1st Re Write


So I went to an event on Saturday where four authors spoke about there work in crime fiction.

One of them Steven Dunne spoke about how his police officer is based out of a police station somewhere. (forgive me ignorance in not knowing where) As the stressing I have had is that Long Eaton fails under Derbyshire and it turns out Major Crimes is run from Nottingham (possibly opposite work). So that then got me thinking well my character might as well run out of Long Eaton police station so guess who is in for a re write at this early stage.

One thing they did say yesterday is not to get to caught upon police procedure in my writing as that is quite boring! So good news on both fronts really. So though I haven’t got to the end of my story and know where it is going I am off to start my 1st re write! Not sure how I feel about this….

Yesterday they also said alot of things that made me think, what are the faults in my characters, what can they overcome, I know my MC has up and left her family to investigate a murder but my DI seems worryingly normal…. hmmm

Anyways loads of love as always

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PS: I have facebook Steven Dunne, so we shall see if he replies… EDIT I got a reply 🙂


Writer problems.

My Main Character (MC) is now back with MI5 so she isn’t an issue (yet)

Her husband is about to get arrested for d&d and end up spending the night in the cells

The police officer (DI) who is investigating my MC disappearance, is getting to the point where he knows the MC got off said bus in Nottingham. and I suspect they will get pulled off the case because my MC doesn’t look like she is in trouble / kidnapped. And they can’t keep tracking camera all the way around Nottingham having tracked her this far, if it doesn’t look like she is in trouble!

So where do I go with the husbands story and the DI? As I know where I ma going with my MC…

Help!? I have chocolate!


Why is it so much easier to write the police bit compared to my MC? I wonder if it’s because I know where the police bit it going but the MC…

I went into town with kids on our bikes and then spent the rest of the time wondering how the Asda delivery was going to get through my police cordon!?

My character list is forever growing…

I also need to make a start on my daily greatness journal!

ho hum