Happy Insecure Writer’s Day @TheIWSG #IWSG


Hey Guys,

Sorry I missed last months, these things seem to creep up on me and then I miss them!

So writing is kind of at a stand still even though I’ve got things to “look forward” to.

I am off to see Red Door Publishing later this month, my aunty has said she will re read my 2nd draft when it’s finished. So yeah.

My journey into publishing doesn’t seemed to have been as easy as I’d hoped or originally thought it might be.

I have printed my novel out so I have been reading through it with my trusty pen and making notes on it! There is so much that has been missed I am almost embarrassed!

There is also the small matter of an insurance exam I need to study for.

I have started reading the #writertable twitter tag and commenting on some of the posts. So who knows…

This months question: How do major life events affect your writing? Has writing ever helped you through something?

I think when I was younger writing helped me through things, but I am yet taken to murdering my work colleagues, oh yeah that’s book 3!

sorry things seem a bit disjointed this month!

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Happy Insecure Writers Day! #IWSG @TheIWSG


ISWG is kindly run and organized by Alex Cavanaugh and his super team make sure we are all sticking to the rules and keeping IWSG going! Why don’t you pop along and join the blog hop!

The past month has been crazy, I spent two weeks in Florida and Disney with the family. Which means I have totally lost July somewhere.

I came back to another rejection and also an email from a publisher who is interested in reading more of my work accept there is a catch, they are a hybrid publisher. My head went into a complete tail spin in regards to what do I do. I spoke to someone who is published by the same published and he recommended I send them my work and if they are interested in taking me on go from there.

It’s like they are the only people to show interest in my work, and it’s also someone who was sent the first version of my novel. Not the subsequent versions I have changed since.

My writing otherwise has come to a stand still, I kinda feel like I am back at square one! I had so much hope for “New Beginnings” and still do but it looks like I am more invested in it than anyone else. There was a post on Face Ache which is part of Ellen Brocks novel boot camp about finding critique partners. I have kinda had two offers so I think I am going to send them my work… As I have little success with the other people who have read it. 😦

Did anyone have any success with the twitter pitch thing? I decided not to take part as like I said we were away.

So this months question:

What pitfalls would you warn other writers to avoid on their publication journey?

One of my biggest mistakes I think was believing that “New Beginnings” was going to be snapped up by an agent / editor. I am not upset by the rejections and they haven’t really bothered me that much. But I wasn’t prepared for it not to work out 😦

Having got a mentor I kinda thought this was it. With 40 submissions to date I am kinda realising that “New Beginnings” is not what the market are looking for at the moment. So I go back to square one and unless I apply for someone else on Womentoring I am kinda on my own and back at the beginning of my journey with no “need” or “want” to write.

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Happy IWSG Day! #IWSG @TheIWSG

insecure-writers-support-group-badgeWhere did last month go!

For me more submission and more rejections, and to be honest it isn’t really bothering me anymore 😦 I keep starting something new but I am just not interested in writing anymore, there has been some lag at work so i’ve write some bits but nothing to get excited about! I think I am also struggling as my two main characters don’t like each other! he thinks Barbie had joined the police and she sees him as an arrogant cock! It is is much easier to write stuff where the main character’s at least like each other!

I did though as one of the women on reception at work if she wanted to read my work and she did! So i’ve sent it to her today :s so when I start getting funny looks when I get to work I will know why.

So this months question:

What are your ultimate writing goals, and how have they changed over time (if at all)?

I think it’s been one step at a time, first it was to get a mentor, and then it was getting my WIP finished. But I think my ultimate goal is to get published and get film and TV rights!

I think right now it’s possibly to find the inspiration to start a second story away from MI5!

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So it’s that time of the month again, where we all come around to support each other in our writing journey.


This was the brain child of Alex Cavanaugh and along with his co-hosts, on the first Wednesday of the month we all come together to take part in a blog hop.

So my journey into publication is continuing, I am yet to have the magic yes answer, but I sent my novel out to some friends, work colleagues and acquaintances and I’ve had some positive feedback which made my day!

I am still pretty much torn of which version of the book I should be sending out! The prologue and finding the body from the beginning OR going straight into finding the body!  So life on that front is a bit difficult of knowing what to do best!

I have now submitted to 35 publishers / agency had 10 rejections so 28% rejection rate!

