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On My LifeOn My Life by Angela Clarke

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


This book is written from Jena’s POV after she is arrested for murder of her step daughter to be and the disappearance of her then partner.

This book is HEART BREAKING, this is no doubt about that! I cried so much no matter where I was…

Angela has crafted words so well that you can feel Jena’s pain, torment and at times humiliation! As she finds herself locked up in a women’s prison sharing a cell with someone she has never met. Most of the way through the book she is hiding the secret of what she is in for and then that she is Pregnant.

During the novel we get snap shots of her life prior to her arrest. This book was centred on Jena, there are no details of the police investigation, what her family, solicitor are doing it is solely centred on Jena. At time I missed this element and wondered if Angela would be writing a sequel of what went on behind the scenes returning to her natural genre.

Jena gets to spend a lot of time reflection on her life and her relationship with Robert and his family. As a reader it also made me doubt hers and Robert’s relationships as I looked for signs of domestic abuse.

I did guess who the bad guy was in the end, but this novel made me analyse Jena’s relationships and her explanations.

The back drop of this novel is the prison system, and the challenges that it is facing in this day and age. Which Angela manages to show and write about exceptionally well.

I am a massive fan of Angela Clarke and this book has only extended my love for her and her work.

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Sorry this is away from my standards of reviews…

Book Review – Trust Me

Trust Me (Social Media Murders, #3)Trust Me by Angela Clarke

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Trust Me, having read both Follow me and Watch me and being a massive fan of Angela’s I had high hopes for this book.

The Gremlin task force are investigating the Spice Road gangs, which Freddie has been incidental in investigating with her online investigations. When Kate comes to her having seen a girl raped and killed on by watching a live stream, Freddie is automatically drawn to the investigation. Once it gains media attention more people come forward having watched the live stream and an investigation begins.

We are reminded that, police forces don’t just investigate one crime at a time, as the main story is interlinked with the hunt for Paul and Amber Robertson.

The Gremlin team of course is back, Nas is still hung up on her one night stand Burgone, Saunders is as difficult as ever! Chips and Green are there to provide more depth to the story and personal relationship and don’t forget Freddie!

I felt that this story had many avenues that weren’t explored such as the MPs story line which seemed to of been thrown in for good measure. Maybe he will appear again in one of Angela’s future novels.

After taking time to reflect on this novel, I have been torn between 4 or 5 stars.

Purely on the “ride” this book gave me I will be rewarding it 5 stars.

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