Most Definitely Insecure

insecure-writers-support-group-badgeHad a shit day in my real life job, away from the novel writing and volunteer work I manage to fit in. Then there were issues coming home with public transport and fires I at last arrive home as my hubby goes out of the door to work telling me he won’t be home on time as he is going out for a drink with his mate. CHEERS love. So sat the kids in front of a film, made and ate my re cooked dinner and now I am sat here. Grumpy! Anyway on with the show

How has being a writer changed your experience as a reader?

For me reading has inspired my writing, I have learn some of the tricks that some of my favorite authors use to hopefully improve my writing. Plus reading their blogs for example Rebecca Bradley’s series on writing crime has given me some tips, also when I am writing I often go back to passages in previous books read to make sure I have the right terminology. For example when they are IDing the body in my current project. The other problem I also have is for example Mark Edward’s last book in my opinion wasn’t as good as his previous ones, but did I not enjoy it because from experience of his other stuff I knew some of the things weren’t really happening so to speak. One example of this is Caroline Mitchell’s The silent twin. I was too busy thinking of it can’t be person a, it can’t be person C so it must me her and I was right. Which lead to me not enjoying the book as much as if I had let it flow!?

I am currently ploughing through my current project, I have no structure (don’t let my creative writing class here that) I have no idea were it is going! and I keep inventing new characters to add into the mix and I haven’t even got the full cast list as I know there are still some characters to come! The joys of writing a!