I’ve started two novels now, one that is part 2 of “New Beginnings” and something completely new, new characters but still get in Long Eaton and SPOILER ALERT no MI5.

As this new one is set in Long Eaton where I live, it has lead to some interesting questions as Alex declares in the middle of the park, I wonder if this is where mummy leaves the body. He wasn’t quite about it either! Alex is full of ideas for this novel so maybe my kids are suddenly interested in what I am doing… Has my attempt to become and author now dragged the whole family in!

So the question of the month…

What’s harder for you to come up with, book titles or character names?

I think they are equally as hard, with this being my first attempt at a novel, the majority of the people I work with made an appearance. Then there are the names I always use Jen, James, Chris I couldn’t use Melanie as she was the daughter in the story and my daughter in real life. So names are becoming increasingly difficult especially now I know how many characters you need in a novel!

As for titles, I have no idea where New Beginnings came from, the follow up is “Summer Promises” but then doesn’t that sound like a romance novel and not a crime thriller.

The one I am writing at the moment I don’t know, at this moment in time.


Don’t suppose anyone know anything about next months twitter pitch! Worth it?

Happy Insecure Writers Day!


So it’s that time of the month again, where we all come around to support each other in our writing journey.


This was the brain child of Alex Cavanaugh and along with his co-hosts, on the first Wednesday of the month we all come together to take part in a blog hop.

I am going to go straight into the question of the month:

It’s Spring! Does This Season Inspire You To Write More Than Others, or Not?

I think it’s nicer to write in the Spring because you can sit outside, or sit on the decking and write. Also when I am out walking the dog the scenery is nicer and so I guess inspires more. But Spring and Summer also brings summer holidays and children off school which then takes away time.

Having already posted about my submission woes I won’t bore you with them again!

Happy Insecure Writer’s Day and I hope it brings you all the clarification and support you need.



Happy Insecure Writers Day!



Insecure Writer’s day is the brain child of Alex Cavanaugh, on the 1st Wednesday of the month we all come together to share our insecurities and to support each other.

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Our dog decided to spill a cup of coffee over my laptop, which had since died and gone to be repaired, who are now refusing to repair it! So yeah big problems! Luckily all my stuff is backed up, but still causing an issue. Then there has been some redundancy’s at work, which have been pretty shite, so life isn’t to great in general atm 😦

When your writing life is a bit cloudy or filled with rain, what do you do to dig down and keep on writing?

As I have other health related issues I want to say sleep, apparently writing little and often helps, eg 350 words a day, which I been pretty rubbish at keeping to, but I will just blame everything else that is going on.

I am sorry for shooting and running,




Happy Insecure Writers Day!

Once a month we all come together and join in on a blog hop, the aim is to support other writers with their insecurities and offer encouragement. This is the brain child of Alex Cavanaugh and if you wish to join in just add your blog to the blog hop and join in.


So in the last month I have managed to get myself further into book blogging, but this is book blogging with deadline! I will await paperback novels to grace my letter box. I am currently reading The Things We Needs to Say by Rachel Burton who also happens to by the mentor. This is a genre that is completely out of my usual comfort zone but I have been making my way through the stories and mostly crying on the way to work. But more on that on the launch day!

This weeks question is…

What Do You Love About The Genre You Write In Most Often?

Well I write in crime, when I started my WIP over a year ago, I wanted to make it a thriller but when Rachel read the first bit of it she said that it’s a procedural crime story. So there we have it, I listened to advice from the greats likes of C L Taylor and Mark Edwards on writing a psychological thriller and I am clearly not good at it!

Even as a kid I have wanted to be a detective, I used to watch The Bill, Midsommer Murders and all the other great crime TV programmes. So I think as I can’t be a detective especially now even if I tried I will write crimes that need solving.

So I guess I am living my dreams through my characters and it is the only legal way you can get away with murder. I have already told my boss he is already on my hot list, even though his name sake appears in my WIP it’s totally not him, but I enjoyed writing him if you get me the things I wish I could do to my boss, who is a total different character it just has his name. No Spoilers here

Though as much as I enjoyed writing my WIP I am regretting deciding to look into trafficking for my next novel… Also depending on feedback I might just be writing a male detective and not a female lead as I imagined.

Enough of my ramblings Happy IWSG day!