Goals and Aspirations

So this weekends goal is to get my application for The WoMentoring Project submitted! I asked my creative writing tutor to help me well check over a piece of work for me and I haven’t heard anything since! So I moved on to my husband who “has to be in the mood” and says he will look at it later! When I make my first million I will share it with him later 😛 so as always I am having to wait on the edge of glory.

I am yet to make it to #parkrun how do people get up on a Saturday morning after working all week!? Then do it again on a Sunday? I’m usually exhausted by Saturday. So I am struggling with that 90 day goal! Though we are yet to make it to renewals! So maybe there is hope yet and I need to make a start on insurance revision which is due to start on January 1st…


I’ve got to make dinner shortly and sleep sounds like a plan, but after junior #parkrun I did spend the rest of the morning plus in bed!!!

If anyone wants me I might possibly be asleep, cooking or on the edge of glory!


Change, Change you life, Change it all


So this afternoon, I have spent the time feeling in the beginning bit of my greatness journal! And once I put the laptop down to sleep. I will begin my journey into the next 90 days. I have no clue how it will work out but who knows.

I wrote quite a bit last night, though thinking today I am wondering if my main character is being motherly enough, her children don’t really play a part in the story, though I guess they do get sent away to the MILs so only really by mention but if she loves being a mum shouldn’t there be more? How do I go about expressing how much she loves motherhood!?

I’ve had that little mix song in my head all day, i might you tube it shortly.

I am also looking at going to parkrun on Saturday morning, but need to get it past Andrew some how…

I want to write so much but right now between staring at the screen and looking at parkrun nothing seems to be following.

I’m on the edge with you…

It’s in his DNA…

More song lyrics possibly

Author problems 101

  • If you are an MI5 officer is your DNA and / or finger prints kept on a database somewhere?
  • At that point the door to the meeting room open and an attractive female walked through in a brown trouser suit and heals as high as ***
  • researching autopsy and end up looking at mortuary jobs instead
  • Having to write a list of your character so you don’t get lost somewhere
  • wanting / chasing sleep

I don’t know if you saw but there is a chance to be mentored by one of the authors I like! I’ve got to submit 500 words on why and 1000 word piece of writing. So I’ve got my work cut out there and will need to find someone / people to read what I want to submit..

Angels are losing sleep!

I am what is more commonly known as exhausted! Today was spent volunteering


This should touch wood be my last Nearly New Sale and it can’t come soon enough, though I am still left with the rest of the branch to attempt to coordinator.

So right now my body hates me as I sit here typing this and eating chocolate fingers! Andrew won’t be back to late / early tomorrow morning as he is out at a rally, so once Melanie’s film has finished it’s sleep time!

I made some progress with writing last night, though most of the time was spent looking at pictures on google maps and deciding where to put police cordon’s!

tomorrow parkrun, and maybe photos!? Depending on how much my body hates me from today’s activities.