Writer problems.

My Main Character (MC) is now back with MI5 so she isn’t an issue (yet)

Her husband is about to get arrested for d&d and end up spending the night in the cells

The police officer (DI) who is investigating my MC disappearance, is getting to the point where he knows the MC got off said bus in Nottingham. and I suspect they will get pulled off the case because my MC doesn’t look like she is in trouble / kidnapped. And they can’t keep tracking camera all the way around Nottingham having tracked her this far, if it doesn’t look like she is in trouble!

So where do I go with the husbands story and the DI? As I know where I ma going with my MC…

Help!? I have chocolate!

Writing, Death and other things


So I have entered two competitions recently and I thought that now my stuff is submitted I will share with you my efforts.

The first one was on the subject of Journys and was for the Derby Book Festival it was 50 words and I made several attempts at trying to write something suitable that wouldn’t be deemed to personal so in the end I went with…

The number 22 bus, the smell of stale alcohol and chips after a night out, the smell of body odour on a hot summers evening or aftershave on the way to work, the smell of fresh pine disinfectant of a newly clean bus, how I love the number 22 bus

Then today with thanks to help from a fellow writer and inspired by my daily traveling in a lift for work. This was a 150 words

Love in an Elevator (maybe not the best titled)

I see her everyday as she walks into the elevator. Her shoulder length hair. The wavy dark brown eyes that look straight through me. Those seconds we share together before she leaves me stood in her cloud of expensive perfume as jealousy takes control. Every evening when we all rush to leave I push myself against her in the packed elevator. I’m so close I can almost taste her. Whenever I push too close she’ll look at me with those twinkly eyes and share a joke. She will never suspect anything because I’m just the friendly cleaning lady that she sees every day. I will bide my time and wait for that day when we are alone and I know no one will disturb us. Then I shall drive a knife into her back and carry her into a disused office where she will never be seen again.

Now I am going to attempt to write some more of my “other” WIP that is circulating 50,000 words!



So I have MS (Multiple sclerosis) its such a great illness I can’t even spell it

Today I went to Oxford (108miles each way) to take part in some research to see if Coco can improve fatigue and I am sat in bed having been up since 5am waiting for Frozen to finish so my daughter goes to sleep! So anyway by the end of the week I will be drinking hot chocolate in the morning to see if it helps, so fingers crossed on that one. But I met someone who really inspired me today.

She kinda made me wish I could be a research assistant! and also she said that I should continue blogging and just write what ever (haha) so here we are AGAIN!

We have had a family death which came as a bit of a shock to all concerned! Esp as I get a call at work on Friday telling me I need to come home so I can get Melanie from school. So thats been hard, on two accounts I am supporting my husband and children in some degree while feeling it myself! But I guess it’s a bit like when Andrew’s best mate dieded.

my story seems to be at a stand still 😦 I am still in my three month period to whether I will be accepted by my chosen mentor…) maybe I am better off dictating it!But I’ve just not had the time to do anymore dictating… So maybe tomorrow..

Anyways enough rambling



Book Review!

Watch me by Angela Clarke!

Stop the bus I want to get off!!!!

Another rollercoaster ride from Angela Clarke!! Just make sure you remember to breathe!

The story starts were the last one left off, what happened to Freddie and Nas after the end of follow me?

What appears to be a suicide isn’t all that it seems. When the boss’ sister and Internet personality disappears the team receive a disturbing message the race is on. But this can’t be Nas and Freddie’s fault can it?

Do you know what is happening to the last photo you put online? Or that message you sexted? This story will make you think twice about doing it again!!

Another masterpiece can’t wait for the next installment!!

Most Definitely Insecure

insecure-writers-support-group-badgeHad a shit day in my real life job, away from the novel writing and volunteer work I manage to fit in. Then there were issues coming home with public transport and fires I at last arrive home as my hubby goes out of the door to work telling me he won’t be home on time as he is going out for a drink with his mate. CHEERS love. So sat the kids in front of a film, made and ate my re cooked dinner and now I am sat here. Grumpy! Anyway on with the show

How has being a writer changed your experience as a reader?

