Still with the dead body

Life got in the way yesterday so I didn’t get chance to blog, but nothing was really missed I tried to write some more while watching the Apprentice! So you can guess how much I got done. I’ve still not been out to take photos! I am in a bit of a muddle over who would turn up at a crime scene from “Long Eaton” police office. I am in two minds whether to just walk into the police station tomorrow, but then I thought about emailing a CPO?

Though then again I am typing this as I watch Criminal Minds!

I did manage to write some while at work today haha while waiting for the systems to work. But I think I am getting hung up on the venue and the view around where the “body” is found instead of concentrating on the story. But I sorta feel I need to work out who works at the Long Eaton station!? But at the same time does it matter if I invent some detectives that work in Long Eaton? As the story isn’t about the local police force as such it can’t matter if I have got the right number of police officers in the right place??

Nevermind the issues with forensics and getting that right! haha maybe I should concentrate on insurance!?

Health has been better I guess but that might be because I did a lot of sleeping yesterday 🙂 🙂 🙂 my legs are still “painful” Andrew suggested seeing if the drs would put me on something for the winter months!? But I guess for as long as I can “cope with it” and it doesn’t effect work then…

So I’ve got a dead body..

I have started writing, but now i’ve got a body and I need the identity of the body to get back to my MC. Who said this writing businesses was easy! I might go out with my phone tomorrow and take some photos, look on google maps and the “dump” site. So if you hear of someone acting suspiciously it’s most probably me… I wonder if I am best to take my camera and not my phone or is that worse (haha)

Struggled this morning and ended up driving in, my legs have decided that now would be a good time to start “hurting” I managed to stay seated most of the day though! I did half think about asking to borrow someone’s heat pad for their back and sit there with my legs up on a stool with that on it. Maybe I will take the deep heat with me on Friday instead.

I’m tired, but I need to research for a bit I think….