Friday Fictioners – Not just for fighting fires #flashfiction #FridayFictioners #FireService



Copyright Linda Young

I knew as soon as my pager went off it wouldn’t be good. I had just sat down with the family for lunch and the dreaded thing went off.

So rushing out of the door into my car almost forgetting my head if it hadn’t been screwed on.

We all arrive at the station in record time and rush to get ready to save the day, that’s until the boss turns in “No need to rush boys, I am surprised you didn’t notice it when you arrived”

Someone pressed the wrong peddle on their car again while reversing again!



When I saw this picture it immediately reminded me of an incident where I live,  The supermarket is situated opposite the fire station where my husband works. The picture below is from the supermarket to the fire station so you can tell the supermarket is higher and it’s not the first time someone hasn’t put there hand break on and rolled down the bank.



NB: The fire service probably wouldn’t have been called out for the above.

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Friday Fictioners – The Kitchen #100words #flashfiction

The Kitchen


PHOTO PROMPT @ A. Noni Mouse

The Washing up, the one thing that nobody wants to do, yet everyone needs it done.

How long can we look at the dishes until they magically wash themselves?

How long can we argue over whose turn it is, and who did it last?

How many times can we rinse the same cups and think it’ll do?

How much for a dishwasher, do we even have the space?

But once the plates, bowls and cutlery run out someone is going to have to do it.

But who? Dads tired, mum did it last, and the kids have homework.

The Cat?


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Friday Fictioners is organised by the amazing Rochelle A 100 word challenge, where we write something based on a prompt. Why not join in one week.

It has been so long since I did this… and this picture kinda spoke to me, we’ve all been there arguing over whose turn it is, and getting a dishwasher might be the answer but instead you start arguing over whose turn it is to unload it! and I have serious OCD dishwasher loading issues!

Friday Fictioners – The Reveal #100words #flashfiction

The Reveal


PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

We had been following the clues and searching for the meeting place most of our teenage years.

To finally have made it, to the inner circle, the inner sanctum of everything.

All the failed attempts and false trails meant nothing because we were here. The promise land and utopia waited for us.

How long would we have to wait?

Was someone meant to be meeting us?

The clues just guided us here nothing else would everything become clear once we took our seats and trusted the answers that had led us here.


Friday Fictioners is organised by the amazing Rochelle A 100 word challenge, where we write something based on a prompt. Why not join in one week.

This weeks piece was inspired by the film Now You See Me and Now You See Me 2

The search for answers, something that they had been searching for there whole lives…

Friday Fictioners – The Big Screen #flashfiction #100words


PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

It felt like we had been searching forever.

The coloured wires seemed to travel below the ground as we followed them, they seemed to stretch on for miles. Why on earth did the stadium display scene have such long cables and who the F*** unplug it in the first place?

Then outside of the stadium like a scene out of Tremors we found them. Some idiot had left them poking out of the earth. No wonder the screen didn’t work when we had tried it!

Mum helped me untangle the wires and we finally returned them to the sockets.


Tremors is an 1990’s film and there were many more spin offs afterwards. There was a scene very famillar to our photo prompt this week when the Tremors broke free from the ground.

Friday Fictioners is organised by the amazing Rochelle A 100 word challenge, where we write something based on a prompt. Why not join in one week.

Friday Fictioners! – The Swimming Pool #FF #FlashFiction

The Pool



PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


“Common its not deep you’ll be able to stand, I promise,” Lillie’s mum told her as she teetered on the edge of the vast swimming pool.

She was able to stand in the baby pool, but this was different, this was scary.

What if she couldn’t reach the bottom what if she sunk and the life guards had to jump in after her, like they did on her last birthday. All her friends and family were made to get out of the pool, while she was rescued.

“Common sweetheart you can do it, just take a deep breath and jump..”


Friday Fictioners is kindly run by Rochelle, and at last I have had chance to write something on time! Friday Fictioners is where we write a piece of flash fiction in 100 words based on a picture. Then we blog hop to check out other peoples work HERE.

