Writing, refereeing & sniffing

Hope everyone had a good Christmas, I did. Christmas isn’t my favorite time of the year. Too much hassle, stress and drama and half the time I just want to sleep. As every year I think in the morning OMG I am going to cry as I am so tired!!! But thanks to the NHS and drugs I think I made it through the day. I wanted to come home and hide several times but no such luck! The highlight of the day  was Alex failing in the canal on our way to Auntie Georgina’s god only knows why but he cycled straight into the canal!!!

I did #parkrun on Christmas eve, I walked all the way round and Alex walked most of the way with me. I think I am going to download the NHS couch to 5k and start doing that at #parkrun. So when I am in town tomorrow I am going to buy a sport bra and we shall see what happens from there 🙂

I have set my PB at 58mins so I can only get better haha

Harder, Faster, Stronger…

Goals and Aspirations

So this weekends goal is to get my application for The WoMentoring Project submitted! I asked my creative writing tutor to help me well check over a piece of work for me and I haven’t heard anything since! So I moved on to my husband who “has to be in the mood” and says he will look at it later! When I make my first million I will share it with him later 😛 so as always I am having to wait on the edge of glory.

I am yet to make it to #parkrun how do people get up on a Saturday morning after working all week!? Then do it again on a Sunday? I’m usually exhausted by Saturday. So I am struggling with that 90 day goal! Though we are yet to make it to renewals! So maybe there is hope yet and I need to make a start on insurance revision which is due to start on January 1st…


I’ve got to make dinner shortly and sleep sounds like a plan, but after junior #parkrun I did spend the rest of the morning plus in bed!!!

If anyone wants me I might possibly be asleep, cooking or on the edge of glory!


I Won’t Give Up On You

So world,

I decided when ever it was to give up chocolate, and it is more or less killing me 😦 anyone would think it was crack or nicotine. I boxed all my chocolate up, I haven’t been eating my chocolate bar at work. But i’ve ended up having accidental chocolate like today in Tesco I had two after eight mints! But on the good side I won a £10.00 Tesco voucher. So that was good.

I have been doing my daily greatness journal, I don’t know if it helps Here anyone is interested! But one thing I am already failing on is parkrun. I printed my barcode off and everything but it is such a struggle to get out of bed at a weekend. I know it sounds like I am making an excuse but..


img_10831I don’t understand, maybe it is because it is the only day I get a lie in with Andrew? I woke up at 8.40 this morning, failing to set an alarm so I don’t think I would have made it. It is so crap! I just don’t know, if my alarm had gone off would it of been any different?

I was sssssssssssssssooooooooooooooo tired by the end of it last night, but how can I managed my health that makes me SUPER tired sometimes and all the stuff I want to achieve. Without breaking myself further than I am already.

Love Me Like You Do…

I have tried so hard today to be positive and also while I have been home this evening, not shout at the little people.

So this morning, I did 15 minutes of meditating, though I did wonder if I just fell back asleep? The I got up and wrote in my greatness journal, then showered and work.

I said thank you to everyone who answered my questions on email, especially in regards to my bus pass.

I went and spoke to a colleague whose partner has MS, recently diagnosed and she is in a really bad way 😦 and I just wish there was something I could do. I am so lucky that I don’t have it that badly… It really is heart breaking. I wrote them a letter and apparently it is still sitting on their mantel piece, part of me wonders if I should send her another one. But what would I say!? As we all know I can ramble on for hours…

I also managed to do some planning for my writing czfkqdewqaaowab-jpg-largewhich I was going to do some more of tonight but I think time might be against me! As I need to do some relaxation before Andrew gets home and then sleep!

I filled in my journal after dinner, so I guess day one has been pretty easy, it’s been hard not to shout at the kids,

I also saw a 10 day cruise with p&o and it’s a really good price, till you discover your husband can’t get the time off work, as he has used all his holidays and doesn’t get anymore till May.. nevermind the small matter of the school holidays and taking the kids out in term time. So I guess that won’t be happening. But I am trying to stay positive.

I paid for the work Christmas social so I can be more social

I emailed my mum and asked if she could have the kids so Andrew and I could spend some time together and whether she wanted to fo to parkrun with me on Saturday.

I can’t do anything about the mentoring thing, until my creative writing teacher comes back.

I also made good progress in the book I am reading, got past the 50% Mark which is definitely progress 😀

Also would I still like that song if it wasn’t attached to a said book / movie that I haven’t seen or read.

Anyways all is well, 🙂


Change, Change you life, Change it all


So this afternoon, I have spent the time feeling in the beginning bit of my greatness journal! And once I put the laptop down to sleep. I will begin my journey into the next 90 days. I have no clue how it will work out but who knows.

I wrote quite a bit last night, though thinking today I am wondering if my main character is being motherly enough, her children don’t really play a part in the story, though I guess they do get sent away to the MILs so only really by mention but if she loves being a mum shouldn’t there be more? How do I go about expressing how much she loves motherhood!?

I’ve had that little mix song in my head all day, i might you tube it shortly.

I am also looking at going to parkrun on Saturday morning, but need to get it past Andrew some how…

I want to write so much but right now between staring at the screen and looking at parkrun nothing seems to be following.

I’m on the edge with you…


So it’s Sunday and I have already done my stunt on the Park from Junior parkrun, I think Parkrun for the kids is such a good thing, everyone is so supportive of the kid in last place that I bet isn’t seen in adult parkrun… So there goes any chance of me starting running again. But going on from this my legs are bad again so maybe running isn’t such a good idea.. Something about not over doing it (haha)


I have also seen something about a mentoring scheme by one of the authors that I like, did I mention this the other day? Mentoring I really have no idea where to start in my application! I am probably going to submit the first bit of my current story but then I’ve got to come up with 500 words of why I want said person to mentor me arg!!!!

Talking of my story I wrote some about the autopsy last night. I am still struggling with the bit of getting the dead bodies ID out there. There is a forum that I am on for writing and they have suggested things, but they don’t sound right or feel right… My MC is ex MI5 and has lived a “normal” life since she left so why would she be keen in investigate the body!? She has a new life, name etc.. Who ever said this writing stuff was easy!

As for everyone elses favorite subject, my legs are bad which I guess the cold doesn’t help, says she who stood in the middle of a field at parkrun in the cold! Maybe I need to get some of those tight things to go under my trousers! Leggins lol! Or possible tights… But I don’t get on with tights! arg. My head went horrible yesterday with the whole not knowing what I was doing, in almost tears in the supermarket, I said to the kids can you behavior in Aldi or do we need to leave it and go home!? and I couldn’t cope with cooking dinner 😦 #MSSUCKS We shall see what this week brings but I am trying do hard not to be written off work again!

Angels are losing sleep!

I am what is more commonly known as exhausted! Today was spent volunteering


This should touch wood be my last Nearly New Sale and it can’t come soon enough, though I am still left with the rest of the branch to attempt to coordinator.

So right now my body hates me as I sit here typing this and eating chocolate fingers! Andrew won’t be back to late / early tomorrow morning as he is out at a rally, so once Melanie’s film has finished it’s sleep time!

I made some progress with writing last night, though most of the time was spent looking at pictures on google maps and deciding where to put police cordon’s!

tomorrow parkrun, and maybe photos!? Depending on how much my body hates me from today’s activities.