side effects so they just send me on my merry way.

This is where my GP comes into play, she does the ground work the hospital wont do, She sorts my drugs. When I am having problems and I go and see her she will sign me off work, and I know that makes me sound lazy but sometime I HAVE TO BE SIGNED OFF FOR MY OWN GOOD!

So today I ring up to find out she is leaving cause she has had enough! let that sink in a moment.

I can’t just rock up to any old GP and go hey I have MS and I need XYZ because they can’t just click there fingers because they don’t know me. They don’t know my situation! Where as my GP does and she is leaving because she has had enough!

How have things got this bad!? That we are losing the best in the medical profession! We sit at work worrying about losing the good people. Well we are losing the good people medically and yet there is nothing being done to keep them! Apart from making things worse!

I have tweeted the conservatives as that who is “in” in Erewash but I am not expecting a response!

MS needs support and treatment that doesn’t involve seeing the neuro for or can see but won’t do anything and of cause the hospital’s wont sign you off anymore.

I am failing apart right now and luckily for me it doesn’t happen often but! When I do I need the health service and my GPs support and soon there won’t be anybody who is the slightest bit good at there job and understands! Then what do I do!? Where do I go for support then!?


1st Re Write


So I went to an event on Saturday where four authors spoke about there work in crime fiction.

One of them Steven Dunne spoke about how his police officer is based out of a police station somewhere. (forgive me ignorance in not knowing where) As the stressing I have had is that Long Eaton fails under Derbyshire and it turns out Major Crimes is run from Nottingham (possibly opposite work). So that then got me thinking well my character might as well run out of Long Eaton police station so guess who is in for a re write at this early stage.

One thing they did say yesterday is not to get to caught upon police procedure in my writing as that is quite boring! So good news on both fronts really. So though I haven’t got to the end of my story and know where it is going I am off to start my 1st re write! Not sure how I feel about this….

Yesterday they also said alot of things that made me think, what are the faults in my characters, what can they overcome, I know my MC has up and left her family to investigate a murder but my DI seems worryingly normal…. hmmm

Anyways loads of love as always

Have you sponsored us yet?




PS: I have facebook Steven Dunne, so we shall see if he replies… EDIT I got a reply 🙂


The Gardening Project – Flash Fiction


PHOTO PROMPT © Sarah Potter

The Gardening Project

It seemed like a good idea at the time to start my own gardening project, I had these big ideas of what I could grow from tomatoes and potatoes to flowers of all different colours to brighten up the place.

The local supermarket sold children sizes shovels and gloves, we could grow things as a family, and the kids could help me pull out all the weeds so I thought. They quickly lost interest in gardening as their swings and bikes seemed more fun.

And as for me other things started to get in the way of this grand project.

Based on a true story (haha)

Rochelle hosts the Friday Fictioners a 100 word Flash Fiction, where we write something based on a photo prompt, pop over to her blog and join in the fun. 🙂


Flash Fiction – Gran



Photo Prompt thanks to © Karuna

Mum had tried to get Gran to start going through her things and get rid of what she no longer needed.

Mum knew that if she didn’t at least make a start her brother and her would be left with the lot to sort when she had gone.

Gran hadn’t been very corporative with the idea of a sort. Then the fire happened and almost everything was lost,

She said that Grandad had asked her to leave the fire on for when he came home from work, but he never came, he never would he had already past on.

Big thanks to Rochelle as always for hosting this weekly event.

I’ve not been around alot recently with so much other stuff going on, Insurance Study, Bank Holidays, Attempting to write my novel, the Manchester stuff. Hopefully I can get back on track now, with this and the upcoming IWSG Blog hop,

I hope everyone is okay 🙂


C x

Creative Writing class 3.4


I Usually enjoy my creative writing class, but over the last two weeks we have been doing editing and dialogue, which has left me stressed out about my WIP 😦 part of me is like just write and sort out later but it doesn’t work like that does it! Plus I could of possibly been writing dialogue wrong all my life JOY!

On the positive side, I thought I would share something that I wrote as homework.

My words were: Rainbow, Corn Beef, Elephant, Custard and Crystal

You are going on holiday and arrive at the airport check-in desk. The person in front of you is repacking their suitcase when you see an unusal and suspicious item in their luggage

With today’s heightened security at airports I was keen to get a closer look, there was no point screaming and shouting if it turned out to be nothing. Plus I was sure they had dogs and x-ray machines to spot these sorts of things. As I tried to edge closer to see I was getting funny looks from people like I was trying to push in or something? There was an big Elephant in the room and I seemed to be the only one who was aware of it. Everyone else was busy discussing if they wanted Corn Beef or cheese sandwiches and whether they wanted Custard on their desert’s or not. This was airline food for crying out loud did it matter? As the women repacked her bag I noticed a Rainbow coloured teddy had been missed that was laying on the floor behind her case, this was my chance as I tried to walk over as casual as possible bending down to pick up the teddy the lady looked at me surprised with my sudden urge to help her after I had been watching her struggle for the past five minutes at least. The teddy felt heavier than I would have expected weighing it up in my hands I looked at her and her face began to drop as she realised what I was thinking. My husband gets cross with me, he says that I am never off the clock and maybe one day I should leave my detective inspector hat at home along with my ID card. But I guess this time he was wrong because who knows where those uncut Crystals would of ended up if I hadn’t spotted the shiny object in the lining of her suitcase, poor teddy though having his insides taken out like that.”