This piece of Flash Fiction was inspired by my daughter’s experience when she had this massive float thing for her Birthday party and the life guard dived in to “save her” which has more or less knocked her confidence since 😦

Lots happening here, since my new last Friday, for those of you who were lucky enough to miss it, I had a publishing contract! See the dreaded picture HERE



Friday Fictioners – Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Wedding Anniversary Gift


PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

A rose for every year that we are married he promised and I laughed, the novelty would soon wear off or he’d forget.

I never expected what would appear for our first anniversary a single red nine-carrot gold rose. At least it would be easier for me to save and wouldn’t need drying out first.

He still continues to buy me a rose every year, they continue to sit on my sideboard as focal of the room. I’ve never questioned them or asked wouldn’t it be cheaper to go to the florist. I just continue to admire them.



Thank you to Rochelle for hosting as always! Why don’t you join in! We write a piece of fiction based on a photo prompt, but your piece can be no longer than 100 words! Try it out and join us!

I have begun the submission slog again!!!!

Flash Fiction – Boating Holiday

Boating Holiday


Copyright Fatima Fakier Daria

Promises of a peaceful holiday touring the canals of Venice was just what I need. The tranquil pictures, the sound of the boat engine humming me to sleep. I was sold you couldn’t hold me back I’d packed my bags before you’d even finished telling me about it.

What I clear forgot to realise is that there is an M25 for boats and here I am sat in a queue waiting to progress onto the next stage of my holiday.

I am beginning to wish I’d insisted on boating along the canals of England, surely, they can’t be this bad!?


Not really taken part in Friday Fictioners for a while, As I’ve had loads of other stuff going on in that head of mine. So thanks to Rochelle who always keeps this going no matter the weather!

The M25 for those of you who don’t know, is the main circular road around London, it is also known as the BIGGEST carpark in the world. For those who want to know more about the M25 and are yet to be stuck on it Clicky click.


Flash Fiction – New Shoes

New Shoes

I wished there was more I could do for the old man as he walked the streets.

His shoes worn and weathered, being held together with sticky tape.

I wanted to take him to the nearest shoe shop, but would they be willing to help?

He claimed he didn’t need a new pair, as they wouldn’t last as long as these had.

He didn’t have time to break in some new shoes; he had many more miles to travel before he reached his destination.

I lead him to the shoe shop all the same, hoping to find a perfect fit.


copyright Anom


The piece above was written as part of Friday Fictioners, which I have sadly not taken part in for a while. A Big thank you as always goes to Rochelle for hosting :).

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The House At The End Of The Road

sandra cook

Copyright to Sandra Cook

There was this house at the end of the road.

It held so many secrets, People tell the tale of those who used to live there, apparently there was a murder, a man killed his wife and two kids, apparently it’s haunted, and no one wants to buy the haunted house at the end of the street.

I watch the kids playing inside, egging each other on to go upstairs and those standing taking photos to use for inspiration.

And I just stand there too embarrassed to admit that, I own the house, it’s just another project I never started…

Thanks as always for Rochelle, who organises Friday Fictioners, where we are given a picture prompt and have to come up with a story using 100 words.

This story is based, on two Euro Million winners and there DIY project,

The Inspection – Flash Fiction


Copyright Victor and Sarah Potter

So we failed, she turns up on our doorstep, unannounced in her white gloves and all to high standards, walks into the kitchen and what was hanging from the light?

“You wouldn’t believe how quick spider’s build their webs.”

I keep telling her and…

“We just have a high inhabits of eight legged friends,”

but she just laughs.

It doesn’t help that her perfect son is scared of them anyway, so three guesses who gets to capture the damn things?

Bloody perfect up bring and boarding school education and he is scared of spiders where did I find this loon?


I wanted to get in as soon as possible for Friday Fictioners as I keep missing it otherwise. Thanks as always to Rochelle who forever is managing to find these pictures to inspire us into writing something in 100 words.

Today has been a shite kinda MS day, including failing asleep at my desk and coming home and seemingly sleeping loads that I decided I had better get up and do something!

Lots of positives in my writing journey, so if another has nothing better to do, I have 10,000 words I could do with someone dictating!