365 Questions Week 3


So this is a little late, for various reasons

Hope everybody is doing okay ๐Ÿ™‚

21 Today I wish I had more Chocolate

22 Tomorrow will be better because it’s the beginning of the month

23 What made today unusual Andrew was still in bed when I got back from dropping the kids off

24 What are you looking for from life happiness and success

25 Whatย  is your favorite thing to drink MALIBU

26 Today the temperature is

27 How much did you spend at the grocery store the last time you went too much

28 Tomorrow I will be okay and at work

365 Questions week 3


Who Last Called You On The Phone?

My mother

Who Are You In Love With?

My husband der

What Are You Grateful For?

NHS, Drugs, my mentor’s, work, work colleagues, sleep, music… The list is endless

The Best Part of Today Will Be…

When I get to go back to bed

My Current Favorite Website is…

Twitter I guess

What Was The Hardest Thing You’re Dealing With?


Today I Wish I Had More


_ _ _ _
Writing wise, I’ve counted out 10,000 words which I have had the computer reading back to me attempting to edit it… Which is so boring! I am looking forward to Rachel’s return from her holiday, with hopefully lot of direction!

Week three

So at creative writing today, we did a mixture of things, we talked about openings of a story / good and bad and discussed why we had chosen the opening we did. I chose J M Hewitt’s Exclusion Zone and the first page on my kindle. I said that I liked it as I know / knew nothing about Chernobyl (including how to spell it) but the beginning of the book drew me in and I wanted to learn more. There was also some positive comments from the others in my “group” so that will be two extra sales for her.ย  They also asked me if I had read any of her other stuff which to date I sadly haven’t (too many books on my amazon wish list and not enough journey’s to work) The other two ladies had Career of Evil by Ronald Galbraith and The Forgotten Seamstress by Liz Trenow. Both sounded good and interesting from the first page, but now I have reached Amazon the second one doesn’t look as appealing.

I know that when I start to read a book, I usually go further than the first page when I decide whether I am interested or not, a book by Mark Billingham I gave up after 54%!!! So I think I probably give it a good go at least.

But the worry I now have is, is the first page of what I am trying to write any good? AH!

We also did some writing promotes, where I had to write down five words about my weekend (children, husband, parties, exhaustion and blogging) he then went round and got everyone’s answers. We then had to write a short piece using a mixture of the words from other people 5 word weekend.

The problem I find is that the class is for two hours and it’s just not long enough ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’d of love to have read my bit on the Poppy I wrote last week but as there is more than me in the class other people have to have the chance to read. Though the good news is that we might be able to extend the course past the four week block ๐Ÿ™‚ which will be good.

As for my heath I was okay up until about 2pm when I decided I need / wanted to sleep but alas here I am still having not made it back to bed yet.

Work tomorrow, so no late night for me.