For me reading has inspired my writing, I have learn some of the tricks that some of my favorite authors use to hopefully improve my writing. Plus reading their blogs for example Rebecca Bradley’s series on writing crime has given me some tips, also when I am writing I often go back to passages in previous books read to make sure I have the right terminology. For example when they are IDing the body in my current project. The other problem I also have is for example Mark Edward’s last book in my opinion wasn’t as good as his previous ones, but did I not enjoy it because from experience of his other stuff I knew some of the things weren’t really happening so to speak. One example of this is Caroline Mitchell’s The silent twin. I was too busy thinking of it can’t be person a, it can’t be person C so it must me her and I was right. Which lead to me not enjoying the book as much as if I had let it flow!?

I am currently ploughing through my current project, I have no structure (don’t let my creative writing class here that) I have no idea were it is going! and I keep inventing new characters to add into the mix and I haven’t even got the full cast list as I know there are still some characters to come! The joys of writing a!

Creative Writing Class


So I did some work in Creative Writing class for once and here it is.

Write a short story in just Four paragraphs. And, each paragraph can only be Three sentences long

Write a first paragraph in which the main character is going somewhere

Melanie brushed her long golden hair she was getting ready to visit her mum and dad who she hadn’t seen since last Christmas.

As she rushed to get ready she heard a car pull up outside and blasted their horn.

She had promised herself just one she would be late.

Write a second paragraph in which the main character overhears something at grabs their interest or seems important

As she made herself comfortable in the back of the shiny black cab, she began to listen to the drivers conversation for little did they know she understood some Arabic.

Something about Nottingham Arena and its layout and where was a good hiding place that would have maximum effect.

Heart began to race and the ringing in arrears surfaced was she hearing the plans of the terrorist attack?

Write a third paragraph in which the main character reacts to, thinks about, or reflects upon what he/she has heard

What should she do sat in the back of this? It wasn’t like she could just ring 999 from where she was sat?

She watched the streets pass by, willing the taxi drivers dry faster getting to her destination so she can act.

Her hands felt clammy and she knew her pale complexion was beginning to redden as the driver asked you write love? Do you need me to stop?

Write a fourth paragraph in which the main character has a change of direction or plan

She died out of the taxi and into mother’s loving arms and sobbed, mum I need to phone the police or something, as I think something bad is about to happen at Alex’s work.

Her mum listen carefully brushing the clammy hair away from her daughter’s face don’t be silly maybe you got it wrong you know your grasp of Arabic isn’t that strong.

Maybe you miss heard something and they were planning a surprise for a friend in Nottingham before heading off to see their favorite band.


Might make some adjustments, read this out next week…


So I am back at creative writing, and I wouldn’t say I was struggling these last couple of weeks but we have been working on characters, but I already have my characters! So why do I need to invent new ones?

Then I am like, but my bad guy I don’t know who he is yet, and I am still struggling with where do I go with this? What does a terrorist look like? Or could it be a female terrorist, but females aren’t seen in that role in their society, But then it got me thinking about the IRA they were blowing stuff up for other reasons and so I remember being told they would give advance warning of doing this. But then maybe I should forget the terrorist route and go down the drugs route… would that be more plausible? Because why would a terrorist kill a said person, wouldn’t they be more interested in a LARGE impact and not killing one person!? I have been googling terrorism and pulled a varity of web pages off about female terrorists. I wish I had someones brain to pick at.

I did manage to do some writing from a picture out of the avon book of a guy though I was abit lost to start with something sort of happened. But if I work on this am I not getting distracted on the bigger picture.

We also talking about show and tell in class today which had me worried about my whole story in general! John our teacher acted out a good thing which got us all thinking. These past two weeks in class I think they have confused the matter more than relit my fire. Maybe I should of done some more study and then got into my story from class.

Then I keep looking at dictation software, is it worth buying something 2nd hand off ebay to give it ago..?

My ankle is still generally fucked! No work for the rest of the week and I have found that wearing soaks and shoes today has made a big difference. I am really struggling with my daily journal, Yes I have a list of things to be greetful for, but I feel so shity since the “accident” that I can’t be doing with it, as I have had to stop running for 2-3 weeks so there goes that goal! so much for positivity I might climb on the stall or send my child to reach my chocolate again!

It’s all a bit shit really, and all because I came off that ride at the weekend and fucked my foot and ankle!!!