Insecure Writers Day!


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I am so tired this month! We’ve had a week in Cornwall, a week trying to avoid my WIP and finally went back to work on Monday thank fuck! I am currently sat here listening to Jimmy Eat World in search of inspiration! I also have a sore throat, a random swelling on my ankle and two kids who are driving me to insanity!

Though after my chat with my publisher today I am finally working on draft 2.1. If I can find some inspiration! The end could quite possibly be in sight. I am just not feeling the excitement right now / anymore.

In other news I have cut down on my ARCs because I want to read some of the stuff by authors I like who are on my TBR pile. So one more to be read atm and one more in like Feb then I am sort of done. Unless anyone wants to send me anything : p

Has your writing ever taken you by surprise? For example, a positive and belated response to a submission you’d forgotten about or an ending you never saw coming?

I don’t really know the answer to this question, with STILL not being a plotter the things I come up with in my head for things that are going on in the story or who did its. Tend to come as a surprise. When I attempt parkrun I’m always like I could be thinking of my novel right now… Instead of OMG I don’t want to do this anymore.

Much love as always






Happy IWSG!


Lots of excitement last month of the book front, I had some super positive feedback from a publisher that made me SUPER Excited and happy.

Book 2 has kinda picked up and kind of not, which has been a bit of a struggle trying to get motivated with it.

Yesterday I spent the day writing what my main character’s conflicts are… Which I am not sure whether it will help or not… So if anyone else can think of ways to motivate me to move on with book 2 I’m looking forward to hearing from you x

Which leads into this months question:

If you could use a wish to help you write just one scene/chapter of your book, which one would it be?

I think right now my wish would be for me to find direction and help in regards to book2 what I am doing and where it’s going.

I hope everyone else is doing okay….

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Happy Insecure Writers Day! #IWSG @TheIWSG


How quick does the first Wednesday in the month come round? At least I am not ill this time!

So where are we with my writing.

I sent New Beginnings out to agents and publishers and got a little bit excited when one of them asked to read my full manuscript. So I am more or less pressing send and receive all the time! I hate how long it takes for publishers and agents to respond!

While walking the dog yesterday I found myself day dreaming about my book launch… I am also going to an event tonight and meeting some authors and also a lady that I’ve sent New Beginnings to directly. I am really not sure how what your supposed to do in these situations, other than scream have you read my WIP, will you publish it! ALSO there, there is going to be another author whose books I love! OMG it’s crazy kinda stupid.

I am also back to writing again, so novel 2 is on its way i’ve been writing this differently I have been writing scenes and not the novel from beginning to end like I wrote New Beginnings. It has all the character’s in it from my first novel so all a bit exciting there.

Anyway enough of my rambling, on to the question of the month.

Whose perspective do you like to write from best, the hero (protagonist) or the villain (antagonist)? And why?

I guess in New Beginnings I write in the “hero’s” POV partly because as I wrote it I didn’t know who had done it or why they’d done it. In this one again it’s probably from the hero’s again.

I am not sure how I would even go about writing from the villain’s pov…. food for thought.

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Being full of lurgy I am going to keep it short this month.

New Beginning:

I now have my edits back from my aunty so I can start submitting properly. I’ve had one agent so far ask if they can send it on to a colleague (fingers crossed) and one rejection so far.

Being full of lurgy does not help things as I also need to finish stuff for the Lucy Cavendish competition.

This months question: Besides writing, what other creative outlets do you have?

As some of you will know I used to make models with loom bands, and have also recently started sewing!!!! A picture for my friend baby…

I am sorry I’m not more chirpy and talkative. i’ve going to put my head down on my desk now and sleep.



Happy IWSG Day! #IWSG @TheIWSG



I have been thinking it’s Monday all day today! EPIC fail I even told a client I wouldn’t be back in till Wednesday! Fail!

So I am just gearing up to go to a writer’s thing in Cambridge, which means picking what I want to attend and which “mentor” person I want to see.

I’ve had my first half of my WIP back from my aunty so I need to hit the ground running on that one… Esp as I need to submit it by next Friday! For this thing in Cambridge.

Things are also gearing up at work… But that’s another story….

So to this weeks question

What are your favorite and least favorite questions people ask you about your writing?

people don’t really ask me anything I guess… I tend to start conversation “You know that book that I am writing.” my family seem to be just letting me get on with it…. (story of my life) so I guess I can’t really answer this months question… 😦 ask me questions…

I hope everyone is well rested after Christmas and New Year!

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Happy Insecure Writer’s Day! @TheIWSG #IWSG

Happy Insecure Writer’s Day!


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No real writing news from me. My wip is with my aunty being checked through for spellings etc. So no movement there she has almost had it for two weeks and im still waiting…
Writing life is pretty slow and borring. Though i did pass my insurance exam and now qualified to do bugger all! So it seems.
Ive applied for another mentoring programme… I’ve been joining in with some of the hashtags on twitter notable #writerstable and #organicwip


And ive been reading away on blog tours…
Question of the month:
What are the five objects we’d find in your writing space:
1: Mainly a pile of papers my husband needs to go through

2:Cuppa tea or such like beverage

3:Biscuits or chocolate depending on my mood

4:Note book if i’ve made notes that i need to work on pretty borring really.

5: Rubbish odds and ends

I’ll attach a picture of the mess!


Wish I still had a laptop then things would be organised as it’ll be just my table with still the food and drink just less mess.
Or if I’m writing at work then its a totally different set up. As I’m supposed to be working haha
I hope everyone is well x

Happy Insecure Writer’s Day! @TheIWSG #IWSG


Happy Insecure Writer’s Day!!!!!



I went and meet up with the publisher in Burgess Hill of all places and it was nice, as they were the first people to give me PROPER feedback on my novel which was great! Alas I am now trying to add a whole chunk of stuff into the middle of my novel! AHHH which is proving harder than I expected as I’m like but the reader knows xyz so why is he even being arrested! Poor Detective… So that is where I am with my writing at the moment. Then I need to get it to the point of sending it to my poor aunty to read again! For all my wonderful spelling and grammar issues!

I’ve been reading a spy novel as well which hasn’t helped the writing, or maybe it has because it’s inspired me more than anything else! Which I guess has had it’s positives and maybe will help with the action scenes….

I have also been following some hastags this month such as #writertable and trying to join in with posts on there. Which I guess has been fun???

Anyway this months question: How has your creativity in life evolved since you began writing?

I’ve never really been a creative person, but then I say that I am working on my novel and I used to loom band. So maybe it has grown a bit more so over the past couple of years while I have been working on my novel. I guess I’ve been better at adding details into my novel that I would of more or less missed!


While I remember a guy that I follow as part of the flash fiction I sometimes do has released a book! So go and check him out! Iain Kelly

While I am also on the recommending streak, also check out M.Sean Coleman he has written two books The Cuckoo Wood and Hollow Skys both of which have been amazing! I love his lead character Dr Alex Ripley! We aren’t talking another Angela Marston no this is different kinda kick ass female lead!

ISWG is kindly run and organized by Alex Cavanaugh and his super team make sure we are all sticking to the rules and keeping IWSG going! Why don’t you pop along and join the blog hop! 

There was also an interesting article on this months news letter on getting your book into a library so maybe join up and find out what it’s all about : )