Flash Fiction – The Wall

The Wall

the wall

PHOTO PROMPT © Russell Gayer


“I’m going to climb that wall.” Jim said as we stood looking towards the infamous Trump Wall.

“I don’t understand, why you would?” I asked as we studied the wall from the barbed wire fencing.

“It’ll be a challenge.” Jim said turning to me “Have you ever wondered if the wall was there to keep us all in and not the other way?”

I looked at Jim puzzled, there were plenty of other routes out weren’t there? “But for how long?” Jim asked reading my mind….

That was the last I ever saw of Jim running towards HIS freedom.


I’ve not done Friday Fictioners in EVER! no idea why but I’ll just blame blogging, novel writing, insurance exams and…. But it is still going strong and run by Rochelle so make sure you pop by to check out her 100 word piece from the above prompt. You can visit other people who are taking part in this weeks 100 word picture prompt here

I struggled with what I wanted to say in this weeks piece, I kinda felt that the ending isn’t right and I could have made it longer, getting in everything I wanted to say. Freedom is a funny thing, but we are all entitled to it one way or another.



Flash Fiction – Boating Holiday

Boating Holiday


Copyright Fatima Fakier Daria

Promises of a peaceful holiday touring the canals of Venice was just what I need. The tranquil pictures, the sound of the boat engine humming me to sleep. I was sold you couldn’t hold me back I’d packed my bags before you’d even finished telling me about it.

What I clear forgot to realise is that there is an M25 for boats and here I am sat in a queue waiting to progress onto the next stage of my holiday.

I am beginning to wish I’d insisted on boating along the canals of England, surely, they can’t be this bad!?


Not really taken part in Friday Fictioners for a while, As I’ve had loads of other stuff going on in that head of mine. So thanks to Rochelle who always keeps this going no matter the weather!

The M25 for those of you who don’t know, is the main circular road around London, it is also known as the BIGGEST carpark in the world. For those who want to know more about the M25 and are yet to be stuck on it Clicky click.


Flash Fiction – New Shoes

New Shoes

I wished there was more I could do for the old man as he walked the streets.

His shoes worn and weathered, being held together with sticky tape.

I wanted to take him to the nearest shoe shop, but would they be willing to help?

He claimed he didn’t need a new pair, as they wouldn’t last as long as these had.

He didn’t have time to break in some new shoes; he had many more miles to travel before he reached his destination.

I lead him to the shoe shop all the same, hoping to find a perfect fit.


copyright Anom


The piece above was written as part of Friday Fictioners, which I have sadly not taken part in for a while. A Big thank you as always goes to Rochelle for hosting :).

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